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Igor Cornelsen Has Played A Major Role In Brazil’s Economy

For a long time, Igor Cornelsen has played a major role in the development of Brazil’s economy. Today, Igor is the founder and director for the company Bainbridge Investment, which calls home to the Bahamas. Being the fifth largest economy on the continent, Brazil is often overlooked when it comes to its investment potential from investors the world over.

It has been one of Igor’s personal goals to change this image of Brazil and teach other investors of the benefits it holds. At his company, Bainbridge, Igor works to help outside investors learn of the success that can be found in Brazil’s economy. Igor has personally helped many investors learn how to navigate through the Brazilian marketplace.

Being born in Brazil, the country is part of him and Igor will do whatever he can to make it a better place. Igor has personally worked with some of the top companies in Brazil as well as around the world, finding successful avenues for creating investment returns.

Igor didn’t take long to get started on his career, finding a job right after graduating from his schooling. As a top performer for his company, Igor Cornelsen was able to climb up to the top of the company within a matter of a few years. At first, he was invited to the Multiblanco board of directors, then he was appointed as the corporations CEO.

As an investment specialist, Igor Cornelsen is experience working in high profile stocks and markets all over the world. At a time, Igor was even working for the largest investment firm in Brazil, Unibanco. Managing millions of dollars for the company, Igor saw the deeper part of investment companies and how they truly worked. After a few years at Unibanco, Igor moved on to working at various banks, including the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank and Libra Bank in London.