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The Trabuco’s Place In The History Of Warfare

Every kind of modern technology today aims at bringing comfort and convenience to consumers. Time moves fast, and the technological advances are happening at a dizzying rate. People have even forgotten what life was like in the pre-modern technology era.

Were it not for the television and the movie industry, for example; you would not have any idea what the Trabuco looked like.

The weapon operated on the lever principle; anyone who has ever used a catapult has an idea of how it worked.

Ancient Warfare

Extreme violence marked the middle ages. Humans fought a lot, and everyone had to be ready in case an enemy attacked them unexpectedly, as they always did, and plunder their city.

The balanced Trabuco, also known as the Trabuco, was among the most advanced weapons used during those days according to It consisted of a solid base upon which rested a swinging arm that could catapult huge boulders onto and over enemy stone stalls.

Sometimes, dead bodies could be used instead of boulders to cause infections and weaken the enemy. It does seem like biological welfare is not a recent development.



The Chinese men of war were the first people to use the Trabuco. Due to its effectiveness, its use spread to other parts of the world such as Europe and South America, particularly in Brazil according to .

The device used a simple operational mechanism, and soldiers could use it to fling much heavier objects than any comparable weapon of the time. That is probably the reason its popularity grew so fast. Additionally, it was easy to produce and maintain.

Scholars consider the Trabuco to have been one of the most efficient weapons during those days; however, its operating mechanism resulted in considerable energy losses in the form of heat and sound.

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