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Igor Cornelsen Has Played A Major Role In Brazil’s Economy

For a long time, Igor Cornelsen has played a major role in the development of Brazil’s economy. Today, Igor is the founder and director for the company Bainbridge Investment, which calls home to the Bahamas. Being the fifth largest economy on the continent, Brazil is often overlooked when it comes to its investment potential from investors the world over.

It has been one of Igor’s personal goals to change this image of Brazil and teach other investors of the benefits it holds. At his company, Bainbridge, Igor works to help outside investors learn of the success that can be found in Brazil’s economy. Igor has personally helped many investors learn how to navigate through the Brazilian marketplace.

Being born in Brazil, the country is part of him and Igor will do whatever he can to make it a better place. Igor has personally worked with some of the top companies in Brazil as well as around the world, finding successful avenues for creating investment returns.

Igor didn’t take long to get started on his career, finding a job right after graduating from his schooling. As a top performer for his company, Igor Cornelsen was able to climb up to the top of the company within a matter of a few years. At first, he was invited to the Multiblanco board of directors, then he was appointed as the corporations CEO.

As an investment specialist, Igor Cornelsen is experience working in high profile stocks and markets all over the world. At a time, Igor was even working for the largest investment firm in Brazil, Unibanco. Managing millions of dollars for the company, Igor saw the deeper part of investment companies and how they truly worked. After a few years at Unibanco, Igor moved on to working at various banks, including the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank and Libra Bank in London.

Matt Badiali Believes Freedom Checks Provide Valuable Revenue Streams

According to Matt Badiali, there are tax breaks that many Americans can take advantage of to add to their bank accounts, especially if they make use of freedom checks. Matt Badiali is a strong supporter of freedom checks and actively uses them to increase his own profits as well. He has published various articles and even explained in a video to investors how they can take advantage of freedom check compensations regardless of their current circumstances. Regardless of current salary or investments, investors can benefit from investments as low as 10 dollars. As a private program, freedom checks are an easy way for many companies to increase their annual returns with tax benefits as well.

Companies that fall into the standard for the program generate the majority of their revenue from production, transportation, and storage of natural gas and oil. Matt Badiali has personally introduced master limited partnerships as a way to allow businesses to gain tax benefits while being active investors in freedom checks.

Matt has extensive financial knowledge and is an expert in the investment industry with background knowledge of various markets all over the world. Matt is a geology major that studied at the University of Pennsylvania and even earned his masters from Florida Atlantic. Before earned his doctorate, Matt Badiali took on a new focus in the investment industry follow his mentor who was a financial expert, which also took him around the world. For several years now, Matt Badiali has been a lead editor at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Matt Badiali’s background in geology makes him a perfect candidate for the natural resources area of investing. According to Matt, understanding the science behind the natural recourses is a crucial aspect in being successful in the financial aspects of the market.

As technology continues to improve and new developments in fuel emerge, fossil fuels keep making their way out the door. This means there will be prices changes and energy changes all over the country and this is critical information for investors when it comes to investing in these recourses in coming years.

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Ryan Seacrest: A Man of Energy and Talent

No one can accuse Ryan Seacrest of lacking energy or being unmotivated. Inspired by Merv Griffin, Dick Clark, and Larry King, Seacrest has a resume that includes work on both radio and television, along with his ownership of a production company. He has also acted as host of events for E! such as the red carpet pre-show for the Academy Awards, and as host for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Seacrest has other ventures such as a clothing line, a partnership with Dr. Lancer in Polished, a men’s skincare product, and charitable work with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the exploration of the creative aspects of radio and television at pediatric hospitals and how these aspects can contribute to the healing process.

According to, Ryan Seacrest began his public career on the radio. When he was 16 years old, Seacrest won an internship at the FM station WSTR in Atlanta, Georgia, with Tom Sullivan, who trained him in the many facets of broadcasting. Even now, Seacrest has a radio show entitled On Air with Ryan Seacrest that broadcasts on iHeart Radio. Still, Ryan Seacrest is most remembered for his work on television, especially his hosting of the show American Idol for which he received Emmy nominations from 2004 to 2013, and again in 2016. More recently, when working with Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Seacrest received nominations for 2018 Outstanding Talk Show Entertainment and also for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host. Among other ventures, Seacrest occasionally served as host on Larry King Live, and he co-emceed the final show. He also hosted a game show and The NBC Saturday Night Movie, as well as a reality show entitled The Ultimate Revenge.

When asked how he accomplishes so much, the multi-talented Ryan Seacrest, who counts his jobs as “nine…close to ten,” replies, “I am completely impatient.” Seacrest says that because he is impatient and wishes to finish things quickly, he has not had a lunch meeting in ten years. Instead, he eats at his desk while working or reading and responding to his emails.

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Here’s Who Randal Nardone Is – Learn Some Stuff, You’ll Never Regret It

$70 billion – it doesn’t matter how someone looks at $70 billion, whether that person compares it to a greater sum of money or thinks about what things cannot be purchased by such an astronomical amount of money – is more money than anybody would know what to do with.

Fortress Investment Group is a firm that is located in the heart of the Big Apple – New York City, New York – best known for having some $70 billion of various assets of its hundreds of private and corporate clients under control. As many people know, Fortress Investment Group was not founded by just one person in 1998 – rather, Fortress Investment Group was the joint effort of the longtime lawyer Randal Nardone, now-retired racecar driver and administrative figure of a racecar driving team he owned for fun Rob Kauffman, and the highly-successful Wesley Robert Edens – he is known around the United States’ commercial landscape as the one-half owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks basketball franchise.

But what is Mr. Randal Nardone known for?

Let’s be truthful here: Mr. Nardone is not typically as well-known as Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, or many of the biggest names in the trades of financial services and the constant management of high-dollar portfolios. However, Nardone has likely had one of the most stable careers of the trio responsible for founding Fortress Investment Group in 1998.

Randal Nardone has bounced around various capacities of his one-third-owned Fortress Investment Group throughout the years, though he became the one and only Chief Executive Officer of Fortress in 2013. He has remained the CEO of Fortress Investment Group since then and isn’t going anywhere.

He has worked at BlackRock Financial Management, where he worked as one of a handful of Principals from May 1997 to exactly 12 months later – the year-long stint obviously ended in May 1998.

One reason why Randal Nardone has done so many great things throughout his career – not that they’re all listed here – is because he got a juris doctorate from the Boston University School of Law. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO

Jeff Aronin Sees the Unsolvable With Paragon Biosciences

Paragon Biosciences is a biotechnology network of like-minded companies all dedicated to the same goal. Develop new forms of treatment for rare diseases, diseases that currently have no formal method of treatment. Each individual company carries out its own brand of research, following the leadership of its own management. They all operate under the umbrella that is Paragon, an umbrella held firmly in the hand of CEO Jeff Aronin. Aronin is an innovator, entrepreneur, and passionate philanthropist. His philanthropy is mixed with his entrepreneurial spirit as his companies always seek to better the world around them.


A veteran of twenty years in the bioscience field Aronin has worked tirelessly to support those without any at all. His funding of innovative companies creates new treatments that revolutionize the medical field. The therapies created provide relief, work to discover cure, and give practitioners something to do other than shrug. For patients suffering from rare afflictions the work ethic of Paragon is a welcome hope.


Paragon’s network puts the patient first, working to develop relationships with all they support. For Paragon patients are more than numbers, their work far more personal. In this way the company is always seeking to find the best ways to provide aid. Ways bereft of harmful side effects, or treatment that damages more than the disease. They want to create a remedy that works, and that actually helps without hindrance. But time is a factor.


Patients suffering from rare disease need treatments fast. The need for quick turnaround is very real, but Paragon cuts no corners. They work tirelessly to improve the medical field as a whole, and push the boundaries of what can be done.


Jeff Aronin is one of many entrepreneurs who invest in start up companies within the medical field. It is a way of giving back that can have lasting effects on generations to come and seeks to benefit the whole world. Aronin is also driven by curiosity, to go where no one else has gone, and find answers no one has found.


Teens Drive Safer With TeenSafe

Using an app to monitor the cell phone use of your children is something that most parents will want to have. When a child leaves their home and gets in a car to drive, the worst thing they can do is to be distracted in any way. They must stay focused on what they are doing and not what their friends are doing on their smartphones. Since most states now have laws in effect against texting and driving, teens are no longer doing this themselves but have others in their vehicles doing it for them. They are still able to text and drive without having to hold the device themselves. This is such a distraction that it has caused thousands of accidents in this country.


TeenSafe allows you to put blocks on your child’s cell phone while they are in a vehicle. They will not be allowed to take pictures or send texts as long as they are in the car. During a recent driving safety week, this software was featured and tested by participants. They found that is 100% effective against texting while driving. These tests were conducted numerous times and each of them produced the same effect.


Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents in this country and teen deaths have risen with the use of smartphone devices. TeenSafe can help you to protect the safety of your child by stopping them from this activity. Many people feel that it has saved the life of their child. Regular monitoring of your teenager is essential and most parents have not had a way to do this before. TeenSafe is easy to use and is available nationwide at a very low cost. There is a monthly fee associated with the program but it is a nominal charge.


Parents have found that when using TeenSafe, their children also know that someone is watching out for them and they feel safer too. You can visit the website of TeenSafe for more information and to see how the program works. You will want to purchase it after viewing the website.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals; Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry through Medicine

Although all pharmaceutical firms produce medicine, biotechnology companies utilize a biological model to manufacture drugs. On the other hand, pharmaceuticals use artificial materials to make drugs. With that said, the main agenda of a pharmaceutical company is to invest in the healthcare industry and ensure that drugs are readily available for patients. In the long run, it is always about getting the patient the right treatment model.


At Marathon Pharmaceuticals, research is the foundation of the company’s operation. When a company suggests a project, a deadline is given for submission. After that, the management takes it upon itself to conduct research and find viable solutions for the particular health issue. For instance, Marathon Pharmaceuticals researches, develops, implements successful strategies for manufacturing medicine and commercializes treatments made for rare neurological, as well as movement disorders.


Founded in 2008, Marathon Pharmaceuticals has been on the forefront of manufacturing medicine for diseases like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and inflammatory myopathies. To attend to more patients across the world, the company has a central office and branches in different locations including New Jersey and Chicago.


Commitment defines Marathon Pharmaceuticals. The company focuses on expanding major frontiers to serve thousands of patients who need urgent medical attention and prescriptions. Also, the company’s mission is to provide medically proven-to-work medicine with a focus on extending human lives. To support the community, Marathon Pharmaceuticals works with a qualified team to reach out to patients who are in dire need of medicine. The giving of this firm to communities supports a large group of organizations that improve health and strengthen the communities.


Developing revolutionary and life-changing medicines need a passionate team that is also dedicated to the cause. At Marathon Pharmaceuticals, there is a team of professionals with in-depth expertise in the particular field. Moreover, these people have different viewpoints alongside innovative new ideas to provide treatment for the people. In conclusion, Marathon Pharmaceuticals has carefully strategized its mission in the healthcare industry. Not only does it provide medicine but also works on making sure that the provided medicine is the right one for the particular patient.


Perry Mandera and The Importance and Desirability of Serving Beyond Commerce

There are countless companies setting up shop almost anywhere in the world wanting to create better products. Most of these companies are run by CEOs that want to provide, say, quality footwear, smartphones, tech solutions or banking programs that help entrepreneurs grow companies themselves. Most, if not all, of the companies just want the money, the chase for it, the power it gives and the meaning it affords. While there’s nothing wrong with all these aims, it’s great to know that there are still entrepreneurs like Perry Mandera who wish to go beyond profit. Business leaders like him find meaning in extending their hands to those who badly need the assistance that leaders like him can give.

The world probably already knows Perry Mandera as the Founder of Custom Companies Inc. in 1986. Since its foundation day, it has created from its headquarters at Northlake, Illinois the needed transportation solutions that would improve, grow and even revolutionize the profit targets of big-ticket companies. It’s also a source of pride for both Perry Mandera and its shareholders that it’s been able to generate thousands of jobs already for the field of logistic services, including freight forwarding and services involving cartage.

It’s also a stamp of dedication on the part of Perry Mandera that he’s served time in the armed forces, as a Republican Wart Committeeman that’s based in Chicago. This alone shows that his heart is in public service, and if he gets his way, he would most likely dedicate his entire life to serving the largest number of people. Fortunately, he has found that starting a business is a good way of doing that, too.

With the Custom Companies that he started, he’s been able to grow the Custom Cares social work project, which helps a number of groups involved in advocacy for finding solutions and remedies for debilitating and extreme illnesses, including cancer and mental health problems. The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls that Perry Mandera also has supported is known to be helping abused children get the right housing and guidance that they need for them to have a better, brighter and more stable life ahead of them.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva: Representing the Realm of Justice

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is a renowned judge in Brazil and currently serves in the Brazilian Court of Appeal. Marco was born in the city of Itapetininga in 1958. He discovered his passion of being a lawyer age 15 and joined Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC) in 1977, graduating in 1981. He also pursued a Master’s, a Doctorate, and a teaching degree in Pontifical Catholic University. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the faculty of Law at Coimbra in 2005. Marco was already a professor at PUC in 1982, at the age of 24.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has made his fair share of contribution as a judge; he joined the State judiciary in 1983 and worked in various cities in Brazil including Monte Alto, Diadema, Palmeira D’Oeste, and Sao Paulo. He became a Court of Appeal judge after working as a substitute judge from 2002. Marco is also a prolific writer, and his works have been recognized worldwide. Until now, he has produced more than 40 articles and 13 books, among them the famous ‘Luso-Brazilian Treaty on Human Dignity’ that was edited by Jorge Miranda, a European Constitution Law Professor. The book also includes contributions from various European jurists.


Marco’s efforts have not gone unnoticed as he has been honored not one, but on several occasions. Recently, PUC held a ceremony in his honor as a distinguished judge and a dedicated professor. In fact, one of the auditoriums at the Perdizes Campus was named after him. Further, the guests who were present at the ceremony praised him for his dynamism, selflessness, and focus. The university president and former president of Sao Paulo State Court of Appeals, Dirceu de Mello presided the occasion. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva continues to pursue change to make human dignity a reality to all regardless of sex, gender, age, social, economic, or political status. According to him, it is every person’s responsibility to rekindle human dignity that has eluded humanity for long. No doubt, Marco is an admired figure in Brazil and beyond.


Lee May and Beamridge: Conquering the World

Success in commercial real estate takes time and a lot of talent. Success in London real estate requires a specialized expertise to see the market as a whole. Lee May is that type of extraordinary talent.


Competition is fierce in London, and this is where May refined his skills. His recent development deals of apartments in East London and Essex have brought the world stage to his door. Lee May’s goals are like others in commercial real estate. Developers want to stamp their names on projects that will last for generations. May has accomplished his objectives; he is setting his sights on the international markets. Beamridge has benefitted from May’s expertise, with his focus on large-scale construction.


Lee May has put the commercial real estate market on notice with his recent groundbreaking effort in Hong Kong. His hard work is paying off with another development in Canada. Navigating foreign building codes and design principles is not an easy task. May has acquired a piece of property to develop a mall and stay on as landlord. An investor to focus on a complicated end to end development is rare.


Giving back to a charitable cause is the accurate measure of greatness in a person. Advising young people on the value of hard work shows his commitment. May is aware of hardships, and he is quick to point out the effort it takes to enter the world of commercial development. Lee May is an avid fan of boxing and demonstrates what it takes to be successful in real estate.


Mentoring underprivileged children is a cause near to Lee May’s heart. Not only does he dedicate his time he also contributes financially. His sponsorships include amateur boxing clubs, making sure kids have the resources they need to be a success. May sponsors races intended to bring awareness to the battle for cancer.


Lee May continues to advise Beamridge with passion and wisdom. The company is taking on more complex projects within large sections of the market while keeping the environment safe. May’s influence is seen everywhere.


Lee May has assumed the responsibility for the future youth of London.