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Robert Ivy: Polk Noel Lifetime Achievement Award

The Polk Noel Lifetime Achievement Award is a prestigious coveted award many aspire to receive in their career. Robert Ivy, the EVP/Chief Executive Officer at American Institute of Architects, has accomplished just that by being honored by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). The award itself is known to be handed to residents in the state who are artists with works that are extraordinary to say the least.

The recipients of Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award have shown tremendous artistic abilities throughout their career and are extended this great honor showing their appreciation. Only a small amount of local artists have received this award. This includes well known actor Morgan Freeman, Eudora Welty, the late Walter Anderson, signer Leontyne Price and writer Shelby Foote. The president of MIAL, Nancy LaForge, praised Robert Ivy by stating that Ivy is one of a kind and illustrates one of the best architectural artists.

She went on to say that Robert Ivy is in the right place among the honorees as he is highly regarded in the architecture world as a author, writer and commentator. In addition, AIA President, Carl Elefante, FAIA, commends Ivy who has been the CEO of AIA, as an editor and a working architect who is an great ambassador in the overall profession. Robert Ivy, who is from Mississippi, is honored on a level of personal and business accomplishments.

Ivy has a biography that was completed in 2001 called Fay Jones: Architect. The book has a third edition and reveals his exclusive work showing his admiration for Frank Lloyd Wright. The book was mentioned by The Art Library Society of North America for it’s stand out production, scholarship and design. Ivy has shown his excellence in communicating design value as acknowledged by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi. He has also received the same honors for the designation Master Architect along with names like Richard Buckminster Fuller, I.M. Pei and Mies van der Rohe. Ivy is the only architect in the 21st century to be selected. In his fraternity’s 100 year existence, Ivy is among seven other frat brothers to get the Master Architect achievement.

Robert Ivy’s accomplishments also include a 2017 University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture Dean’s Medal. Since his AIA time in 2011, Ivy has grown the presence of the organization on a global scale that includes nearly seven chapters. Two of those areas are located in Canada and China.

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The Elegance of Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan is the owner and founder of Richard Mishaan Design firm, a leading interior design firm across the globe. The company has been present for more than two decades where they have been committed to creating timeless and artistic designs. He is Colombian-born but based in New York. Richard did his studies in architecture at Columbia University and started his career as an apprentice in Philip Johnson’s office. He embraces aesthetic diversity in his work and also relishes debonair synergy between high and low, old and new, subtle and exuberant.



Taste of an Elegant Home



Richard’s dedication to design has made his design highly sought-after. Richard lived in the fifth avenue overlooking the Central Park for 18 years. Together with his wife Marcle Rofle Mishaan, they used to decorate their home. A quick glance at his house would reveal the artistic designs that Richard Mishaan Design firm had incorporated. His wife said that their apartment was like a Lab to Richard; he was always trying new things in the house.



Secret Behind Richard’s Blossoming



Richard Mishaan Design is based on the concept of individualization. Richard works to create an additional context for his clients rather than forcing his context on them. He also incorporates personal art from his friends and associates expertise.



Sold Out to Queen Anne



One of my favorite projects that Richard Mishaan Design has worked is the Queen Anne home located along the New York’s island drive. The home is unique and outstanding. The house is characterized by navy blue and white shades and glass jute accents. The most stupendous artwork in the house is a fiberglass and rubberized paint statue, which was done by a graffiti artist known as KAWS. The house also has a ceramic Swedish stove. Richard Mishaan Design redid the house in 2009.