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Education as Ms. Eva Moskowitz sees it

Ms. Eva Moskowitz is the founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools and a former City Council member for the Upper East Side in New York City. Reports of widespread of cheating by students and a cover up by principal by New York Magazine during her early life and education transformed her into a lasting critique of the New York public school system. She graduated from University Pennsylvania with B.A. with honors in History and received her Ph.D. in American history from John Hopkins University in 1991.


Ms. Eva Moskowitz has a successful career as teacher, administrator, an entrepreneur, and politician. She started as a visiting professor of communications and mass culture at the University of Virginia(1989-1990). She served as an assistant professor of history at both Vanderbilt University (1992-1993) and City University of New York (College of Staten Island)(1994-1995) and a faculty seminar in American studies chairwoman at the Columbia University (1996-1999). She doubled as directors of ReadNet children’s literacy program, and public affairs and taught civics at the preparatory school. She is the CEO of a thriving Success Academy Charter Schools.


Eva Moskowitz expresses her candid and divergent views about the inadequacies of the American basic educational system. She bemoaned the abysmal falling standards in education stating that the highest performing students in America are worse than lowest performing students in other countries. She attributes the nonperformance of students due to the educational structure, curricula, and methods of teaching. She does not support public non-charter schools for middle-class and affluent districts because they are not effective as parents think. Moskowitz called for more concerted efforts to assist struggling students by improving school programs and identifying and helping students with learning disabilities earlier. She argues that the public elementary school curricula are not challenging enough for students making many students bored at school. She and Arin Lavinia wrote that the math syllabi are taught rather at low pace as if time was of no essence and argued for a much speedy teaching. 

Bruce Bent II: the Brilliant Mind behind Money Market Funds

Money market funds have become one of the most popular ways of saving money, and for good reasons. First off, they provide higher returns than bank deposits yet the level of risk involved is believed to be just as low as the risk involved in bank deposits. However, the returns they provide are relatively low compared to more risky investments such as stocks and long-term debt. The risk inherent in money market funds is low because the funds are highly liquid as the securities invested mature in a few months.

The securities invested include short-term bonds, such as treasury bills, repurchase agreements, and commercial paper among others. Both individuals and corporations can have money market fund shares, and these can be purchased through brokerage firms, mutual funds, and even banks. Bruce Bent II is the brilliant mind that invented the first money market fund in the world in 1970.

Money market funds ensure that investors receive, at the very least, the amount of money they invested. This prevents them from losing their money. Money market funds are now used all over the world.

Anyone seeking higher returns on their savings without taking on too much risk should consider purchasing money market fund shares. For more than 4 decades they have been in use, they have proven to be one of the safest investments an investor can make.

About Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II is a successful businessman based in the U.S. His father was the founder of the first money market fund called the Reserve Fund. Bruce Bent II has a in-depth knowledge and experience with money market funds from his father and his financial career.

Bent II attended Northeastern University where he graduated with his Bachelor’s  degree in Philosophy. He followed his father into the financial sector where he has become quite successful. He currently is the Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation. He has help many companies with creative solutions.

Bruce Bent II has surely made a great contributions to the global finance industry.


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NuoDB and It’s Elasticity Scalable Database

NuoDb offers an exciting technology that allows servers to better communicate within the cloud. How does it accomplish this? NuoDb has a patented technology that uses peer to peer messaging in order to communicate the correct information with corresponding nodes. Doing so allows servers to run more fast and efficiently without any sharding. This technology was created by Jim Starkey and is available via NuoDB. Many large companies rely on the NuoDb technology to harmoniously operate within the cloud. Such companies are Dassault Systemes, Kodiak, the UAE Exchange and Alfa Systems. The patented technology is filed under the name “elasticity scalable cloud database”.

NuoDb was founded in Massachusetts and was originally operating under the name NimbusDB. This name was obviously later changed. Over the years through many rounds of funding the company has accumulated over sixty million dollars in funding. One such investment was from venture capital. The company was recognized in 2014 with the award of one of Boston’s Business Journals “Innovative All Stars”.

The SQL database is often referred to as NewSQL. This technology makes integrating new servers seamless with peer to peer communication. The database elects tasks to the correct processors and accurately distributes tasks to the nodes.

Do You Want A Home Business ? You Can Party And Make Money!

You can make money with Traveling Vineyard. With this company, you can make money selling fine wines, and have fun doing it. Simply hold a wine tasting party at your house, and invite your friends and acquaintances.

The Traveling Vineyard will supply the wines to be tasted, some snacks to go with the wines, and even the party invitations. And, of course, they will give you order forms. Wine sells itself; most of the wine sales throughout the entire world are spur of the moment, impulse sales.

When a person goes to a wine tasting party expecting to buy wines, think of the potential sales for each party!

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After your party and after taking the orders, you can ask one of your party-goers to host a party in her home, and invite all her friends. That way, you can increase your customer base, as the old customers buy replacement wines, and then the new ones the cycle over again. Soon, you will have a customer base of a number of people.

These are not cheap wines you might find in the bulk wine section of your local grocery store, either. The wine testers at Traveling Vineyard travel to different chateaux to find the best in the seasons’ varietals. The wine you sell will always be of great quality and superb taste. Your customers will certainly try more than one variety of these fine wines.

Do not wait any longer! Give Traveling Vineyard a chance today!

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Kim Dao Shows Her Korean Fashion Purchases

Popular Youtuber Kim Dao posted a video showing the fashion haul she achieved on a trip to Korea. This included both clothes and accessories that she garnered on the trip. Kim Dao starts out the video modeling some of the clothes and jewelry she got on the trip as well as describing them.

The first look that Kim Dao features includes a choker that includes a golden heart. She is modeling her new fashionable clothing at an outdoor location in Japan, which she has been living in for a few years. She also talks about the black shoes she is wearing, which she actually got from her sister.

After changing clothes, Kim Dao shows off a simple top she got which is a pattern of pink and white lines. She bought it because it goes great with a number of different outfits and looks she has. This outfoot also includes a black skirt. She had seen a Korean girl wearing this outfit during her trip to Korea, and Kim Dao loved it so much she decided to purchase the same clothing.

The next clothing that Kim Dao models is a darker dress and features high heel shoes which she got in her native Australia. She says she plans to wear the dress in Autumn and for Christmas as it’s formal and classy looking. Her final outfit includes a choker with a pearl on it, and a bright white shirt that has black lines. To complete the outfit, she is wearing a pair of jeans.


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