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Mark Mofid: Working Tirelessly to Improve Plastic Surgery Procedures

World-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Mofid is known across the industry of cosmetic surgery for many different reasons, but the most recent reason that Mofid is in the spotlight again, are the innovations that he continues to pursue to create a better and safer plastic surgery industry.

Dr. Mark Mofid earned his medical degree in general and plastic surgery from The John Hopkins University School of Medicine and he has been working tirelessly to make his mark in his field ever since. He is known to his peers as being the surgeon who is always attending conferences to learn new things, always exploring the newest procedures in plastic surgery, and he is constantly looking for ways that his field can be improved. This is what he has recently did with the plastic surgery procedure called gluteal augmentation.

In the past, plastic surgeons have always had problems adequately completing a gluteal augmentation primarily due to the fact that the implants were not compatible with the way that the human muscle structure is laid out. Dr. Mark Mofid decided that it was time to create a new implant that could allow gluteal implants to be safer and the outcome of said implants to yield better results. He collaborated with a Brazilian doctor by the name of Dr. Raul Gonzalez to address the issue. The collaboration resulted in a better gluteal implant that yields more appropriate ratios, better positioning in the intramuscular region, and a lower profile. Just by brainstorming with a colleague and researching, Mofid was able to improve a plastic surgery procedure that had always been known to have its share of problems.

With surgeons, such as Dr. Mark Mofid working to create advances in the field of plastic surgery, the safety of surgeries will improve, as well as the outcomes of procedures that patients want completed. Mofid is known by his patients at his San Diego, California office as a doctor that is committed to safety and wants their well-being protected. This is what makes him such a phenomenal person and doctor.

Robert Ivy: Polk Noel Lifetime Achievement Award

The Polk Noel Lifetime Achievement Award is a prestigious coveted award many aspire to receive in their career. Robert Ivy, the EVP/Chief Executive Officer at American Institute of Architects, has accomplished just that by being honored by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). The award itself is known to be handed to residents in the state who are artists with works that are extraordinary to say the least.

The recipients of Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award have shown tremendous artistic abilities throughout their career and are extended this great honor showing their appreciation. Only a small amount of local artists have received this award. This includes well known actor Morgan Freeman, Eudora Welty, the late Walter Anderson, signer Leontyne Price and writer Shelby Foote. The president of MIAL, Nancy LaForge, praised Robert Ivy by stating that Ivy is one of a kind and illustrates one of the best architectural artists.

She went on to say that Robert Ivy is in the right place among the honorees as he is highly regarded in the architecture world as a author, writer and commentator. In addition, AIA President, Carl Elefante, FAIA, commends Ivy who has been the CEO of AIA, as an editor and a working architect who is an great ambassador in the overall profession. Robert Ivy, who is from Mississippi, is honored on a level of personal and business accomplishments.

Ivy has a biography that was completed in 2001 called Fay Jones: Architect. The book has a third edition and reveals his exclusive work showing his admiration for Frank Lloyd Wright. The book was mentioned by The Art Library Society of North America for it’s stand out production, scholarship and design. Ivy has shown his excellence in communicating design value as acknowledged by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi. He has also received the same honors for the designation Master Architect along with names like Richard Buckminster Fuller, I.M. Pei and Mies van der Rohe. Ivy is the only architect in the 21st century to be selected. In his fraternity’s 100 year existence, Ivy is among seven other frat brothers to get the Master Architect achievement.

Robert Ivy’s accomplishments also include a 2017 University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture Dean’s Medal. Since his AIA time in 2011, Ivy has grown the presence of the organization on a global scale that includes nearly seven chapters. Two of those areas are located in Canada and China.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Pension Reforms Are Important For The Good Of The Country

Brazil has one of the strongest economies in Latin America. Brazil is among the countries with the fastest growing populations with the majority of the people lying in the middle age. The Brazilian economy even grows further in the next few years if it were not for the generous pensions that the government is giving Brazilian workers.

As it stands, the current Brazilian pension scheme is among the most generous in the world. It even surpasses that of Greece. Under the current pension system, Brazilian workers can retire as soon as they clock 50 years on full pension. Currently, the Brazilian federal government spends at least 2 percent of the country’s GDP on paying pension to the retirees. Experts estimate that by 2030, the Brazilian government could be spending the entire budget on pay pensions for its workers if reforms are not done immediately.

Efforts to reform the Brazilian pension scheme
After the current Brazilian President, Michel Termer took over after his predecessor was impeached, it seemed like he would finally save the Brazilian economy from collapsing according to However, his efforts to bring the pension reforms hit the wall when corruption allegations were labeled against him. The passing of the proposed pension reforms bill was postponed for the Congress to determine whether the president should be tried for corruption.

Impediments to the proposed pension reforms bill
The proposed bill has been subjected to the cat and mouse game between the executive and legislature from the early last year. Initially, President Michel Termer introduced a tough version of the pension reform bill but it failed to garner the required votes in Congress to be passed into law. The legislators feared that the proposed pension reforms bill would rub Brazilians the wrong way hence hamper their chances of re-election later this year.

The proposed bill also sparked a series of protests in the country with many people opposing the passing of the bill into law. The protestors outside the modernist congress building were lamenting that the proposed pension bill would subject them to work longer before they can receive their pension.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco shares his expert opinion
While speaking to the journalists during the Brazilian Carnival, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, a respected Brazilian banker expressed his support for the proposed bill. Luiz Carlos Trabuco who has been working in the Brazilian banking industry since 1969 noted that the pension reforms would help the government in managing the runaway budget.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco serves in the second largest private bank in Brazil as the chairman. Luiz has a wealth of experience in the Brazilian banking industry spanning over five decades. He joined Banco Bradesco in 1969 as a mere intern and climbed the leadership ladder to become the banks President and then Chairman.

His current roles as the chairman of Bradesco include overseeing and guiding the executive whenever they need his counsel. Although Luiz Carlos Trabuco is deeply engulfed in the private sector, he doesn’t shy away from commenting on issues in the public domain. Banco Bradesco, the bank that he leads plays a vital role in the Brazilian economy.

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Gregory Aziz; the businessman behind National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the current Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. National Steel Car is a track-shipping automobile manufacturing enterprise based in Hamilton, Ontario. It’s one of the world’s leading establishments in this sector. The company has over a century of success in its activities, and a made a reputation for itself since its establishment in 1912.


Greg Aziz is a 69-year-old businessman who is originally from London. He studied at the college of Ridley and later the Western Ontario University where he took a course in economics. He first broke into the corporate world working at his family’s comprehensive food industry in 1971 which grew to become an international provider of garden-fresh foods from the continents on South and Central America and Europe and a major distributor in the United States within less than two decades of its existence. He also worked on multiple New York stock banking prospects during his late thirties. Dofasco sold National Steel Car to Aziz in the year 1994. Greg’s vision for the company was to build it into North America’s chief rail freight producer.

Living up to his vision, Gregory J Aziz has led the company to great heights. Just five years after the purchase, the company had already expanded its manufacturing from thirteen thousand five hundred to a good twelve thousand cars per year. He also increased the number of company employees from a mere six hundred to three thousand. Owing to his perfectionist nature, Greg Aziz has led the company to multiple successes in its engineering and manufacturing. With a production of thousands of track shipping cars each year and always developing new car inventions, National Steel Car has held the honor of being the single-track freight car production and engineering firm with an ISO certification for 18 years in a row.

Under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, National Steel Car has also taken part in philanthropic endeavors. The company has shown an active commitment to building the Hamilton, Ontario community which it considers its home. It has sponsored several local charities like the United Way, Aquarius Theatre, Hamilton Opera and the Salvation Army, just to mention a few.

Aziz is not just a shrewd businessman in the technical world, but he also recognizes the agricultural sector and is a lover of festivities. In collaboration with his wife Irene, Aziz sponsors the Noble Agricultural Twilight Fair that is the country’s supreme bulbous agronomic fair. See This Page to learn more.

Transformation Made by Gregory Aziz as the President of the National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is among the respected business people in the North America region. Currently, he operates as the president of the National Steel Car. The company handles the matters related to the car freight manufacturing. The leadership of Aziz has restored the glory of the company that had been lost from the years back. Presently the company has dominated the market of North America with its quality products.


Gregory J Aziz was born in the city of London and grew up in the same environment. The surroundings that he was raised up from instilled him with the great ideas of spotting the opportunity and transforming it into the business. He then joined the Ridley College and later concentrated in the field of economic in degree level at University of Western Ontario. In 1971, he demonstrated his passion in the segment of management after joining the family business called Affiliated Foods.

He played a central role as the assistant in the company. Aziz commitment to the great ideas of the firm made him attained the high level of management. He then put the business on the map of the world after marking it among the top importers of the fresh foods from different parts of the Europe and South America. Additionally, he extended the sales of the company’s products to the clients in Canada and United States.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, he decided to invest in the banking sector in parts of the New York. The moves propelled him to a new level of purchasing the National Steel Car from its previous owner Dofasco. The primary objective of the Gregory Aziz was to bring back the company to the position where it was in the market before. Greg set up the goals and involved various experts in every decision he was taking in the firm. Greg Aziz put his concept into practices as a leader of the National Steel Car and made it occupy the peak of the railroad freight Car company in the market.

The emphasis of the Gregory Aziz to the operations of the company was on the quality of the services to the clients. He attained the step by making the company acquired the accreditation of the ISO as the only railroad and freight registered in the areas. Currently, he has expanded the business by a large margin and recruit additional of not less than 900 new employees who are trained in various fields. Get More Information Here.


Gregory Aziz has also introduced the programs which are beneficial to the society through the name of the National Steel Car who intention of boosting the company’s reputation.


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