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Neuroscientist – Jorge Moll

He wanted to be a medical doctor ever since he was young, and his primary reason was to be a helping hand to his community in Brazil. After his high school he joined Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and graduated with a Masters Degree in Medicine Jorge Moll is a neurologist by professional and he knows the importance of being a neuroscientist that is why he had to complete his residency in neurology. Medicine is his passion, and he wanted to gain more knowledge and skills in the field after his residency he joined Sao Paulo University for his Ph.D. in Experienced Pathology. Jorge Moll is an essential figure in the medical community in Brazil.


His love for medicine also came with Care for people. Mr. Jorge has always wanted to help people who are affected by adverse medical conditions. Jorge Moll is the President and the founder of D’or Institute of Research and Education. Dr. Moll wanted to create a world-class medical research organization in his home country. The medical expert always has a busy day, and he starts his day attending meetings with different people including students, investors, his medical colleagues, as well as medical researchers. During the meetings, they discuss a wide range of topics as they share ideas.


Jorge Moll has worked in the medical sector for an extended period, and he has gained skills and knowledge that has helped him help others in the industry. He has had a lot of ideas and to come up with results; he has had plans with a lot a lot of potentials. According to Jorge Moll, technology ha snot affected another sector like education but also the medical industry. Moll is excited with how machines and brains are working together, and even he is interested with how gene and regenerative therapy are working. To be productive one needs to be honest and use their skills. This is according to the neuroscientist; Jorge Moll. Jorge continued to say that scientific innovations are significant, but the path taken by both the industrial and academic sectors hinders innovation.


Jorge Moll continues to work hard to impact the medical sector in Brazil.