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Immediate gratification is a strong motivator for a gamer who is in the middle of gameplay—feeling irritated with the look of a particular skin.

However, doing something about that issue, in the stream of the moment, has not been a secure election because skin trading, buying, and selling has often been marked by duplicity; therefore, a vacuum has been taking up space in the decision-making process.

The P2P business, rampant with fraud and swindles that leave buyers with delivery issues and sometimes-incomplete assets, along with sellers often coming up short on proceeds from sales, was ripe with opportunity. Therefore, it is straightforward to grasp the breakthrough that landed with the 2015 launch of OPSKins—a centralized, online trading platform in the gaming industry marketplace—and the vacuum was filled!

Whether doing business with other gamers or directly with OPSkins, buying and selling video game virtual items have since grown exponentially in the centralized platform arena.

Emerging from the old, fragmented arena, where frustration often dominated the scene of action, into a profoundly dependable arena—a gamer in Africa can now instantly do business with a gamer in the U.S. or elsewhere without ever leaving their screen.

As OPSkins progressed, the subsequent move to a decentralized platform became obvious and the Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) was hereditary.

With this in mind at The World’s Blockchain Forum in London, Malcolm CasSelle, CIO of OPSkins and president of Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), explained, “WAX, by contrast to OPSkins, is a decentralized platform having all of the power of OPSkins but with massive growth potential.”

Furthermore, CasSelle went on to clarify that centralized technology has limitations not relative to an autonomous, decentralized platform for virtualized assets—meaning that a decentralized marketplace has exponential growth opportunities when exempted from centralized restraints.

In addition, WAX not only has all the power of the centralized exchange with regard to escrow, fraud prevention and the like–it is instantaneous, and it has this ability using WAX Tokens–hence there are very few fees involved and players don’t have to be concerned about chargeback.

WAX also has an innovative blockchain platform that is providing gamers a whole-new-world in which to play safe and secure.

The WAX blockchain widget is unique and easy to use, sanctioning uninterrupted, contiguous, quandary-free trading between players because it is “powered by its Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm,” which is peerless.

Structurally, WAX DPOS has a community mindset and operates much like a democracy whereby users can vote for confirming nodes, called “Guilds.” Originally, there were 64 Guilds ranked by the number of votes it received and weighed by the individual game(s) it supports. The DPOS ecosystem works well because of the crowd.

Unprecedented in the virtual asset market—or anywhere else–Malcolm CasSelle’s amalgamation of the particular segments required to launch the extraordinary platform called The Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), has turned the consignment-based marketplace upside down and has “ignited the world of cryptocurrency into the mainstream” of the virtual marketplace.

CasSelle’s history of pioneering innovative as-yet undiscovered need, has consistently positioned him on a fast-moving track with a record of exposing superior solutions to contemporary requirements. He seems to be persistently in the right place at the right time revealing unique, groundbreaking concepts.

This time is no exception, and excitement prevails as WAX reports millions of registered users and growing by more than 200 million new users every month—not to mention that there are over 2 billion tokens already sold at this time. WAX is a shooting star without a limited destination! END

Michael Lacey’s Math Breakthroughs Have Changed The World

Can math change the world? Yes, it can! But to make that happen you need brilliant number-crunchers who can delve deeply into equations, unlock their secrets and make whole new meanings emerge. Read more: Michael Lacey |Math Alliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Once man with such a talent in Michael T. Lacey. Throughout his career, Lacey has solved some of the most difficult problems in mathematics. In that process, he has provided practical, real-world applications that have made breakthroughs in applied technology possible.

Michael Lacey began blazing his trail across the universe of numbers when he earned his doctorate degree in mathematics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1987. He was fortunate to have worked under the direction of the world renowned Austrian mathematician Walter Philip.

After earning his Ph.D under the guidance of Dr. Philip, Lacey would work with his mentor again to produce another breakthrough – providing a solution for the “almost sure central limit theorem.” This solution has significant real-world applications. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

For example, it explains why bell curves appear in statistics, and the bell curve is one of the most-used tools across a variety of application when gathering data about all kinds of things, from world population trends to happenings in agriculture.

Another important area of work for Lacey was his research into Hilbert transform, a field closely connected to Fourier transform. Information gleaned from this body of mathematics has enormous implications for the way electronic data is transmitted.

In a world that depends upon on the flow of information, it is impossible to underestimate the value of what Lacey was able to accomplish in our understanding of Hilbert transform. He earned a well-deserved Salem Prize, one of the most prestigious honors in mathematics.

Today, Lacey remains on the cutting edge of math at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He joined the staff there in 2004. At GIT, Lacey was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship. He is working with Dr. Xiaochun Li on math issues as they relate to certain engineering applications.

Once again, Lacey is proving that math is more than just numbers on a page, but a practical science that can make critical technologies possible.

Ricardo Tosto: Benefits Of Choosing A Business Lawyer

Ricardo Tosto: Benefits Of Choosing A Business Lawyer

Are you looking for information on how to protect your business? Wondering what a business lawyer can do for your business? Perhaps you’re looking for a reputable lawyer to help guide you properly.

There are many legal issues associated with managing a business or organization. Corporate and business law litigators understand the inner workings of the business world.

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Details Ricardo Tosto:

Under Former Ambassador Daniel Taub, UK-Israeli Trade Doubled

Three years ago, Daniel Taub resigned as the Israeli ambassador. While he was the ambassador, trade between Israel and the United Kingdom doubled in a four-year period, which is how long Daniel Taub was the ambassador for. Not only that, but business, academic and cultural relations between the UK and Israel deepened.


Sajid Javid, a politician, at the time of Daniel Taub resigning, said that trade between Israel and the UK entered what he called a golden era. In fact, over 250 Israeli businesses operate in the UK, and bilateral trade (annually) is over $5 billion dollars.


Taub became the ambassador to Israel in 2011 and he was once a peace negotiator. While working as one, he went to Northern Ireland to learn more about what was going on there. He went to the area with his Palestinian counterpart.


In 2012, Taub was interviewed by the Jewish Chronicle and he spoke about the environment on some college atmospheres. This was long before the largest student union in England voted to boycott Israel. He warned that every view should freely be expressed, and this included views that were supportive of Israel. He said people should be able to express their views without feeling intimidated.


Two years after speaking in support of freedom of speech on campuses, Taub went to Bradford. He went there after George Galloway, Bradford’s representative in parliament, declared that the city was an Israel-free area.


The former ambassador is also a public speaker and a lecturer. Taub has been interviewed on leading TV series, such as Newsnight, Hardtalk, Sky News and CNN to name a few. While he was the ambassador, he appeared on BBC Persian service, which made him the first Israeli ambassador to do so.


He is a writer too. His articles have appeared in many publications, including The Daily Telegraph, The Times, the Huffington Post and The Guardian. Taub has also wrote a book called Parasha Diplomatit. It is a book that offers insights on texts in the bible. Not only that, but he created Hechatzer, which is a drama series that is set in an Hasidic sect. Learn more: