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The Mornings for the Founder of Lime Crime

The daily routine for the founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere begins at 8:30 am. She awakens automatically without the use of an alarm after nine hours of sleep. A morning person, she revels in her morning routine. She drinks a full glass of water to start her day off fully hydrated. She notes that staying hydrated is a necessary focus, because Los Angeles, her home is very dry.

She starts the day off with stretches. Her favorite ones are the cat/camel exercises that loosen up her back. After stretching, she likes hot cereal for breakfast, preferably grits. She enjoys eating it in front of her kitchen window, where she begins planning her day. Oranges grow in her yard, so she’ll enjoy a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice as well as some yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast on many days.

Always the business woman, Doe Deere checks her phone calendar first thing in the morning. She keeps communication lines open with her company’s teammates through the internal company chat, so she’s aware of business matters at all times. Admittedly, she also checks Instagram and email throughout the day, preferably not in the morning.

Before she gets ready for the day, she likes to have music playing. Right now, she’s been obsessed with the Beatles. While listening to the vinyl recording of Abby Road, she does her makeup. She loves washing her face with Glossier face wash, because it smells like roses. Next, she moisturizes her face with Murad ‘Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence’. She begins by applying L’Oréal’s True Match Foundation, followed by MAC’s ‘Studio Fix’ to remove the shininess. Finally, she sets the makeup with loose powder.

After filling in her eyebrow with pencil, she applies pink or red blush to her cheeks and then does her lips. Her favorite lip colors are Lime Crime’s Rustic, Red Velvet and Pink Velvet. These bright splashes of color bring life to her face and are the part of applying makeup she loves most.

She showers at night, preferring to start the day with dry hair. Using a curling wand, she adds her shiny waves that set off her long purple hair. Before she heads off to work, she spends a few minutes with her two Persian cats, Puffy Fluffles and Chester Von Battingham. She enjoys petting and kissing them as well as making sure they live a royal existence in her home.

From there, she starts her workday at the office around noon and works straight through till six or much later, if needed. She’ll work until midnight if it’s necessary. Doe Deere starts her day focused and ends it the same way. That’s how she has gotten Lime Crime off to such a great start.

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Doe Deere and her Cosmetic Symphony

Her passion for her cosmetics is seconded only by her love of self-expression. Doe seeks to emphasize the use of cosmetics as a form of personal freedom. She entertains the concept of using cosmetics not only to accentuate your features, but also to put a piece of yourself out there for the world to experience. In line with her message of self-love, her own independent successes inspire her to heavily support other women-owned businesses. Everything about her screams positivity.

Ms. Deere is endlessly thankful for her success and customers. One of her only regrets regarding her business is not starting sooner. That goes to say that if you really want something, getting started on it is the only way to make it happen. She prides herself on her own intuition – something she greatly encourages other aspiring entrepreneurs to do so. Practicing what she teaches, Doe makes a point to treat all her contacts with the utmost respect and love and explicitly advises others to do the same. All she wants to do is lift others up.

They seek to revolutionize the cosmetics industry – not only in concept, but also with their fresh internet-based system. Much like the creator, the brand is meant to be a form of cosmetics that allows the wearer to tie something as personal as their own mood into makeup. Her vision is solidified by their bright, popping products – each one animal-cruelty free. They perfectly encompass everything Doe stands for with their eye-catching and unique nature.

In addition to their color revolution, Lime Crime began as one of the first cosmetic brands solely based on the internet. Ms. Deere’s creative mind allowed her to go where no cosmetic industry had gone before. Doe challenged the notion that women had to buy their lipstick over the counter. They became pioneers of their niche, innovating not only the e-commerce aspect of their business, but also how they marketed and displayed their products. In all aspects, Lime Crime is filled with innovations and innovators.

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Following Instruction Is Vital To Success Using Wen By Chaz

The Wen By Chaz hair care line offers a range of products offering major advances for those hoping to reap the benefits of cutting down on the time and effort it takes to complete any hair regimen on a daily basis. Like all brands the guidelines on the bottle that acts as a single product designed to allow the user to cut the number of bottles taken into the shower at any time; all hair types are covered by the QVC advertised brand that even provides protection during the drying and straightening procedures.

Wen hair by Chaz has been reviewed by those who have looked to use it for a prolonged period of time and seen the amazing results that can be obtained, like all new products a small period of trial and error can be undertaken to get the best results for the individual type of hair the individual has. The fig cleansing conditioner allows the individual to ensure an extra level of shine and bounce that is difficult to match on a daily basis without more regular trips to the hairdresser.

Wen by Chaz is the brainchild of celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean, who began his career in photography before finding his true passion in hair styling and cutting. Chaz realized a long held dream with the release of his Chaz Dean Hair care products that are created in a lab at his own studio where his A-list clients are styled by the well known hair specialist.

Wen by Chaz offers a range of different products on Guthy-Renker that have all been developed to offer around five benefits that make everyday preparations a breeze for users to complete.