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AvaTrade, the Best Broker Based on Consumer Reviews

AvaTrade is one of the best online forex brokers you can find on the planet. The company, since its inception in 2006, has become a beacon of hope to all traders, new or old, who want to change their lives for the better.

So magnificent has the broker become that he now commands a global market presence. The corporation, since its establishment, has opened up new branches in Ireland, Japan, Australia, and the British Virgin Islands, all in line with the institution’s agenda of becoming an international broker.

One factor that has contributed to AvaTrade’s success is its ability to offer consumers with products that convert. The organization has, for instance, thrived on providing clients with products that are highly compatible with IOS and Android devices.

AvaTrade has gone the extra mile of integrating quite a handful of software in its operations hence the ease of use. Automated trading software in use today includes API Trading, the MQL5 Signal Service, ZuluTrade, Mirror Trader, and RoboX.

As you can recall, beginners and veterans are always welcome at AvaTrade. The platform operates standard and demo accounts, both of which nurture talent. The demo account is a beginner’s best friend as it helps you hone your skills until you are ready to enroll for a standard account.

The standard account, on the other hand, requires you to make a minimum deposit of a hundred dollars, a trivial amount if you may ask given the reward that comes thereafter. Muslims, too, have a place at AvaTrade. The institution has since its inception accommodated traders from the Islamic community through its swap-free accounts. In short, AvaTrade offers equal opportunity to everyone.

Another factor that separates AvaTrade from the rest of the crowd is its ability to offer users with promos and bonuses. New brokers, for instance, have the opportunity of receiving a bonus of up to fourteen thousand dollars, a significant win for someone just getting into the business.

Finally, you are able to deal with all manner of currency imaginable. Like I said, AvaTrade is not your average forex broker. It is a company that goes overboard to bring you the best.

Hussain Sajwani Sees a Limitless Future

The Founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani, has earned the reputation as one of the most globally influential Arabs in the world. Since launching the global property development company, its prominence has risen exponentially, and today, DAMAC Properties is responsible for having delivered over 17,000 homes, with its footprint extending throughout cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Jeddah, and London. As a graduate of The University of Washington, Mr. Sajwani created his first venture in the world of entrepreneurship, with the creation of a catering service, that is currently known as Global Logistics Services, which serves in excess of 150,000 meals daily. In a recent Q & A session, Mr. Sajwani sat down to discuss the successes that he’s achieved throughout his career, as well the practices that keep him motivated even after such a fruitful run.

The idea for DAMAC Properties was created in Hussain Sajwani’s youth, as he often spent his after-school hours assisting his father with his own entrepreneurial endeavors. He cites this period in his life as the point when his passion for entrepreneurship was first sparked. While attending The University of Washington, Mr. Sajwani began selling time-share apartments, and he would eventually use the monies raised to strike out on his own, after spending two years working for Abu Dhabi Gas Industries in the financial sector. Respected for his forward-thought, as well as his ability to consistently bring his visions to life, he often looks to the future, imagining the state of Dubai in the next twenty years, as a primary asset for completion. He combines this school of thought with the ability to diminish any fear of failure, understanding that he is a product of, both his successes and his losses.

Social media, as well as digital marketing, are two trends that have really generated significant interest in the mind of Hussain Sajwani. Looking at how the platform has evolved since its inception in the early 2000’s, there is now a landscape that allows for constant communication between businesses and their audiences, which in turn, makes the potential for growth, virtually unlimited.

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Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Recent Press Release

Hussain Sajwani, the CEO, and owner of DAMAC Properties, has announced that they will be launching their newest luxury construction in Business Bay, Reva Corporation. They will be offering exceptional one and two-bedroom apartments that will give a magnificent view of the Dubai canal.


DAMAC’s Accomplishments

DAMAC Properties has a reputation for coming up with luxury properties, and they have been able to deliver more than 20,230 units with a portfolio of more than 44,000 units at different planning and progress stages. Hussain Sajwani has partnered with some highly reputable lifestyle and fashion brands to help create new living concepts.


Reva Residences

Reva Residences will bring exclusive and one-of-a-kind canal views and comes with a 24-hour caretaker and high-class facilities. They are affordable and have a homely concept right in the middle of Dubai. A one bedroom apartment will go for AED 699,000 and customers were given full details about this development during an entire-day sales event that took place on 27 January of this year. The event took place at the Godolphin Ballroom.


Amenities Offered

With the Business Bay becoming the center of business, leisure, and entertainment in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani promises that Reva Residences will deliver nothing but the same. Most of this is already evident as the properties come with classy interiors and amazing views. This was also seconded by the DAMAC Properties senior VP Niall McLoughlin. They will offer modernity for any person wishing to live right in the center of Dubai.


The residences are on the southern side of Business Bay where they offer great views. This area is highly sought-after by many people wishing to live in Dubai. Here, tenants will enjoy fine dining, entertainment, and great shopping choices that can be accessed by foot. Children will also enjoy playing in the parks and waterside paths. There are also big designer stores in the world’s biggest shopping mall right next to these residences.


Hussain Sajwani has overseen numerous luxury developments come up, and he believes that this one will definitely remain on the list of their best ones yet. Tenants will have the pleasure of beautiful landscapes; children’s play area, heated swimming pools, gym, sauna rooms, and an outdoor yard, among other irresistible amenities. The payment plans for Reva Residence are irresistible. Buyers can make a 1% monthly payment plans and around 45% balance when they complete the payments.

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