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Mark Mofid: Working Tirelessly to Improve Plastic Surgery Procedures

World-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Mofid is known across the industry of cosmetic surgery for many different reasons, but the most recent reason that Mofid is in the spotlight again, are the innovations that he continues to pursue to create a better and safer plastic surgery industry.

Dr. Mark Mofid earned his medical degree in general and plastic surgery from The John Hopkins University School of Medicine and he has been working tirelessly to make his mark in his field ever since. He is known to his peers as being the surgeon who is always attending conferences to learn new things, always exploring the newest procedures in plastic surgery, and he is constantly looking for ways that his field can be improved. This is what he has recently did with the plastic surgery procedure called gluteal augmentation.

In the past, plastic surgeons have always had problems adequately completing a gluteal augmentation primarily due to the fact that the implants were not compatible with the way that the human muscle structure is laid out. Dr. Mark Mofid decided that it was time to create a new implant that could allow gluteal implants to be safer and the outcome of said implants to yield better results. He collaborated with a Brazilian doctor by the name of Dr. Raul Gonzalez to address the issue. The collaboration resulted in a better gluteal implant that yields more appropriate ratios, better positioning in the intramuscular region, and a lower profile. Just by brainstorming with a colleague and researching, Mofid was able to improve a plastic surgery procedure that had always been known to have its share of problems.

With surgeons, such as Dr. Mark Mofid working to create advances in the field of plastic surgery, the safety of surgeries will improve, as well as the outcomes of procedures that patients want completed. Mofid is known by his patients at his San Diego, California office as a doctor that is committed to safety and wants their well-being protected. This is what makes him such a phenomenal person and doctor.

Jeff Herman Fights For The Rights Of Sexual Abuse Victims


The field of law is quite diverse. There are many paths to choose from when studying and practicing law. As for Jeff Herman, after graduating from law school, he usually represented business entities. However, there came a time when he set out to start representing sexual abuse victims. Over the years, the sexual abuse cases have not been accorded the necessary attention. Nevertheless, Jeff Herman decided to take up the mantle of being the savior of the sexual abuse victims. As shameful as the act may be, Jeff Herman assures the victims who have been violated that they will get the justice that they deserve. Jeff Herman even went ahead and launched Herman Law, a law firm that is mainly geared towards representing sexual abuse victims.


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How Herman Law came to being

Two decades ago, precisely 1997, Jeff Herman was approached by a woman whose 4-year old child has been abused sexually. The child’s private parts had been touched by one of the school employees without the child’s consent. As a result, the scenario was termed as a sexual abuse case. Since Jeff Herman’s skill set as a lawyer was quite remarkable, he decided to take up the case. To some point, Jeff Herman was disturbed by the rate at which sexual abuse cases were on the rise. Moreover, these sexual predators were grown people who could differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Because such an act will always breed sorrow in the various families that have been affected, making sure that justice is served always puts a smile on the faces of the multiple families.


More about Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman founded Herman Law with the sole aim of curbing the sexual abuse menace that has been affecting the society for long. Together with his team of lawyers at Herman Law, Jeff Herman is able to dissect each case with precision. By presenting actual facts while in the courtroom, Jeff Herman is always able to come out glorious in every case. Also, whenever he makes sure that each family has been accorded the justice that they deserve, Jeff Herman is always able to stay happy since his dedication makes sure that the society is a better place.


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OSI Food Solutions’ Dominance in the Food Industry

In 2016, the British Safety Council presented OSI Food Solutions with a Globe of Honor Prize in recognition of its management of various environmental dangers. The company was among the eighteen corporations that were recognized for activities geared towards preserving the environment. Besides focusing its activities on environmental preservation, OSI Food Solutions values customer satisfaction. Consequently, the company increased its production capacity of chicken products to meet the growing demand of its clients. OSI Food Solutions Spain boosted its chicken production capacity to 24,000 tons per year. Moreover, the recent statistics indicated that the company’s latest expansion commanded a production capacity of over 45,000 tons of various items including pork, chicken, and beef. The organization’s strategy in advancing its operations has thus influenced the inhabitants of the company’s vicinity. Now, OSI will include twenty job opportunities to the current working individuals of 140 employees.

The successes of OSI Food Solutions are attached to the firm’s association with other companies in the industry. Recently, David McDonald, the President of OSI Group, announced the company’s purchase of Baho Food. David postulated the addition of Baho Food into OSI would give the organization a vast presence in Europe. John Balvers, the managing director at Baho Foods, was equally excited by the companies’ collaboration. In his opinion, OSI Food Solutions has an impeccable relationship with its clients, as well as, suppliers. As such, the collaboration would provide Baho Foods an opportunity to leverage on OSI’s capabilities and exposures. Mr. Balvers postulates that OSI would overtime accelerate Baho Foods’ growth and help it in the realization of its goals.

The popularity of OSI Food Solutions in the United States’ food industry is attributed to its leadership policy. Sheldon Lavin, a guru in the financial sector, heads the company. Since Sheldon Lavin’s entry into OSI, the organization has skyrocketed into a worldwide dollar food processor situated in over sixteen nations. Under the instructions of Sheldon Lavin, OSI acquired Tyson Foods Plant for approximately $7.4 million. According to Sheldon, the attainment of the Tyson Food Plant will enhance the agency’s capabilities significantly in serving Chicago location. Additionally, the organization’s focus is directed towards excellence. As such, OSI is the United States’ best food processor because of its strategy directed towards valuing its customers. The other aspect that makes OSI stand out is its appreciation of the team f employees. Every worker at the corporation is encouraged to utilize their skills in the delivery of unique services.

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Robert Ivy: Polk Noel Lifetime Achievement Award

The Polk Noel Lifetime Achievement Award is a prestigious coveted award many aspire to receive in their career. Robert Ivy, the EVP/Chief Executive Officer at American Institute of Architects, has accomplished just that by being honored by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). The award itself is known to be handed to residents in the state who are artists with works that are extraordinary to say the least.

The recipients of Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award have shown tremendous artistic abilities throughout their career and are extended this great honor showing their appreciation. Only a small amount of local artists have received this award. This includes well known actor Morgan Freeman, Eudora Welty, the late Walter Anderson, signer Leontyne Price and writer Shelby Foote. The president of MIAL, Nancy LaForge, praised Robert Ivy by stating that Ivy is one of a kind and illustrates one of the best architectural artists.

She went on to say that Robert Ivy is in the right place among the honorees as he is highly regarded in the architecture world as a author, writer and commentator. In addition, AIA President, Carl Elefante, FAIA, commends Ivy who has been the CEO of AIA, as an editor and a working architect who is an great ambassador in the overall profession. Robert Ivy, who is from Mississippi, is honored on a level of personal and business accomplishments.

Ivy has a biography that was completed in 2001 called Fay Jones: Architect. The book has a third edition and reveals his exclusive work showing his admiration for Frank Lloyd Wright. The book was mentioned by The Art Library Society of North America for it’s stand out production, scholarship and design. Ivy has shown his excellence in communicating design value as acknowledged by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi. He has also received the same honors for the designation Master Architect along with names like Richard Buckminster Fuller, I.M. Pei and Mies van der Rohe. Ivy is the only architect in the 21st century to be selected. In his fraternity’s 100 year existence, Ivy is among seven other frat brothers to get the Master Architect achievement.

Robert Ivy’s accomplishments also include a 2017 University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture Dean’s Medal. Since his AIA time in 2011, Ivy has grown the presence of the organization on a global scale that includes nearly seven chapters. Two of those areas are located in Canada and China.

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AvaTrade, the Best Broker Based on Consumer Reviews

AvaTrade is one of the best online forex brokers you can find on the planet. The company, since its inception in 2006, has become a beacon of hope to all traders, new or old, who want to change their lives for the better.

So magnificent has the broker become that he now commands a global market presence. The corporation, since its establishment, has opened up new branches in Ireland, Japan, Australia, and the British Virgin Islands, all in line with the institution’s agenda of becoming an international broker.

One factor that has contributed to AvaTrade’s success is its ability to offer consumers with products that convert. The organization has, for instance, thrived on providing clients with products that are highly compatible with IOS and Android devices.

AvaTrade has gone the extra mile of integrating quite a handful of software in its operations hence the ease of use. Automated trading software in use today includes API Trading, the MQL5 Signal Service, ZuluTrade, Mirror Trader, and RoboX.

As you can recall, beginners and veterans are always welcome at AvaTrade. The platform operates standard and demo accounts, both of which nurture talent. The demo account is a beginner’s best friend as it helps you hone your skills until you are ready to enroll for a standard account.

The standard account, on the other hand, requires you to make a minimum deposit of a hundred dollars, a trivial amount if you may ask given the reward that comes thereafter. Muslims, too, have a place at AvaTrade. The institution has since its inception accommodated traders from the Islamic community through its swap-free accounts. In short, AvaTrade offers equal opportunity to everyone.

Another factor that separates AvaTrade from the rest of the crowd is its ability to offer users with promos and bonuses. New brokers, for instance, have the opportunity of receiving a bonus of up to fourteen thousand dollars, a significant win for someone just getting into the business.

Finally, you are able to deal with all manner of currency imaginable. Like I said, AvaTrade is not your average forex broker. It is a company that goes overboard to bring you the best.

Logan Stout Is A Businessman Who Always Makes Time For His Family

Logan Stout is the founder and CEO of IDLife, which is a company that offers personalized health and wellness products services. He has been featured on many different radio programs, live events, and television show as well as various publications. Some of these have included The New York Times, Philadelphia Life Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, CBS Radio, The Ticket, and FOX. He calls Frisco, Texas his home and lives there with his wife, Haley, and their two boys. He donates portions of his money to local causes as well as national causes and is an honorary chair and patron of the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County as well as the American Heart Association of North Texas.

When asked where the idea for IDNutrition came from, Logan Stout responded that an interview he had done on FOX Business News related to his book had spurred a meeting with Zig Ziglar’s personal doctor. The doctor, by chance, had seen his interview and was interested in partnering up with Stout. The doctor had created an original customized vitamin program that used ingredients that were all organic, natural, non-GMO, and gluten free. Stout’s was very interested, and after meeting with the doctor, he acquired the program, which he now calls IDNutrition.

Logan Stout was once asked what he does during a regular day and how he makes himself more productive. He commented that his days are fairly identical, because he is a systematic kind of guy. Every day, he wakes up and consumes one of IDLife Shakes. After this, he likes to read the newspaper and read some of his bible. He also reads some personal development literature before he gets his day started. After this, he wakes his kids up and helps them get ready for their school day. He then works a bit at home before rolling into the corporate office of IDLife around noontime.

Logan Stout has always made his family a huge priority in life, and picks up his boys, himself, from school. Before putting his children to bed, he makes sure to spend some quality time with them after sitting down to dinner as a family. After spending this kind of time with his family on most evenings, he focuses on getting some more work done before he settles in to read a good book. This along with his success as a businessman has made him a very content and satisfied man.

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Talk Fusion Giving Other Video Chat Apps a Run for Money With Fusion on the Go App

If you are looking for an innovative marketing tool for your business, then you must use the video marketing products offered by Talk Fusion. It is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to video marketing, and has been dominating the world of video marketing since 2007. Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007 when he was into the business of direct selling and realized that there need to be more innovative ways to reach out to the people to make sales and leave a lasting impression. In 2007, very few people realized how the video marketing could change the world, and today, video marketing is an integral part of just about every marketing campaign across the globe. Millions of dollars are spent on video marketing each year, and it is expected to only grow in the years to come.


Talk Fusion has an impressive range of video marketing products, and it continues to invest millions into research and development in developing more innovative and effective marketing products for the clients. The company has a presence in more than 140 countries, and its impact is known globally. Talk Fusion believes that the companies these days should harness the power of video marketing to drive more sales and reach out to more people. Video e-mail is one of the most effective products of Talk Fusion, which is used by the companies as well as by individuals for their personal use. It has proved to be more effective than a typical e-mail as it helps in conveying the message in an awe-inspiring, innovative, and impactful manner. Learn more:


If you are tired of getting no results from your marketing efforts even after spending tons of money, then it is time that you go for a change. Talk Fusion is a company that would ensure that your marketing efforts reap the results you are looking for. It also has products that would improve the overall efficiency of its company, and its recently announced video chat app is already in use by thousands of businesses and individuals across the globe. The new video chat app by Talk Fusion is named Fusion on the Go, and it helps in remote video conferencing as well. The users can send unlimited texts, pictures, and even files through the Fusion on the Go App. Moreover, the Fusion on the Go app can be used on different smart devices at the same time and has the functionality to create a private chat room as well.


Freedom Checks: Shifting Through Uncertainty

Very recently, a new means acquiring a windfall has been presented through the media. This method shows individuals holding checks for large sums of money that looks like a tax refund. In some instances, these checks could be for as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars. With an opportunity like that being presented, it’s no wonder that this new investment opportunity gathered a lot of attention. To further the confusion and excitement the name of the strategy was called freedom checks. Between the name freedom checks, and the appearance of the checks, many people began believing that this is the government program. For many people, such a thing seems too good to be true and was quickly written off. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Beyond the sensational ads for freedom checks, there is actually a thought-out investment strategy. This investment strategy is actually fairly simple. A significant amount of the confusion can likely be attributed to the nature of the ads that were run. These ads made it seem as if all you had to do was sign up and you would receive a large check in the mail. However, the strategy is significantly more complicated than that. When broken down, investing in freedom checks is very similar to investing in the stock market. This investment strategy calls for an individual to invest in domestic energy companies. These companies traditionally have very large payouts to investors. There many factors that contribute to their ability to do this.

The key factor being a federal law called statute 26 – F. This statute provides energy companies the option to pay out most of their profits to investors in order to avoid paying taxes. So hundreds of energy companies in the United States have elected to take advantage of this statute. Ultimately this is good news for investors who receive incredibly generous returns on their investment. This payout system is incredibly similar to how dividends are paid out only they are referred to as distributions. Some individuals who have invested heavily in these industries receive over $100,000 every quarter. These investors also benefit by not having to pay income tax on these earnings. The only tax that they would have to pay is a capital gains tax if they elect to sell their shares. After being broken down, this strategy is significantly simpler than many may initially think. However, it is far more difficult than many commercials would have their audience believe.

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Penelope kokkinides

Penelope kokkinides serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Innovacare Health Center. He received his degree in classical languages and biological sciences from the University of Binghamton. He graduated from the New York University with a Master’s degree in social work.

Penelope Kokkinides enrolled in the Columbia University where he graduated with a post- master’s program advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse. He also received his master’s degree in public health from the same University.

Earlier on before rejoining the Health Center as the CIO in the year 2015, he had been in service for the same company as a Chief Operating Officer. He also acted as the Vice President of the clinical operations.

Penelope boasts of more than twenty years of experience in healthcare where he had majored in government programs like the Medicaid and Medicare. Kokkinides has a vast skill and knowledge in the management of healthcare operations and processes, and in the development of clinical programs.

Improvement of the organizational operations and efficiencies is a core thing in her undertakings. According to Penelope, a business prospers when an entrepreneur works with a competent team that develops and implements ideas.

She clarified that the advanced technology has interconnected individuals globally giving a better chance to hold video conferences online. As an entrepreneur one needs to spend most of the time thinking about the success of the business.

A good businessperson should also spare time to be briefed on the happenings in the industry. This can be achieved by having time to read the books, publications, rest researchers and the articles. Kokkinides explained that an entrepreneur should be well structured and organized in their work.

The investor advises the society to read a book by the title start with why to help sharpen their minds. In a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, Kokkinides clarified that there is a need to increase the funding for Medicare in Puerto Rico.

She clarified that since 2011 the cuts toward federal funding significantly reduced with $ I million annually. According to Penelope, this amount is not in proportion to cuts in the United States. Fixation of these cuts is not the right thing but a responsible one to do for the state.

Kokkinides made it clear that just in case the Medicaid system malformed in Puerto Rico, several individuals would be left with a choice to move to the states for the services. In states, the costs are too high such that an ordinary person cannot easily afford them.

Introducing Freedom Checks by Matt Badiali.

In the recent times, there have been a lot of cases of fraud. The incidences have taken place in both developed and developing countries. According to statistics, the highest percentage of fraud cases has occurred in online platforms where many people visit. The fraudsters normally target websites with high traffic and often claim to have solutions to many challenges that many people are facing. For example a high number of the fraudsters claim to have means by which people could earn a lot of money and within a short period of time. The incidences have become so common that a majority of the population think that most financial related could end up being scams. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

Matt Badiali is a renowned expert in finance matters. He recently introduced Freedom Checks, this was through a video that has caught the attention of millions of people around the world. Some people immediately termed it as a scam. However, a team of experts have done vigorous investigations concerning the freedom checks and concluded that they were legitimate. According to them, the move is actually a creative marketing tool and is within the laws of the United States.

A good entrepreneur is able to identify new opportunities, according to the findings by the team of experts, there was a provision of the use of the document in the law only that it was unknown to many people. Matt Badiali was able to identify the opportunity. According to the law, companies that use these checks are entitled to tax benefits. However, the companies must meet some requirements. For example, they must generate their incomes by carrying their various production processes within the country. The purpose of this provision is to promote the growth of the local economy. Read more about Freedom Checks at

The companies are also required to ensure that their shareholders benefit every year from these checks hence boosting their income. The freedom checks provide a good investment opportunity to the users. People and organizations should rely on credible sources of information to make informed decisions. According to a research, there is a worrying trend where some media outlets are used by competitors to discredit the products offered by another company. There is a need to inform the members of the public about the facts concerning the checks as some think that they are new programs by the government. The best part about freedom checks is that they can be accessed by individuals irrespective of their age or economic status.