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How Oncotarget has Improved Scientific Research Sharing and Collaboration

Oncotarget is an international journal which publishes Oncology reviews and research findings. It can be accessed free of charge, and its popularity is rising due to the peer-to-peer review which is informative, constructive and also insightful. The outlet publishes their papers online on a weekly basis. Therefore, there’s never that gap between information being released and it reaching other researchers out there. Their primary objectives of the Oncotarget database is to give researchers opportunity to share their discoveries, link various biomedical science and ensure all scientists and academia contribute to the growth of science. Download output styles at

Oncotarget Fight against Cancer

Oncotarget Journal has done a lot of publications on all bases of cancer as it mainly focuses on the deadly cancer disease, all the therapies, treatment put in place to manage the effects on cancer patients. Oncotarget has explored on the impacts of management programs to their patients, new therapeutic agents and its impact on the patients quality of life, satisfaction, and adherence.

Oncotarget also helps to inform patients on new emerging therapies and their effects regarding the outcome. They also review on how patients have reacted to the past and present treatments, whether they have embraced it as well as the health centers.

Oncotarget Explores on Dangers of Electric Cigarette

On November 16, 2016, Oncotarget published on a scientific study from UR school of medicine showing that smoking e-cigarettes is not healthy as people think but has a lot of damage to the gum and causes oral diseases. Message by Irfan Rahman, a professor of environmental medicine says the vapor from the cigarettes exposes the users to dangers and the manufacturers should disclose all the chemicals and material they are using to make the e-cigarettes to ensure potential consumers are aware of the risks.

Why Oncotarget is Popular?

That right there is a classic illustration of how this center is helping enlighten the consumers. An enlightened person stands to make better, more informed decisions. The owners and the chief editors of the site have made a solemn vow to keep on expanding their database. they also plan to hire more editors to help with their work. Oncotarget, which is published by Impact Journals

Oncotarget Is The Reference You Need When It Comes To The Latest

Oncology Research

There is no doubt that the scope of knowledge on in the field of oncology is vast, yet there is still much to learn. There is always room for more factual data that can help oncology treatment and care move forward.

Oncotarget is the weekly publication that helps to bring the theoretical into the realm of reality by encouraging the research and written conclusions to the forefront for practical purposes. Authors write articles and position papers in that regard which are published and made to be available to the medical community at large.

Manuscripts are turned into the Editorial Board which is headed by Editors-in-Chief Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail V. Blagosklonny, both of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute of Buffalo, New York. When received, the papers are evaluated by editors who are peers of the submitting authors at

It is required that at least two reviewing editors be assigned the job of reviewing manuscripts which avoid any doubt of objectivity. The reviewing editors must be experts in the field of the author or the subject matter content. The editors are looking for articles which are objective and which are very well written leaving no doubt as to the premise and conclusions put forward.

The articles Of Oncotarget must be clear and to the point, avoiding any side issues such as opinion, prejudicial inferences, gender or racial bias, political leanings and any similar language. Citations and proofs must be readily recognizable.

The authors must be unique in the choice of subject and the presentation which must stand out as unique, and not just some repetitive exercise displaying a topic that has been presented in the past.

Raw data may be asked for at a later date, so authors must recognize this and be prepared to save data for a period of years. Results of submitted work on must stand on its own and be available for reference in the medical field in general, and the oncology field specifically.

Oncotarget is a respected and well-known publication and is known for the thoroughness of the articles that are published. For example, it was Oncotarget that published the article that showed that the recent vaping craze is responsible for various gum diseases when the practice is continued for any period of time.