Logan Stout Is A Businessman Who Always Makes Time For His Family

Logan Stout is the founder and CEO of IDLife, which is a company that offers personalized health and wellness products services. He has been featured on many different radio programs, live events, and television show as well as various publications. Some of these have included The New York Times, Philadelphia Life Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, CBS Radio, The Ticket, and FOX. He calls Frisco, Texas his home and lives there with his wife, Haley, and their two boys. He donates portions of his money to local causes as well as national causes and is an honorary chair and patron of the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County as well as the American Heart Association of North Texas.

When asked where the idea for IDNutrition came from, Logan Stout responded that an interview he had done on FOX Business News related to his book had spurred a meeting with Zig Ziglar’s personal doctor. The doctor, by chance, had seen his interview and was interested in partnering up with Stout. The doctor had created an original customized vitamin program that used ingredients that were all organic, natural, non-GMO, and gluten free. Stout’s was very interested, and after meeting with the doctor, he acquired the program, which he now calls IDNutrition.

Logan Stout was once asked what he does during a regular day and how he makes himself more productive. He commented that his days are fairly identical, because he is a systematic kind of guy. Every day, he wakes up and consumes one of IDLife Shakes. After this, he likes to read the newspaper and read some of his bible. He also reads some personal development literature before he gets his day started. After this, he wakes his kids up and helps them get ready for their school day. He then works a bit at home before rolling into the corporate office of IDLife around noontime.

Logan Stout has always made his family a huge priority in life, and picks up his boys, himself, from school. Before putting his children to bed, he makes sure to spend some quality time with them after sitting down to dinner as a family. After spending this kind of time with his family on most evenings, he focuses on getting some more work done before he settles in to read a good book. This along with his success as a businessman has made him a very content and satisfied man.

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Freedom Checks: Shifting Through Uncertainty

Very recently, a new means acquiring a windfall has been presented through the media. This method shows individuals holding checks for large sums of money that looks like a tax refund. In some instances, these checks could be for as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars. With an opportunity like that being presented, it’s no wonder that this new investment opportunity gathered a lot of attention. To further the confusion and excitement the name of the strategy was called freedom checks. Between the name freedom checks, and the appearance of the checks, many people began believing that this is the government program. For many people, such a thing seems too good to be true and was quickly written off. Learn more about Freedom Checks at dailyreckoning.com.

Beyond the sensational ads for freedom checks, there is actually a thought-out investment strategy. This investment strategy is actually fairly simple. A significant amount of the confusion can likely be attributed to the nature of the ads that were run. These ads made it seem as if all you had to do was sign up and you would receive a large check in the mail. However, the strategy is significantly more complicated than that. When broken down, investing in freedom checks is very similar to investing in the stock market. This investment strategy calls for an individual to invest in domestic energy companies. These companies traditionally have very large payouts to investors. There many factors that contribute to their ability to do this.

The key factor being a federal law called statute 26 – F. This statute provides energy companies the option to pay out most of their profits to investors in order to avoid paying taxes. So hundreds of energy companies in the United States have elected to take advantage of this statute. Ultimately this is good news for investors who receive incredibly generous returns on their investment. This payout system is incredibly similar to how dividends are paid out only they are referred to as distributions. Some individuals who have invested heavily in these industries receive over $100,000 every quarter. These investors also benefit by not having to pay income tax on these earnings. The only tax that they would have to pay is a capital gains tax if they elect to sell their shares. After being broken down, this strategy is significantly simpler than many may initially think. However, it is far more difficult than many commercials would have their audience believe.

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Penelope kokkinides

Penelope kokkinides serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Innovacare Health Center. He received his degree in classical languages and biological sciences from the University of Binghamton. He graduated from the New York University with a Master’s degree in social work.

Penelope Kokkinides enrolled in the Columbia University where he graduated with a post- master’s program advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse. He also received his master’s degree in public health from the same University.

Earlier on before rejoining the Health Center as the CIO in the year 2015, he had been in service for the same company as a Chief Operating Officer. He also acted as the Vice President of the clinical operations.

Penelope boasts of more than twenty years of experience in healthcare where he had majored in government programs like the Medicaid and Medicare. Kokkinides has a vast skill and knowledge in the management of healthcare operations and processes, and in the development of clinical programs.

Improvement of the organizational operations and efficiencies is a core thing in her undertakings. According to Penelope, a business prospers when an entrepreneur works with a competent team that develops and implements ideas.

She clarified that the advanced technology has interconnected individuals globally giving a better chance to hold video conferences online. As an entrepreneur one needs to spend most of the time thinking about the success of the business.

A good businessperson should also spare time to be briefed on the happenings in the industry. This can be achieved by having time to read the books, publications, rest researchers and the articles. Kokkinides explained that an entrepreneur should be well structured and organized in their work.

The investor advises the society to read a book by the title start with why to help sharpen their minds. In a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, Kokkinides clarified that there is a need to increase the funding for Medicare in Puerto Rico.

She clarified that since 2011 the cuts toward federal funding significantly reduced with $ I million annually. According to Penelope, this amount is not in proportion to cuts in the United States. Fixation of these cuts is not the right thing but a responsible one to do for the state.

Kokkinides made it clear that just in case the Medicaid system malformed in Puerto Rico, several individuals would be left with a choice to move to the states for the services. In states, the costs are too high such that an ordinary person cannot easily afford them.

Introducing Freedom Checks by Matt Badiali.

In the recent times, there have been a lot of cases of fraud. The incidences have taken place in both developed and developing countries. According to statistics, the highest percentage of fraud cases has occurred in online platforms where many people visit. The fraudsters normally target websites with high traffic and often claim to have solutions to many challenges that many people are facing. For example a high number of the fraudsters claim to have means by which people could earn a lot of money and within a short period of time. The incidences have become so common that a majority of the population think that most financial related could end up being scams. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

Matt Badiali is a renowned expert in finance matters. He recently introduced Freedom Checks, this was through a video that has caught the attention of millions of people around the world. Some people immediately termed it as a scam. However, a team of experts have done vigorous investigations concerning the freedom checks and concluded that they were legitimate. According to them, the move is actually a creative marketing tool and is within the laws of the United States.

A good entrepreneur is able to identify new opportunities, according to the findings by the team of experts, there was a provision of the use of the document in the law only that it was unknown to many people. Matt Badiali was able to identify the opportunity. According to the law, companies that use these checks are entitled to tax benefits. However, the companies must meet some requirements. For example, they must generate their incomes by carrying their various production processes within the country. The purpose of this provision is to promote the growth of the local economy. Read more about Freedom Checks at banyanhill.com.

The companies are also required to ensure that their shareholders benefit every year from these checks hence boosting their income. The freedom checks provide a good investment opportunity to the users. People and organizations should rely on credible sources of information to make informed decisions. According to a research, there is a worrying trend where some media outlets are used by competitors to discredit the products offered by another company. There is a need to inform the members of the public about the facts concerning the checks as some think that they are new programs by the government. The best part about freedom checks is that they can be accessed by individuals irrespective of their age or economic status.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Pension Reforms Are Important For The Good Of The Country

Brazil has one of the strongest economies in Latin America. Brazil is among the countries with the fastest growing populations with the majority of the people lying in the middle age. The Brazilian economy even grows further in the next few years if it were not for the generous pensions that the government is giving Brazilian workers.

As it stands, the current Brazilian pension scheme is among the most generous in the world. It even surpasses that of Greece. Under the current pension system, Brazilian workers can retire as soon as they clock 50 years on full pension. Currently, the Brazilian federal government spends at least 2 percent of the country’s GDP on paying pension to the retirees. Experts estimate that by 2030, the Brazilian government could be spending the entire budget on pay pensions for its workers if reforms are not done immediately.

Efforts to reform the Brazilian pension scheme
After the current Brazilian President, Michel Termer took over after his predecessor was impeached, it seemed like he would finally save the Brazilian economy from collapsing according to estadao.com.br. However, his efforts to bring the pension reforms hit the wall when corruption allegations were labeled against him. The passing of the proposed pension reforms bill was postponed for the Congress to determine whether the president should be tried for corruption.

Impediments to the proposed pension reforms bill
The proposed bill has been subjected to the cat and mouse game between the executive and legislature from the early last year. Initially, President Michel Termer introduced a tough version of the pension reform bill but it failed to garner the required votes in Congress to be passed into law. The legislators feared that the proposed pension reforms bill would rub Brazilians the wrong way hence hamper their chances of re-election later this year.

The proposed bill also sparked a series of protests in the country with many people opposing the passing of the bill into law. The protestors outside the modernist congress building were lamenting that the proposed pension bill would subject them to work longer before they can receive their pension.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco shares his expert opinion
While speaking to the journalists during the Brazilian Carnival, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, a respected Brazilian banker expressed his support for the proposed bill. Luiz Carlos Trabuco who has been working in the Brazilian banking industry since 1969 noted that the pension reforms would help the government in managing the runaway budget.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco serves in the second largest private bank in Brazil as the chairman. Luiz has a wealth of experience in the Brazilian banking industry spanning over five decades. He joined Banco Bradesco in 1969 as a mere intern and climbed the leadership ladder to become the banks President and then Chairman.

His current roles as the chairman of Bradesco include overseeing and guiding the executive whenever they need his counsel. Although Luiz Carlos Trabuco is deeply engulfed in the private sector, he doesn’t shy away from commenting on issues in the public domain. Banco Bradesco, the bank that he leads plays a vital role in the Brazilian economy.

Search more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/mercado/2017/10/1926243-proximo-presidente-do-bradesco-saira-da-diretoria-do-banco-diz-trabuco.shtml

Stream Cares an Energy Giant Giving Back

Stream Energy has made massive efforts to give back to the community following the damages of Hurricane Harvey. The damages caused by up to fifty six inches of rain in some areas of Houston needed desperate intervention outside of government interests. Stream Energy founded a relief effort, Stream Cares, in order to aid the surrounding local areas. The Dallas based company has had previous relations with the Red cross foundation as well as Habitat for Humanity. Although donations and support of these two charities are gracious and admirable, Stream Energy wanted to “formally” give back to the community in their own fashion. Hope Supply Co. The company was founded in 1989 with a specific mission in reducing the homeless population in the Dallas-Texas area.

At the Annual Splash for Hope, company associates helped ensure one thousand north Texas homeless children received a memorable day with free meals. The company has had a relationship spanning for the past four years. At this specific event, they helped supply the basic necessities such as clothing and diapers.

Outside of humanitarian efforts Stream Energy also rewards it’s local veteran population by providing planned events. Last December, a cook out was organized in order to benefit the children of local veterans, specifically the daughters. The cook out consisted of burgers, hot dogs, ribs, and laughter. After getting to know ten girls from these families, Stream Energy awarded these girls with an American Girl doll of their own choosing from the local American Girl Cafe. For children, American Girl has been an expensive item added to birthday and Christmas lists for many generations. For the local company to do this for these children, it is above the standard expectation of giving back to one’s community.

This company has made philanthropy apart of its foundation. It is an extremely uncommon trait in a world which sees donations merely as a tax write off. Stream Energy is an entity composed of local families. Giving back to the community is spoken of yet rarely enacted upon. The relationships built between the company and the community is something truly respectable.


Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are Evolving as Artists

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart make up the EDM production duo of The Chainsmokers. They are the creators of hit songs like “Paris,” “Roses,” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” The release of their song “Closer” marked an important change in direction for the band, and it certainly paid off. “Closer”, which also features Halsey, has gained over two billion views on YouTube.

The change in direction came in the form of Andrew Taggart providing vocals for a song. Prior to “Closer,” Taggart joined Halsey in a romantic duet about two people who have recently moved away from home to start a life together. Despite the fact that The Chainsmokers haven’t normally sang their own vocals, a majority of The Chainsmoker’s songs are extremely personal: The Chainsmokers write their own songs. “Closer,” was written on the tour bus by Andrew Taggart and a friend of the band.

Interview Magazine was created by the legendary Andy Warhol. The Chainsmokers sat down with the late artist’s magazine after the release of “Closer” to provide answers to questions about a wide range of topics.

The interviewer began by soliciting an origin story from The Chainsmokers. Alex Pall explained that he was working around New York City as a DJ when he realized how music was consuming a majority of his time. After his previous partner bailed, Pall’s manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart. The two instantly realized the potential in one another, and they immediately went to work.

Andrew Taggart was living in Maine at the time, but he drove straight to New York City to begin a business relationship with Pall. The duo began working long hours in order to create the style and sound they are known for today.

However, that style is about to change. Andrew’s singing career began a butterfly effect for The Chainsmokers. With Andrew taking over vocals, their live show had to change as well. In the future, The Chainsmokers hope to have Taggart perform as lead singer as a long term role. The days of having a loud speaker blast the vocals of artists who couldn’t be on tour with them are over. With Andrew Taggart providing the vocals, The Chainsmokers are making moves that cement their status as a band rather than a production team.


Rocketship Education Is Eliminating The Acheivement Gaps In Their Students

Rocketship Education is a public, elementary, non-profit network of charter schools. Rocketship is devoted to the lower income communities who do not have access to good schools for their children. The school was founded in 2006 and provides sustainability and scalability in a school model. As Rocketship Education has continued to grow more schools have been opened throughout the United States.

The schools in Tennessee have learned how much progress their students have made in the previous year. The exception is the Davidson County elementary schools because they must wait an additional year. This means when they see the TNReady results they must focus on student proficiency. The public schools in Nashville are now using the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress to measure student learning.

Over 7,400 hundred schools around the globe are now using MAP assessments. These assessments have been used by Rocketship Education since their first school opened their doors. They are pleased to see the MAP assessments in the Nashville public schools. Growth is important for every student but especially so if the student has an economically disadvantaged background. National data reveals students born at poverty level are behind when they begin school and remain behind.

The academic growth rate determines if a student will be able to catch up. If a student in kindergarten scores in the 10th percentile on the standardized test their performance is less than ninety percent for students of the same age. The likelihood is the student will drop out and never reach college. A growth rate of 1.3 academic years is required every year while the child is in elementary school to be caught up by the fourth grade.

This rate of growth sounds difficult but seventy percent of Rocketship Education students are economically disadvantaged. When school began last year there were 146 students behind. When the year ended they had either reached or surpassed their grade level. Rocketship Education eliminated 146 gaps in achievement in one year. The MAP data has shown the average growth of a Rocketship Education student in one year is 1.2 years in reading and 1.35 years in math.

Become super human, Enhanced Athlete

Enhanced Athlete, a bodybuilding products  company based in Cheyenne, Wyoming successfully plead its case to the United States District Court of the Eastern District of California. Michael Adams of Rutan and Tucker represented Enhanced Athlete in their court case against Nutrition Distribution. Nutrition Distribution accused the Cheyenne based company of false advertisements. Nutrition Distribution sent several cease and desist letters to Enhanced Athlete as well as letters demanding settlement payments. Nutrition Distribution claimed Enhanced Athlete’s “false advertisements” had a negative impact on their sales, due to the fact they are a “leader” in the product industry. Enhanced Athlete showed Nutrition Distribution used the false pretense of “false advertisements” in order to bait them into paying the settlements payments, which would be cheaper than the potential legal fees. In addition Enhanced Athlete was able to successfully argue that Nutrition Distribution was not able to actual show any negative impact on sales due to the “false advertisement” claims because there is no provable evidence between Nutrition Distribution’s targeted sales projections.


Founded in 2014 by Scott Cavell, Enhanced Athlete based in Sacramento California, is a cutting edge fitness product company. EA is revolutionizing the fitness industry by utilizing proven scientific research that creates solutions to assist in the body’s ability to build muscles. In addition EA offers various fitness products  including fat burners, performance enhancers and athletic apparel. Enhanced Athlete are trailblazers in the field of human evolution research. In conjunction with EA’s sister companies, Enhanced Coaching (EC) and Enhanced Gear (EG), the Enhanced team has created a complete fitness solution. Enhanced Coaching provides a platform to integrate a personalized plan to achieve your specific fitness goals, consisting of a customized workout plan, and customized diet plan. Enhanced Coaching’s fitness experts understands every person’s fitness goals are unique, and so must their plan to achieve their goals. EC offers various packages, Enhanced Pro, Summer Shred, or the EC Starter Pack including personal coaches, each at different price levels. Enhanced Gear offers a wide variety of fitness apparel in a variety of colors, both gender specific clothing and unisex, offering dry fit technological enhanced clothing.

Clayton Hutson

With music artists like Guns n’ Roses, Garbage, Pink and Kid Rock on his list of bosses, music man Clayton Hutson isn’t bragging. He has made a name for himself in the concert business as the man to have setting up your venue and running things like a well oiled machine.


Clayton Hutson offers his clients everything that turns events into an experience people will remember. He continues to have clients refer him and use him again and again because of his keen attention to details.


With years of experience in the business working for other people, Clayton realized that he needed to venture out on his own. With the knowledge of each piece of producing an event he realized he wanted the freedom and control to give the artist exactly what they wanted. He also knows what the possibilities are and keeps safety as his number one concern.


Working with artists who don’t rely on just the flash of screens but are willing to try new and exciting additions to a show are Clayton’s favorites. He loves working with and collaborating with his diverse group of experienced and talented employees.


Clayton Hutson is known for planning and knowing what is happening from one end to the other. He wants to be as prepared and in control of a clean set up and close down. He is always connected whether through his IPhone or the long hours he gladly puts in.


Clayton will know the venue he is working better than anyone there and gives 110% because he knows the importance of his name. He also values the importance of family time and collaboring with his crew. He is a no nonsense kind of guy that understands honesty, a little constructive criticism, and is always looking to grow as a person and professional. Learn more:  http://www.etnow.com/news/2017/8/ver-drives-onerepublics-honda-civic-tour-production

Bro Q&A – Clayton Hutson Reveals Secrets to Music Industry Success


This Central Michigan University graduate has a BA in Theatre Design and Technical Production. He has a resume that continues to grow and a new way of thinking. He likes talent, he appreciates hard work. Clayton is someone who isn’t afraid to learn and will work with the best in the business to get the best outcome for his clients.