Become super human, Enhanced Athlete

Enhanced Athlete, a bodybuilding products  company based in Cheyenne, Wyoming successfully plead its case to the United States District Court of the Eastern District of California. Michael Adams of Rutan and Tucker represented Enhanced Athlete in their court case against Nutrition Distribution. Nutrition Distribution accused the Cheyenne based company of false advertisements. Nutrition Distribution sent several cease and desist letters to Enhanced Athlete as well as letters demanding settlement payments. Nutrition Distribution claimed Enhanced Athlete’s “false advertisements” had a negative impact on their sales, due to the fact they are a “leader” in the product industry. Enhanced Athlete showed Nutrition Distribution used the false pretense of “false advertisements” in order to bait them into paying the settlements payments, which would be cheaper than the potential legal fees. In addition Enhanced Athlete was able to successfully argue that Nutrition Distribution was not able to actual show any negative impact on sales due to the “false advertisement” claims because there is no provable evidence between Nutrition Distribution’s targeted sales projections.


Founded in 2014 by Scott Cavell, Enhanced Athlete based in Sacramento California, is a cutting edge fitness product company. EA is revolutionizing the fitness industry by utilizing proven scientific research that creates solutions to assist in the body’s ability to build muscles. In addition EA offers various fitness products  including fat burners, performance enhancers and athletic apparel. Enhanced Athlete are trailblazers in the field of human evolution research. In conjunction with EA’s sister companies, Enhanced Coaching (EC) and Enhanced Gear (EG), the Enhanced team has created a complete fitness solution. Enhanced Coaching provides a platform to integrate a personalized plan to achieve your specific fitness goals, consisting of a customized workout plan, and customized diet plan. Enhanced Coaching’s fitness experts understands every person’s fitness goals are unique, and so must their plan to achieve their goals. EC offers various packages, Enhanced Pro, Summer Shred, or the EC Starter Pack including personal coaches, each at different price levels. Enhanced Gear offers a wide variety of fitness apparel in a variety of colors, both gender specific clothing and unisex, offering dry fit technological enhanced clothing.