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Jeff Aronin Sees the Unsolvable With Paragon Biosciences

Paragon Biosciences is a biotechnology network of like-minded companies all dedicated to the same goal. Develop new forms of treatment for rare diseases, diseases that currently have no formal method of treatment. Each individual company carries out its own brand of research, following the leadership of its own management. They all operate under the umbrella that is Paragon, an umbrella held firmly in the hand of CEO Jeff Aronin. Aronin is an innovator, entrepreneur, and passionate philanthropist. His philanthropy is mixed with his entrepreneurial spirit as his companies always seek to better the world around them.


A veteran of twenty years in the bioscience field Aronin has worked tirelessly to support those without any at all. His funding of innovative companies creates new treatments that revolutionize the medical field. The therapies created provide relief, work to discover cure, and give practitioners something to do other than shrug. For patients suffering from rare afflictions the work ethic of Paragon is a welcome hope.


Paragon’s network puts the patient first, working to develop relationships with all they support. For Paragon patients are more than numbers, their work far more personal. In this way the company is always seeking to find the best ways to provide aid. Ways bereft of harmful side effects, or treatment that damages more than the disease. They want to create a remedy that works, and that actually helps without hindrance. But time is a factor.


Patients suffering from rare disease need treatments fast. The need for quick turnaround is very real, but Paragon cuts no corners. They work tirelessly to improve the medical field as a whole, and push the boundaries of what can be done.


Jeff Aronin is one of many entrepreneurs who invest in start up companies within the medical field. It is a way of giving back that can have lasting effects on generations to come and seeks to benefit the whole world. Aronin is also driven by curiosity, to go where no one else has gone, and find answers no one has found.