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Immediate gratification is a strong motivator for a gamer who is in the middle of gameplay—feeling irritated with the look of a particular skin.

However, doing something about that issue, in the stream of the moment, has not been a secure election because skin trading, buying, and selling has often been marked by duplicity; therefore, a vacuum has been taking up space in the decision-making process.

The P2P business, rampant with fraud and swindles that leave buyers with delivery issues and sometimes-incomplete assets, along with sellers often coming up short on proceeds from sales, was ripe with opportunity. Therefore, it is straightforward to grasp the breakthrough that landed with the 2015 launch of OPSKins—a centralized, online trading platform in the gaming industry marketplace—and the vacuum was filled!

Whether doing business with other gamers or directly with OPSkins, buying and selling video game virtual items have since grown exponentially in the centralized platform arena.

Emerging from the old, fragmented arena, where frustration often dominated the scene of action, into a profoundly dependable arena—a gamer in Africa can now instantly do business with a gamer in the U.S. or elsewhere without ever leaving their screen.

As OPSkins progressed, the subsequent move to a decentralized platform became obvious and the Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) was hereditary.

With this in mind at The World’s Blockchain Forum in London, Malcolm CasSelle, CIO of OPSkins and president of Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), explained, “WAX, by contrast to OPSkins, is a decentralized platform having all of the power of OPSkins but with massive growth potential.”

Furthermore, CasSelle went on to clarify that centralized technology has limitations not relative to an autonomous, decentralized platform for virtualized assets—meaning that a decentralized marketplace has exponential growth opportunities when exempted from centralized restraints.

In addition, WAX not only has all the power of the centralized exchange with regard to escrow, fraud prevention and the like–it is instantaneous, and it has this ability using WAX Tokens–hence there are very few fees involved and players don’t have to be concerned about chargeback.

WAX also has an innovative blockchain platform that is providing gamers a whole-new-world in which to play safe and secure.

The WAX blockchain widget is unique and easy to use, sanctioning uninterrupted, contiguous, quandary-free trading between players because it is “powered by its Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm,” which is peerless.

Structurally, WAX DPOS has a community mindset and operates much like a democracy whereby users can vote for confirming nodes, called “Guilds.” Originally, there were 64 Guilds ranked by the number of votes it received and weighed by the individual game(s) it supports. The DPOS ecosystem works well because of the crowd.

Unprecedented in the virtual asset market—or anywhere else–Malcolm CasSelle’s amalgamation of the particular segments required to launch the extraordinary platform called The Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), has turned the consignment-based marketplace upside down and has “ignited the world of cryptocurrency into the mainstream” of the virtual marketplace.

CasSelle’s history of pioneering innovative as-yet undiscovered need, has consistently positioned him on a fast-moving track with a record of exposing superior solutions to contemporary requirements. He seems to be persistently in the right place at the right time revealing unique, groundbreaking concepts.

This time is no exception, and excitement prevails as WAX reports millions of registered users and growing by more than 200 million new users every month—not to mention that there are over 2 billion tokens already sold at this time. WAX is a shooting star without a limited destination! END

SteelSeries and NewsWatch TV Make an Excellent Team in a Recent Review

NewsWatch TV is a game changer in the technology reviews industry. Their professional videos and easy to watch television series has consumers raving. Recently SteelSeries weighed in on their experience with NewsWatch TV when Senior Director of Marketing, Tori Pugliese, commented on the positive experience they had working with the NewsWatch team. The review can be found on NewsWatch’s website at Pugliese explains that not only was the entire NewsWatch team the epitome of professionalism, but they understood how public relations work for big companies like SteelSeries. They created an environment where SteelSeries could adequately market their products through accurate and thorough reviews. Pugliese explains that in a lot of ways it felt like they were speaking the same language, and then NewsWatch was able to turn around and translate that information into something that consumers could understand and get value from.

With more than 1,000 episodes on AMC and ION under their belt, NewsWatch TV has become a leader in technology reviews. Celebrities such as Carrie Underwood, Ted Danson, and Brooklyn Decker have all appeared on the television show. While they are skilled technology consultants, the NewsWatch team is also well versed in fashion, health, tourism, and medical breakthroughs. They take time to cover a variety of products and news throughout the 30-minute program.

Another place that viewers can find information is from This website allows them to get their information on multiple platforms so that they don’t miss a thing. They will find information on organizations and companies such as GoodYear, Ford, the American Heart Association, and even the Discovery Channel. This ensures that NewsWatch will remain a well-rounded source for all their informational needs. With a strong sense of partnership and a commitment to their viewers, it is certain that NewsWatch will continue to provide excellent programming in the future.

First New Oil Well in 80 Years Means Success for Talos Energy and a Brighter Future for Mexico

In a new joint venture between Premier oil of London, UK, Talos Energy LLC of Houston, TX, USA, and Sierra Oil & Gas of Mexico, the first offshore oil well to be sunk in Mexican waters by a privately held company has been opened. On May 21, 2017 Drilling began with the well, which is the first exploration of offshore reserves in Mexican waters to be undertaken by anyone other than the state owned Petroleos Mexicanos in more than 80 years. Since the country nationalized the oil industry in 1938, oil drilling and exploration for new reserves have been activities which have been held very close to the vest by the country’s government.

The energy reform, which has made this bold new step possible has been a long and hard-fought process, but one that which the country had no choice but to engage in since the oil industry in its previous form was failing fast. Now, however, that the waters have been opened up, and the first non-Pemex well is underway a new day is set to dawn for Mexico and its energy partners. The drilling process will take up to ninety days, and will cost an estimated $16M US.

The new well is located off the coast of the state of Tabasco, and may hold up to half a billion barrels of crude oil. The rights to drill the well, and extract the oil were won by the triple company consortium in 2015, in the first round of bidding. It was considered at the time, and still today to be a huge boon for all three entities. Talos will be the actual operator of the well, and will hold a 35% stake in the venture as it proceeds, the remaining percentage is split between 40% for Sierra, and 25% for Premier.

Talos Energy LLC is a company which focuses on the exploration and acquisition of oil and natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico and gulf coast region. Talos is an upstream company backed by investment funds primarily supplied from Apollo Global management, LLC, as well as Riverstone Holdings LLC, and Talos Management Group. The company was founded in 2012, and has quickly risen to be one of the premier upstream companies in the sector. The company has recently been in negotiations to acquire the gulf properties owned by Stone Energy as well as expanding their own property holdings, which currently encompass more than 10.2 million acres of Seismic inventory.

The new well will increase the economic footing of Talos even further, and in partnership with Sierra and Premier, the joint venture is set to be one of the most profitable oil and natural gas endeavors ever.