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The RealReal Continues Success in a Thrifty Economy

Who knew thrifting could be so cool? The RealReal did! With over $115 million dollars raised toward their funding, they know that consigning is the new couture. The company is working toward a positive movement in the future and that’s something that allows them to see positive changes for the industry. Part of the work the company does is to help people who need to get rid of clothes and people who need to purchase clothes at a lower price than bigger retailers. They know they can cater to many different people and they also know there are ways they can make things easier on themselves. The RealReal continues showing people they have a chance to get more out of the options they have and they also know that things will just keep getting better as a consignment shop so they do what they can to bring attention to the issues people have.

Everything The RealReal offers comes at a much lower price than things other companies offer. They know their customers need a place where they can shop for consignment items and they can get the best deals possible. The RealReal is choosy about what they’ll consign, though. They know people want lower prices but they also know that many people want to focus on how they can get quality clothing for that lower price. It’s important to the company to make sure they’re doing what they can to lower the prices without lowering the quality. They ask their consigners to only give them the clothes that are quality.

Consigners can also benefit from everything The RealReal offers. In fact, consigners can make much more money with The RealReal than they would with any other thrifting company. The consignment world is constantly changing and The RealReal knows that. They want to help people see they can make more money on the clothes and shoes they have so they don’t need to worry about it. Consigning with The RealReal allows people to make more money than they’d be able to do with any of the other consignment stores online or in real life.

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