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Marc Sparks’ Early Life and Success Path

Early life and career

Marc Sparks is a US-based businessman, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Currently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Timber Creek Capital. Throughout his career, Marc Sparks has propagated the growth of a series of businesses.

He specializes in the telecommunication industry. He is the brain behind the success of Cardinal Telecom, Splash Media, and Jay Wireless. Besides, Marc has an interest in real estate, business solutions, and venture investing.


Marc Sparks finds it incredibly rewarding to give back to society. As such, he engages in various philanthropic efforts in the Dallas community.

Just recently, he has built Habitat for Humanity, a refuge for homeless. He also supports the American Can! Academy, a humanitarian initiative geared towards supporting high schools in Dallas

Besides business, Marc Sparks is an author. He is currently writing a book to prove that anyone can succeed in business. His book is titled, They Can’t Eat You. It describes his personal life and success path. Through this book, Marc Sparks wants to inspire others with his success story. He started as a C student and eventually became a business guru.

Marc Sparks’ incredible tips of making a meaningful presentation

Therefore, you need to consider what to put into a presentation and its impact if you want to make a difference. Here are some of the factors to consider when making a presentation:

  1. Every visual presentation should make a point

Entrepreneurs value their time. Therefore, avoid visual displays that do not matter. Also, do not waste time with graphics that serve any other purpose outside your presentation.

  1. Be legitimate with your data

Before proceeding to tell a story about your success, outline what your data means. After that elaborates how you plan to become successful by manipulating your data. The only way to back up your ideas and draw investors is by using proven research and data.

  1. Keep it simple

Marc Sparks encourages simple and clear presentations. With a less complicated presentation, a venture capitalist gleans the information you want them to absorb.

  1. Present as a team

Feel proud of your team and product. By presenting as a team, you create an opportunity to showcase your professionalism, personal drive, and passion. As such, your product is likely to take a new level of success.