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Fabletics, A Fresh Face for Fashion and Fitness

Fabletics, the new “gold standard” for athleisure in the fitness and fashion industry, has poised itself for much success. Kate Hudson has been publicly promoting the brand, and for good reason. She was able to take the small athleisure company and turn it into a $250 million giant. Hudson had been selected to represent the company for her great attitude, and dedication to fitness. Not only did Hudson bring her great fitness and fashion sense, she also has been involved in many business decisions.


Fabletics is not only a pioneer in the athleisure fashion category, but also in the way they market their product. Everyone who sells online is in a competition with the giant “A,” more commonly known as Having more than three-quarters of the market in the online apparel business, Fabletics was smart in deciding to use the “reverse showroom” technique. This incorporates not only the online aspect, but also a retail component as well. While the online sector is the primary mode of business, the retail support can win over more customers and keep current customers happy with the company. This marketing technique allows those who would like to preview and buy select items in person, the opportunity to do so. Customers are also able to handle customer service matters in person.


Fabletics has been so successful, it’s attracted Demi Lovato to start her own line of clothing as well. Liking what the company stands for, Lovato is proud to represent all women on behalf of Fabletics, as she’s stated publicly. The website has many other lines under the Fabletics company umbrella. Shoes, men’s apparel, plus sizes, and kids clothing lines are just a few examples of the huge selection available online.


To get started with Fabletics is simple. It’s as easy as taking a lifestyle quiz online, which takes just a few minutes. This measures your fashion preferences, fitness routines, and daily activities, to suggest what athleisure would work best for you. If you choose a membership, you’ll save time and money by receiving new athleisure each month at your doorstep. The option to purchase other items is also available to members at a discount. The website also offers many great tips on things like staying healthy, cooking, and the newest top fashion picks by Kate Hudson. Get started on the road to being healthy, fashionable, and comfortable with Fabletics. Visit to take the lifestyle quiz today!