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The Oxford Club Continues to Impress

With the rise of the digital age we are constantly being inundated with new information and new ways to approach problems and while that can have some benefits some companies, such as The Oxford Club, can recognize and identify new trends while remaining true to their time-tested philosophies. At over 80,000 members spread out throughout 100+ countries The Oxford Club, a consortium of trusted financial investors and entrepreneurs, has been around since 1989 and the reason they have been so successful is their insistence on sticking to a simple, basic philosophy: “To help our members growth, and protect their wealth.” In addition to this basic philosophy The Oxford Club maintains four rules that they reference when they are building an investment portfolio:

1. A well-balanced investment diet
2. Always have an exit strategy
3. Size matters and
4. Cut down investment costs

These four simple rules have proven to be a guiding light throughout The Oxford Club’s successful history so far.

Investing money can be a daunting task, but luckily The Oxford Club is there to help their members every step of the way. Part of what separates The Oxford Club from other financial groups is their low investment expenses (just 0.3% annually) which allow members to hold onto more of the money their portfolio has earned. In addition to their low investment expenses, they offer a position-sizing formula to determine exactly how much stock you should be investing in a certain company — because in the stock market, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” As The Oxford Club approaches nearly 30 years of investing they offer perspective members the best plans on the market, and are always careful to never rush into investments.


The trouble with the digital age is that we are so constantly barraged with information it is hard to figure out what is fact and what is fiction, this is especially true in the financial sector. Luckily for us, however, there are companies such as The Oxford Club that have made a name for themselves by having the ability to cut through the proverbial noise and use their proven methods to deliver excellent outcomes for all of their members.

DCG Software Value Merges with The Spitfire Group under Guidance of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an investment bank founded in 2005. Services offered by MSC target the middle market investments featuring a variety of financial services that include business valuation, advice on financial reporting and corporate information. With the understanding of every client uniqueness and demands, the firm undertakes an extensive study of enterprises to provide with an accurate picture of the current state of affairs and the future projections. Equipped with this knowledge clients get the best opportunity to make realistic choices to grow their businesses. MSC operates on undisputed commitment to offer quality leadership, excellent services and ensure the success of clients. The Madison Street Capital reputation indicates that it provides a platform that is beneficial to both the company and the client’s hence maintaining trust and lead in the industry.


During the event to announce the merger of Software Value and The Spitfire Group, Charles Botchway the CEO of Madison Street Capital noted that both companies operated under experienced teams. With both companies being leaders in business IT industry, he further pointed out that it was an excellent opportunity to work out the merger. Regarding the merger, MSC provided detail analysis of both companies that provided the platform for the formation of the alliance. Jay Rodgers of MSC led the transaction in which both Mike Harris the CEO of DCG Software Value and Mark Richtermeyer the CEO of Spitfire respective company teams. In his words, Mike Harris commended the excellent work by MSC and expressed that the new formation will work together with MSC team to seek out more ways to expand the business.


DCG Software Value provides software analytics solutions, quality management software and Agile support services to businesses from around the globe. Since 1994, DCG products have been used by companies to improve on decision-making and manage resources. The company has its corporate offices in Malvern, the US and as well runs another in the UK for its European market.


The Spitfire Group offers business and technology consultancy services. They offer packages tailored to align the objectives of the individual client and the technological needs. The company utilizes a “multiplier concept” that is run by its team of employees. The concept aims at improving the performance of the client’s employees with the technology in place. Its operations include assessment of the technology architecture in place, customization of structure to fit business needs and integration of different systems for better performance. The company embraces the use of modern and current technology to help resolve different business needs of its clients.

Madison Street Capital Boasts a Stellar Reputation

Madison Street Capital is a universal investment banking company. It has a great reputation for its excellence, integrity, and leadership in delivering financial advisory services to both publicly and privately held businesses. The capital firm understands the time sensitive nature of its clients hence responds quickly to their needs. The firm’s approach has created many worthy financial transactions that benefit both corporate and investors.


The company is equipped with experience and knowledge matching buyers and sellers together with appropriate financing and capitalization structures to its waiting clients. For Madison Street Capital, the methodology it applies reflects expertise and substantial experience in corporate finance.


The firm also offers services such as acquisitions, mergers, due diligence, specialized financing, deal structuring, market pricing and implementation design of exit strategies.


Madison Street Capital has a wide understanding and experience in corporate financing and governance. These are the main reason why many clients prefer to deal with the firm. The firm has regional offices in North Africa, Africa, and Asia that help it satisfy its customer’s needs and succeed in all its undertakings. The company has adopted a global network type of business relations. Madison Street Capital reputation in listening to their clients cannot be matched by any other financial institution.


Tom Staniforth who is the president of renegade Industrial credits Madison Street Capital to being a pivotal company in closing timely deals. As the financial market keep revolving, it is important to keep up with recent developments on real-time basis. This task is best done with the best investment banking firm with certified professionals at its disposal. Having a trusted investment partner in crucial time can help close a timely deal.


Reputation is everything in the financial market and Madison Street Capital has the best. The list of clients working with the firm is long. The main reason these clients choose the investment banking company is that it has knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy professionals and investors mutually working together.


With a highly rated staff at hand, it is almost certain that profits are there for the taking. The success of Madison Street Capital is largely attributable to its staff, which is composed of broad understanding professionals with a wealth of expertise in the financial realm.


It aims to keep improving on that impressive record in the coming years. Corporate firms and businesses that want to enjoy success will go for the best investment firm.


Inspiring Financial Goals with Jim Hunt



Jim Hunt is a financial advisor and expert. He has much experience in his industry. Therefore, he has been able to explore his skills in helping people who want to have good investments and also nurtured upcoming entrepreneurs. He is a former employee of a big bank, he decided to venture into entrepreneurship with the goal of helping others after realizing how bad customers were treated in a bank due to the bank focusing on their profits.

Jim Hunt is the CEO of VTA Publications, the company was founded in the year 2012.VTA Publications is all about providing financial courses and any other economic related course online to boost the development of business and investment. The company also outlines accomplished stories so that they can encourage others to be like them. Furthermore, VTA Publications is a center for various inspiring seminars.


As an advisor of VTA Publications, Jim Hunt is known for making progressive stock trades in the wide range market. He is famous due to his YouTube account where he displays and outlines information about his opinion on trades in the stock market, he shares this knowledge on his view on investment. He is an extraordinary financial advisor because he spends most of his capital on predicting and analyzing different stocks.


Hunt believes in his predictions when it comes to stock market and undoubtedly most of his predictions are true. VTA Publications has successful stories on planning well when you want to invest. The company has developed a wide platform of such stories also boost its network therefore changing the lives of many people.


Recently Jim Hunt’s latest production on YouTube is about making mum a a trader, Jim Hunt says that this initiative has ten steps, which he continues to showcase in his YouTube is based on a starting point of investing a thousand pounds and expanding it to a tenfold investment.    Read more about what makes Jim tick in his Ideamensch interview here: