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Timothy Armour: A Man Striving for Excellence In The Field Of Investments

Hard work, dedication, and excellence – three ideas that sum up the man who is currently the CEO of one of the largest investment management firms in the world. Timothy Armour is an extremely well known and revered name in the field of investment banking. With countless years of expertise and a knack for dealing with financial management, Timothy has worked hard to make Capital Group what it is today.

An economics graduate from Middlebury College in Vermont, Timothy has dedicated hours of service to Capital Group and its clients, managing and giving financial and investment solutions amounting up to a total of $1.25 trillion USD. Capital Group has a large pool of clientele ranging from small business owners to large international companies.

Timothy entered Capital Group right out of college as part of the Associates Program. The Program is designed to test out new applicants and prepare them for the job that lies ahead. Timothy showed exemplary skill in the program and was soon offered a position in the company. Through hours of effort and dedication to the field, Timothy Armour made it up the ranks of Capital Group making it to the position he is at today.

In terms of his employees, Timothy believes that pushing them to be the best that they can be helped improve their efficiency while also benefiting the company as a whole. He believes in adopting the most effective approach to everything to maximize the potential of his employees and his company.

Timothy Armour has tried hard to help the company expand its borders and tap into newer markets with unlimited potential. At the end of the last year, Timothy signed an agreement with the managing directors of Samsung Asset Management to aid the company’s development and to advise them on appropriate asset management. In partnership with Samsung, Capital Group will be launching various asset management plans and products to the South Korean market. This new line of products will especially be catered towards older generations and senior citizens of Korea.

Armour was elected as the CEO of Capital Group in 2015 after the sudden demise of their previous CEO James Rothenberg. He plans to follow in the footsteps of the Rothenberg and aims to lead the company based on a plan that was set in motion weeks before Rothenberg’s passing. Together with his employees, he plans to carry on the eighty years long legacy that has kept Capital Group at the top of the investment game.

Historian Michael Zomber

According to Glass Door, the world of history is one that many people have often found fascinating, Making this world come to life is something that historian Michael Zomber has worked hard to accomplish. In his world, the world of history is a world that everyone can learn to enjoy directly. He has a passion for many periods of history including that of American history and world history.

His particular passion is that of the world of Japan. Japanese history, particularly that of the Samurai period, is history that he has come to love as he has come to study it closely over the last decades. He knows that people today can learn to enjoy this period of history as much as he does.

Ancient Japan

Ancient Japan is a world where many values existed. Michael Zomber wants people to learn to understand the motivations of people back then and how they understood the world in front of them.

He also knows that people today can learn so much from this period of time. He wants to demonstrate many of the values that we hold dear today in the United States and in Japan are values that are those in ancient Japan would have also understood very well.

Showing Up On Television

One of the many places that Michael Zomber has helped show off his love of ancient Japan is one television. His work on the world of ancient Japan attracted the attention of those at the History Network. They wanted someone with a tremendous background in the field to show viewers how this society functioned.

Those at the network knew they could count on Zomber to help viewers get a real feel for the world of Samurai Japan, allowing them the chance to see it as it was right in front of them without a problem. His work here demonstrated his ability to bring this world right to life in front of adoring international fans.