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Marco Antonio Marques da Silva: Representing the Realm of Justice

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is a renowned judge in Brazil and currently serves in the Brazilian Court of Appeal. Marco was born in the city of Itapetininga in 1958. He discovered his passion of being a lawyer age 15 and joined Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC) in 1977, graduating in 1981. He also pursued a Master’s, a Doctorate, and a teaching degree in Pontifical Catholic University. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the faculty of Law at Coimbra in 2005. Marco was already a professor at PUC in 1982, at the age of 24.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has made his fair share of contribution as a judge; he joined the State judiciary in 1983 and worked in various cities in Brazil including Monte Alto, Diadema, Palmeira D’Oeste, and Sao Paulo. He became a Court of Appeal judge after working as a substitute judge from 2002. Marco is also a prolific writer, and his works have been recognized worldwide. Until now, he has produced more than 40 articles and 13 books, among them the famous ‘Luso-Brazilian Treaty on Human Dignity’ that was edited by Jorge Miranda, a European Constitution Law Professor. The book also includes contributions from various European jurists.


Marco’s efforts have not gone unnoticed as he has been honored not one, but on several occasions. Recently, PUC held a ceremony in his honor as a distinguished judge and a dedicated professor. In fact, one of the auditoriums at the Perdizes Campus was named after him. Further, the guests who were present at the ceremony praised him for his dynamism, selflessness, and focus. The university president and former president of Sao Paulo State Court of Appeals, Dirceu de Mello presided the occasion. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva continues to pursue change to make human dignity a reality to all regardless of sex, gender, age, social, economic, or political status. According to him, it is every person’s responsibility to rekindle human dignity that has eluded humanity for long. No doubt, Marco is an admired figure in Brazil and beyond.


Lee May and Beamridge: Conquering the World

Success in commercial real estate takes time and a lot of talent. Success in London real estate requires a specialized expertise to see the market as a whole. Lee May is that type of extraordinary talent.


Competition is fierce in London, and this is where May refined his skills. His recent development deals of apartments in East London and Essex have brought the world stage to his door. Lee May’s goals are like others in commercial real estate. Developers want to stamp their names on projects that will last for generations. May has accomplished his objectives; he is setting his sights on the international markets. Beamridge has benefitted from May’s expertise, with his focus on large-scale construction.


Lee May has put the commercial real estate market on notice with his recent groundbreaking effort in Hong Kong. His hard work is paying off with another development in Canada. Navigating foreign building codes and design principles is not an easy task. May has acquired a piece of property to develop a mall and stay on as landlord. An investor to focus on a complicated end to end development is rare.


Giving back to a charitable cause is the accurate measure of greatness in a person. Advising young people on the value of hard work shows his commitment. May is aware of hardships, and he is quick to point out the effort it takes to enter the world of commercial development. Lee May is an avid fan of boxing and demonstrates what it takes to be successful in real estate.


Mentoring underprivileged children is a cause near to Lee May’s heart. Not only does he dedicate his time he also contributes financially. His sponsorships include amateur boxing clubs, making sure kids have the resources they need to be a success. May sponsors races intended to bring awareness to the battle for cancer.


Lee May continues to advise Beamridge with passion and wisdom. The company is taking on more complex projects within large sections of the market while keeping the environment safe. May’s influence is seen everywhere.


Lee May has assumed the responsibility for the future youth of London.


How the origins of IC Systems is leading business into a female empowered future

There is no secret that there has always been, and continues to be a gender bias in the workforce environment. Although, this particular problem is a work in progress, there a handful of companies that have chosen to confront this issue head on. One company that deserves a closer look when it comes to this particular topic is IC Systems. Due to its very unique beginnings, it seems as if IC Systems has skipped the learning curve and gotten straight to the Empowerment of women.


Founded in 1938, by Ruth and Jack Erickson, IC Systems (an accounts receivable company) has been a leading example of what a company that empowers women looks like; during its 80 year history. After her husband’s passing, Ruth was left to take on the role of being head of the company. Ruth, being left to do much of the initial heavy lifting seemed to be fit for the challenge. She was even described as “the epitome of toughness in the face of adversity”, by those that knew her. Some of her early roles included being, a door to door marketer and saleswoman for her company’s services, as well as working on financial resolutions for her companies clients. Ruth also noticed early on the incredible impact computers could have on her company and invested in a state of the art system that would increase the company’s work productivity and the number of customers that could be contacted at any given time. This gave IC Systems a profitable head start against their competition; did someone say innovator? With a resume like this it is clear to see how her reputation of being a tenacious entrepreneur definitely proceeds her.


With a founder such as Ruth Erickson, the bar for women’s excellence within the workplace was set high before the idea of women’s empowerment became such a popular topic of discussion. Following Ruth’s lead, the company has continued to publicly and pro-actively promote women’s empowerment and equality throughout its company’s 80 year life span. Today, IC systems is on its third generation of family leadership, most of whom are women that have taken to the same business operations as Ruth herself. Some examples include: Barbara Erickson(chairman of the board), Michelle Dove (general counsel and chief compliance officer); and many of the stakeholders are women as well. IC systems has also been recognized by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council; the largest certifier of women-owned businesses in the US. There is no doubt IC Systems is a leading example of what a female empowered future may look like, and with the proof in the pudding I think it’s safe to say there’s a bright future ahead of us.


Glen Wakeman on How to Build a Thriving Small Business


Miami, compared to many other areas of the United States, poses a unique challenge for small businesses to grow in. With a small business failure rate within the range of 85%-98%, Miami can be a very frightening city for entrepreneurs to build their businesses in. Glen Wakeman, CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, explains why many businesses fail in Miami and how businesses can avoid creating unstable beginnings.


Common Myths

There are a variety of myths that were created in order to explain why many small businesses fail in Miami. In order to create a better understanding among our readers it is important to initially dispel these common myths.



Many believe that small businesses fail due to a lack of money. Though it is important for a business to have adequate revenue to support its operations, many failed businesses were doomed from the start. Poor business plans are often to blame for the solvency of many small businesses.


Financial Mismanagement

Though this relates to undercapitalization and the need for sufficient revenue, the idea behind financial mismanagement is that the business is spending money when money does not need to be spent.


Prime Reason for Failure

Now that the myths have been dispelled, it should be noted that many small businesses do not fail as a result of their financials, but rather their sales. Many small businesses often operate under the belief that customers will come to them therefore they do not focus their efforts on sales. It is important for potential customers to know that the business exists in order for them to purchase from the business.


Three Step Plan

Glen Wakeman’s three step plan first focuses on a small business exemplifying the benefits of their products and services.


A business owner will then want to research evidence that disproves what they believe. Though it is counter-intuitive, this step will support beliefs that are correct and eliminate beliefs that are not based on facts.


Lastly, a small business owner should surround themselves with people who offer criticism to their ideas, people who will not agree with every idea.


Custom Companies and Why It’s An Outstanding Transportation Service Provider in The Market

Custom Companies has already made a good name in the industry that it’s in. This is impressive not because it is powered with a workforce that’s talented and skilled, but because not many businesses are able to withstand market competition, let alone build a good name in the industry. In fact, people are already able to review at Bloomberg some of the pertinent valuable proof of this success and other trivia about the company.


Recall, Custom Companies is a renowned brand name for offering various transportation services for both small-scale and big ticket clients. Its services include offering truckload help, domestic and international package distribution through freight, and dedicated contract cartage. It can also be stated here that the name Custom Companies is already synonymous with fantastic regional and national services in flatbed delivery, as well as services in transportation of heavy commodities and building materials across North America.


Custom Companies has its main headquarters in Northlake, Illinois, and is founded in 1986. With such location, it is then easy for the firm to attract the most competent deals, clients and leads that would help skyrocket the sales of the company. A location of a business plays a key role in a firm’s success, and it’s good to know that Custom Companies knows the value of such factor.


Another interesting aspect of the enterprise growth of Custom Companies is the fact that the LTL division of the company is the backbone of its operations. The company is able to do this because of the competitive pricing that it is able to offer, as well as the company makes sure that its delivery is right on time and the cargo arrives at the terminals without any sign of mishandling.


It may be useful to add also here that Custom Companies is a company that offers businesses a simple transportation solution that would allow deliveries to occur in facilities of multiple cities. These services can be rendered without shelling out too much money or investment that would add extra burdens to the customer. Also, the guarantee of Custom Companies to offer expedited ground service of any volume to their clients has also gained an outstanding reputation in the industry today.


The Stansberry Research ‘s Invaluable Assets Solutions and Its Analysis of Berkshire Hathaway

Nothing is known about how long a company can last or when its expiation date starts. Only trial and error and being exposed to time can tell whether a company can really stick to its plan of growing, expanding and creating new solutions for the projects it’s building.

In the case with Stansberry Research, many studies can confirm that tomorrow’s uncertainties could spell a lot of impact on where the company can go. Consider the Stansberry Research study on the massive hidden damages, risks and problems at Berkshire Hathaway.

Understanding What’s Wrong

There’s a long but comprehensive analysis in the Stansberry Research about what went wrong with Berkshire, but most of what’s wrong with it may have come from wrong analysis and strong reliance on human thinking in the context of scale that’s impossible to be calculated in static thinking. No one can predict the future, and tomorrow is no longer what it used to be, so to speak, so in essence, what made Berkshire deviate from its plans is the fact that it didn’t give randomness its due and it paid too much attention to a protocol that added more errors than get rid of them.

About Stansberry Research

Stansberry is one of the most premium research services today that could cover a whole wide range of investment opportunities and services that help improve people’s assets. These services include dividend investing, fixed income solutions, value investing and energy investments.


The assets and investment programs of Stansberry in alternative assets have also been spearheading a lot of great traction lately, and has been considered by more than 70,000+ subscribers to the paper of Stansberry to be an exciting set of solutions that help people find the business solutions they need. There are also a series of income-generating options trading programs and methods from Stansberry that might be invaluable in improving your assets.

With a variety of portfolio levels to choose from, you can learn from Stansberry many of the things that can refine your investment strategies without risking you to complete ruin. If you also need a basic guide on how to protect your assets and hedge them against financial threats, the solutions from Stansberry Research could also be your essentials.


Neuroscientist – Jorge Moll

He wanted to be a medical doctor ever since he was young, and his primary reason was to be a helping hand to his community in Brazil. After his high school he joined Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and graduated with a Masters Degree in Medicine Jorge Moll is a neurologist by professional and he knows the importance of being a neuroscientist that is why he had to complete his residency in neurology. Medicine is his passion, and he wanted to gain more knowledge and skills in the field after his residency he joined Sao Paulo University for his Ph.D. in Experienced Pathology. Jorge Moll is an essential figure in the medical community in Brazil.


His love for medicine also came with Care for people. Mr. Jorge has always wanted to help people who are affected by adverse medical conditions. Jorge Moll is the President and the founder of D’or Institute of Research and Education. Dr. Moll wanted to create a world-class medical research organization in his home country. The medical expert always has a busy day, and he starts his day attending meetings with different people including students, investors, his medical colleagues, as well as medical researchers. During the meetings, they discuss a wide range of topics as they share ideas.


Jorge Moll has worked in the medical sector for an extended period, and he has gained skills and knowledge that has helped him help others in the industry. He has had a lot of ideas and to come up with results; he has had plans with a lot a lot of potentials. According to Jorge Moll, technology ha snot affected another sector like education but also the medical industry. Moll is excited with how machines and brains are working together, and even he is interested with how gene and regenerative therapy are working. To be productive one needs to be honest and use their skills. This is according to the neuroscientist; Jorge Moll. Jorge continued to say that scientific innovations are significant, but the path taken by both the industrial and academic sectors hinders innovation.


Jorge Moll continues to work hard to impact the medical sector in Brazil.


The benefits patients will get from the physical medicine practiced by Dr. Dov Rand

On daily bases, patients prefer to be empowered when it comes to taking ownership of the decision based on their health. That’s the reason why they are seeking if they can have providers that will have their practices directed towards the use of the progressive approaches. That’s why patients are being frustrated by doctors that will depend a lot on the prescription medicine, and they are not doing anything in pursuit of a cure. That’s not the case with Dr. Dov Rand, who is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Center and the medical director too.

The work that he does has given him the many accolades from workmates and patients, and he ensures that he is always aware of the updates that have been made by the scientific studies. In the work that he does, he depends so much on the peer-reviewed findings that will have actual evidence, with that then the patients are assured that the treatment they will be getting will be safe. One of the goals that Dr. Dov Rand has is that he will be able to help clients to get the optimum health aging. She plans to achieve that by use of methods that will change the health and vitality, promote the health and for the disease he will combat them.

Dr. Dov Rand will not be able to achieve all this if he does not maintain a lifestyle that is healthy and safe too that’s why he uses the supplements that are of high- quality, eating healthy, and exercising. Those patients that have followed the advice of Dr. Dov Rand and changed their lifestyle too have seen the countless benefits and that have been of assistance in support of clinical treatments. By the use of his practice, he uses the treatment options that are available to gain the breakthroughs. One thing that Dr. Dov Rand focuses on is age management, and he educates the people on the same in conferences that he speaks for annually. Teaching other medical professionals that want to learn about the knowledge that he has in age management through the use of webinar courses.

Mark Mofid: Working Tirelessly to Improve Plastic Surgery Procedures

World-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Mofid is known across the industry of cosmetic surgery for many different reasons, but the most recent reason that Mofid is in the spotlight again, are the innovations that he continues to pursue to create a better and safer plastic surgery industry.

Dr. Mark Mofid earned his medical degree in general and plastic surgery from The John Hopkins University School of Medicine and he has been working tirelessly to make his mark in his field ever since. He is known to his peers as being the surgeon who is always attending conferences to learn new things, always exploring the newest procedures in plastic surgery, and he is constantly looking for ways that his field can be improved. This is what he has recently did with the plastic surgery procedure called gluteal augmentation.

In the past, plastic surgeons have always had problems adequately completing a gluteal augmentation primarily due to the fact that the implants were not compatible with the way that the human muscle structure is laid out. Dr. Mark Mofid decided that it was time to create a new implant that could allow gluteal implants to be safer and the outcome of said implants to yield better results. He collaborated with a Brazilian doctor by the name of Dr. Raul Gonzalez to address the issue. The collaboration resulted in a better gluteal implant that yields more appropriate ratios, better positioning in the intramuscular region, and a lower profile. Just by brainstorming with a colleague and researching, Mofid was able to improve a plastic surgery procedure that had always been known to have its share of problems.

With surgeons, such as Dr. Mark Mofid working to create advances in the field of plastic surgery, the safety of surgeries will improve, as well as the outcomes of procedures that patients want completed. Mofid is known by his patients at his San Diego, California office as a doctor that is committed to safety and wants their well-being protected. This is what makes him such a phenomenal person and doctor.

Jeff Herman Fights For The Rights Of Sexual Abuse Victims


The field of law is quite diverse. There are many paths to choose from when studying and practicing law. As for Jeff Herman, after graduating from law school, he usually represented business entities. However, there came a time when he set out to start representing sexual abuse victims. Over the years, the sexual abuse cases have not been accorded the necessary attention. Nevertheless, Jeff Herman decided to take up the mantle of being the savior of the sexual abuse victims. As shameful as the act may be, Jeff Herman assures the victims who have been violated that they will get the justice that they deserve. Jeff Herman even went ahead and launched Herman Law, a law firm that is mainly geared towards representing sexual abuse victims.


Learn More: Jeff Herman Shares Tips for Parents to Protect Children Against Sexual Abuse


How Herman Law came to being

Two decades ago, precisely 1997, Jeff Herman was approached by a woman whose 4-year old child has been abused sexually. The child’s private parts had been touched by one of the school employees without the child’s consent. As a result, the scenario was termed as a sexual abuse case. Since Jeff Herman’s skill set as a lawyer was quite remarkable, he decided to take up the case. To some point, Jeff Herman was disturbed by the rate at which sexual abuse cases were on the rise. Moreover, these sexual predators were grown people who could differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Because such an act will always breed sorrow in the various families that have been affected, making sure that justice is served always puts a smile on the faces of the multiple families.


More about Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman founded Herman Law with the sole aim of curbing the sexual abuse menace that has been affecting the society for long. Together with his team of lawyers at Herman Law, Jeff Herman is able to dissect each case with precision. By presenting actual facts while in the courtroom, Jeff Herman is always able to come out glorious in every case. Also, whenever he makes sure that each family has been accorded the justice that they deserve, Jeff Herman is always able to stay happy since his dedication makes sure that the society is a better place.


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