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Tony Petrello: Why the love for philanthropy?

A business entity cannot survive on its own. It needs the help of the community to grow together. This is exactly why public relation is an important aspect of any business. A business must exist even when dealing with nonprofit operations. There is a need for the business to help the community in times of need. This is something that needs to be appreciated by every business out there. Businesses should not just be dealing with profit making while the community is in dire need of support. They should chip in and offer support where necessary. Every business gave a role to play in the society apart from making huge profits. In the state of Texas, there is a company that knows this role very well. This is none other than the biggest drilling firm in the country known as Nabors industries.

This is a company that has a presence in the whole globe but has its headquarters in Houston, Texas.With a presence in 25 locations spread out in various countries all over the world, this is the biggest firm in the world.Nabors Industries have been using its influence in the business sector to make changes in the society that will bring a positive impact. They have been supporting various initiatives in the surrounding community with the intention of helping eradicate some of the problems that as a society we are facing. One area where the company has been doing exceptionally well is in supporting the community through relief donations. Recently, Nabors Industries participated in the rescue efforts when Hurricane Harvey struck Houston leaving behind mass destruction of property.

Nabors participated by releasing their employees on paid leave so that they could help those affected by the disaster. On top of physically helping, they also contributed money to support the mission. Workers together with their CEO, Tony Petrello contributed over $300,000 in what was named Nabors Industries Relief Fund.Tony Petrello is a philanthropist who has entrenched the culture of giving in the company. Personally, he has been supporting various initiatives in the country. He is behind the construction of the first research center that is researching neurological disorder in children. He has contributed over $5 million to the project. Tony Petrello has a daughter called Carena, who is suffering from a neurological disorder. His wish is to see his daughter heal and live just like any other kid. Through the work being done by the neurological research center, he hopes that this will be a mission accomplished shortly.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Feeling Beautiful Head to Soul

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a plastic specialist in Dallas, Texas and is partnered with 15 other different doctors in the Dallas area, including Dallas Medical Center and Pine Creek Medical Center. He degree is from University of Michigan Medical School and has been in service for more than 20 years. Dr. Jejurikar acknowledges a few kinds of medical coverage, including forms of Cigna and Blue Cross and Blue Shield.


Dr. J, as he likes to be called, received the Compassionate Doctor accreditation in 2012. This is a Patients’ Choice acknowledgment program, where patients rate and vote in favor of their most loved specialists.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar of Dallas Explains Dangers Behind the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Dr. J remarked on the acknowledgment: “This is quite an honor for me. I am very pleased to have been selected and grateful to my patients who went out of their way to rate me and give me positive reviews.”


Just those doctors with close, impeccable scores, as voted by their patients, are chosen for the Compassionate Doctor acknowledgment. Of the country’s 870,000 dynamic doctors, just 3% were agreed this respect in 2012.


He is most famous for his mommy makeovers but also specializes in cosmetic procedures including breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, rhinoplasty and facelifts, as well as reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, and microsurgery. He offers free consultations.


Dr. J is focused on giving his patients the most recent, most imaginative ways to deal with their tasteful and reconstructive plastic surgery needs. He endeavors to enable his patients to accomplish their objectives, regardless of whether they want to seem more young or to change their appearance by and large.


The Academy of Art University Fashion Show Looks to the Future

On September 9th, 2017, the Skylight Clarkson Square was host to a runway showcase performed by the School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University. The showcase, which allowed participants to present what they thought the future of fashion should be, was shown to not only their peers and prospective mentors, but also to the entire world with the help of a livestream. There were ten recent BFA and MFA alumni that displayed seven collections, five women’s and two men’s, with two collaborations between them.

What made these collections stand out the most was the great diversity amongst the designers; their backgrounds ranged from China to Queens, NY and many places between. The diversity of their backgrounds translated into the range of craftsmanship, design, ideas, and silhouettes in their collections. Among the spectators at the showcase was America’s Next Top Model’s Ms. J. Alexander and the Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA, Sara Kozlowski, both who were amazed by the ideas and techniques demonstrated by the designers.

The Academy of Art University is able to get such a broad spectrum of designers thanks to their non-discrimination policy. The school accepts students of any race, color, age, religion, and national or ethnic origin, giving all the same rights and privileges indiscriminately. Thanks to their policy of acceptance and tolerance, their student body and alumni community represent over 11 different countries.

The university was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens as a school for advertising art. He remained as the head of the university until his son, Richard A. Stephens, took over in 1951. It wasn’t until Elisa Stephens, daughter of Richard A. Stephens, took over that the university saw a significant increase in student population. By 2012 the student population had grown astonishingly from 2,000 to 18,000.

Multiple accreditations have been awarded to the university for their achievements. These range from the Council for Interior Design Accreditation, the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, and the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Accreditation, and its alumni list boasts four different designers that have competed on different seasons of Project Runway.


Richard Blair Three Pillars Approach

Richard Blair is the sole proprietor and administrator of Wealth Solutions, Inc. He has held the legislation of Wealth Solutions for about 23 years now. Richard started this firm with the aim of providing unbiased advice, modified investment, retirement, and resources preservation tactics. Mr. Richard Blair realized that he had knowledge that could help in solving the numerous financial problems that encounter many people.


The gaps that Mr. Blair saw in the market include the creation of a savings culture and choosing the appropriate investment. He capitalizes on helping clients to have a peaceful retirement by curbing financial shortcomings that encounter retirees. His strategies are meant to equip his clients with a capability that brings higher incomes even after retirement. At Wealth Solutions, there is a belief that every client requires a well-built plan to enable them to reach their financial targets.


Richard Dwayne Blair uses three pillars in his approach for a complete fiscal plan. The primary determinant of the policy that he chooses is based on the client’s present monetary status. The retirement desires are also factors to consider when laying the cornerstones to offer a complete plan. The three pillars that Richard uses are:


  1. Richard’s first pillar is laying down the economic wishes and interests of the client. He uses the client’s desires and strengths to come up with the procedure that use enables them to reach their financial goals. Richard has always considered building a stable and permanent bond with his customers as his first move. This helps him to understand the specific dreams, fears, and expectations of his clients.


  1. Richard’s second pillar is aimed at building an operative and a lasting method that is customized on the specific dreams of the customer. He uses this pillar to strengthen the positive market periods. This technique also aids in minimizing the effects of the downward market movement on the clients’ portfolios


  1. Richard teaches his clients that storms can hit every investment. He uses his third pillar to ensure that his clients understand and accept the significance of insurance cover for businesses. Having an insurance cover for your investment carries away fears of it being hit by storms. Richard Dwayne Blair helps clients to cover their investments with long-term care insurance, life insurance, and pensions.


Fabletics, A Fresh Face for Fashion and Fitness

Fabletics, the new “gold standard” for athleisure in the fitness and fashion industry, has poised itself for much success. Kate Hudson has been publicly promoting the brand, and for good reason. She was able to take the small athleisure company and turn it into a $250 million giant. Hudson had been selected to represent the company for her great attitude, and dedication to fitness. Not only did Hudson bring her great fitness and fashion sense, she also has been involved in many business decisions.


Fabletics is not only a pioneer in the athleisure fashion category, but also in the way they market their product. Everyone who sells online is in a competition with the giant “A,” more commonly known as Having more than three-quarters of the market in the online apparel business, Fabletics was smart in deciding to use the “reverse showroom” technique. This incorporates not only the online aspect, but also a retail component as well. While the online sector is the primary mode of business, the retail support can win over more customers and keep current customers happy with the company. This marketing technique allows those who would like to preview and buy select items in person, the opportunity to do so. Customers are also able to handle customer service matters in person.


Fabletics has been so successful, it’s attracted Demi Lovato to start her own line of clothing as well. Liking what the company stands for, Lovato is proud to represent all women on behalf of Fabletics, as she’s stated publicly. The website has many other lines under the Fabletics company umbrella. Shoes, men’s apparel, plus sizes, and kids clothing lines are just a few examples of the huge selection available online.


To get started with Fabletics is simple. It’s as easy as taking a lifestyle quiz online, which takes just a few minutes. This measures your fashion preferences, fitness routines, and daily activities, to suggest what athleisure would work best for you. If you choose a membership, you’ll save time and money by receiving new athleisure each month at your doorstep. The option to purchase other items is also available to members at a discount. The website also offers many great tips on things like staying healthy, cooking, and the newest top fashion picks by Kate Hudson. Get started on the road to being healthy, fashionable, and comfortable with Fabletics. Visit to take the lifestyle quiz today!

Gregory Aziz; the businessman behind National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the current Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. National Steel Car is a track-shipping automobile manufacturing enterprise based in Hamilton, Ontario. It’s one of the world’s leading establishments in this sector. The company has over a century of success in its activities, and a made a reputation for itself since its establishment in 1912.


Greg Aziz is a 69-year-old businessman who is originally from London. He studied at the college of Ridley and later the Western Ontario University where he took a course in economics. He first broke into the corporate world working at his family’s comprehensive food industry in 1971 which grew to become an international provider of garden-fresh foods from the continents on South and Central America and Europe and a major distributor in the United States within less than two decades of its existence. He also worked on multiple New York stock banking prospects during his late thirties. Dofasco sold National Steel Car to Aziz in the year 1994. Greg’s vision for the company was to build it into North America’s chief rail freight producer.

Living up to his vision, Gregory J Aziz has led the company to great heights. Just five years after the purchase, the company had already expanded its manufacturing from thirteen thousand five hundred to a good twelve thousand cars per year. He also increased the number of company employees from a mere six hundred to three thousand. Owing to his perfectionist nature, Greg Aziz has led the company to multiple successes in its engineering and manufacturing. With a production of thousands of track shipping cars each year and always developing new car inventions, National Steel Car has held the honor of being the single-track freight car production and engineering firm with an ISO certification for 18 years in a row.

Under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, National Steel Car has also taken part in philanthropic endeavors. The company has shown an active commitment to building the Hamilton, Ontario community which it considers its home. It has sponsored several local charities like the United Way, Aquarius Theatre, Hamilton Opera and the Salvation Army, just to mention a few.

Aziz is not just a shrewd businessman in the technical world, but he also recognizes the agricultural sector and is a lover of festivities. In collaboration with his wife Irene, Aziz sponsors the Noble Agricultural Twilight Fair that is the country’s supreme bulbous agronomic fair. See This Page to learn more.

Lacey and Larkin Vocal About the Decision to Pardon Trump

Recently, Joe Arpaio the former sheriff of Maricopa County has been granted a pardon. Some of the allegations that have been held against him include the harmful treatment of immigrants and migrant workers. This has led to substantial differences in the way that migrant rights are addressed throughout the county in Arizona.

He has also incarcerated numerous people without the necessary paper work. These decisions have made a big difference in the lives of many people as well as families. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Overall there are a lot of ways that Joe Arpaio has made horrible circumstances for the residents of Maricopa County. It is clear that people have been affected by his reign both during and after the long stint that he has as sheriff. The biggest problem is that he has influenced negative outcomes in the way that individuals are treated both as immigrants and migrant workers.

There are a lot of ways that Lacey and Larkin have fought to improve conditions for civil rights within the parameter of these targeted groups. They have been vocal about the injustice that has been created by the district court granting him a pardon as well. Public outcry has been prominent as a result of the way that Arpaio has influenced organizations as well as contemporary culture when it comes to immigration law.

It is suggested that the basis for the presidential pardon has been due to the support that Arpaio has provided throughout the election process. He was an early supporter of Trump and had created a lot of progress when it came to gaining the GOP nomination. He was an influential individual with a lot of contributions that helped Trump receive the nomination. Nevertheless, this is not a good basis of evaluating the overall actions of Joe Arpaio.

Some of the crimes committed against humanity by Joe Arpaio are not forgivable. These include the incarceration and fatalities of countless victims as well as the disruption of human life on many levels.

He has made special efforts to influence the way that organizations and individuals handle migrant workers as well. With a special task force that has targeted businesses known to work with immigrants it is clear that there are a lot of issues that have been developed throughout his twenty four year career.

The Frontera Fund was established based on the prosecution that Lacey and Larkin themselves faced with this individual. Due to the combative nature of them being held in captivity, they filed for a law suit soon after. This was on grounds of the violation sustained to first amendment rights. The results of this process were significant because Maricopa County had to provide remuneration to the duo.

These funds were used to help propagate human rights advocacy and civil rights services throughout the state. The Frontera Fund has since helped individuals and families improve the way that they are able to gain access to much needed services and standards. It is clear that their efforts must be continued in light of the recent decision to pardon Arpaio.

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Samuel Strauch, Real Estate Tycoon

Samuel Strauch is a realtor and real estate investor. He started out in banking after graduating with a BBA, from Hofstra University in New York. He also completed courses at Harvard University.

Growing bored of banking, he joined the family real estate business, in Miami. After much success, he was able to branch out, with his own business, Metrik Real Estate, also in Miami.

His key to success, has been credited to his team. They are constantly on the look out for new technologies, investment options, and also catering to a younger crowd. The new generation of buyers are more tech savvy, so his company keeps up with everything new.

Not only does Samuel Strauch cater to his customers, he also finds it extremely important to know what makes his employees happy. After all a happy employee, is a productive employee. This involves meeting all their needs in materials, and comfortable, inviting surroundings.

His company also believes in being involved with the local communities. This can be, raising funds for charities, individuals, or families. He believes it builds strong relationships between communities, and businesses when you are actively involved.

When Strauch is not busy being a “mover and a shaker”, he actively pursues his favorite hobbies. He loves to travel, and take breathtaking photos. he believes in sharing what he sees, through the lens of a camera. Art is not only drawn or painted. It is also captured in varying moments. Follow him on Twitter, to catch his latest shots.

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Transformation Made by Gregory Aziz as the President of the National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is among the respected business people in the North America region. Currently, he operates as the president of the National Steel Car. The company handles the matters related to the car freight manufacturing. The leadership of Aziz has restored the glory of the company that had been lost from the years back. Presently the company has dominated the market of North America with its quality products.


Gregory J Aziz was born in the city of London and grew up in the same environment. The surroundings that he was raised up from instilled him with the great ideas of spotting the opportunity and transforming it into the business. He then joined the Ridley College and later concentrated in the field of economic in degree level at University of Western Ontario. In 1971, he demonstrated his passion in the segment of management after joining the family business called Affiliated Foods.

He played a central role as the assistant in the company. Aziz commitment to the great ideas of the firm made him attained the high level of management. He then put the business on the map of the world after marking it among the top importers of the fresh foods from different parts of the Europe and South America. Additionally, he extended the sales of the company’s products to the clients in Canada and United States.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, he decided to invest in the banking sector in parts of the New York. The moves propelled him to a new level of purchasing the National Steel Car from its previous owner Dofasco. The primary objective of the Gregory Aziz was to bring back the company to the position where it was in the market before. Greg set up the goals and involved various experts in every decision he was taking in the firm. Greg Aziz put his concept into practices as a leader of the National Steel Car and made it occupy the peak of the railroad freight Car company in the market.

The emphasis of the Gregory Aziz to the operations of the company was on the quality of the services to the clients. He attained the step by making the company acquired the accreditation of the ISO as the only railroad and freight registered in the areas. Currently, he has expanded the business by a large margin and recruit additional of not less than 900 new employees who are trained in various fields. Get More Information Here.


Gregory Aziz has also introduced the programs which are beneficial to the society through the name of the National Steel Car who intention of boosting the company’s reputation.


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