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Securus video visitation creates strong value for all customers

Perhaps more than any other industry, prison contractors in the United States have been heavily vilified by leftist organizations that deem them to be an inappropriate addition to the United States criminal justice system. To be fair, in some of cases, the critics have a valid point. There are built-in perverse incentives where companies are making their money primarily off increased incarceration levels and stringent laws of a society.


But many of the prison system’s contractors have absolutely no dog in any political fight. Many people underestimate the extreme challenges that prison contractors face on a day-to-day basis, just in order to carry out their business. For example, Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s largest providers of inmate communication services, has a dual customer base, with often diametrically conflicting interests, that can make their job extremely difficult.


On the one end, Securus must keep phone rates low, so that inmates are happy and continue to use the system with regularity. On the other hand, it also must take into account the concerns of corrections officers, who the inmates often view as the enemy. Securus manages to do this through keeping rates extremely low, using VoIP-based communications technology and other proprietary systems that the company itself has developed.


On the other hand, it also deploys an industry-leading security suite, allowing corrections officers total control over the communication systems and what goes on over them. By implementing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solutions, including military-grade voice recognition that can instantly identify any banned party or any flagged individual that is known to be a security threat to the institution, Securus enables corrections officers to focus on only the most pressing cases, dramatically increasing efficiency and maintaining an extremely high level of institutional security.


These are just some of the ways in which Securus is delivering big value to all of its customers, no matter their position within the U.S. carceral system.

Securus Technologies Is A Leader In Technology Related Communication Products And Services

There are many special times that family and friends share during the year. While any time spent with family and friends is special. There are a few times during the year that tend to be more special than others. One of these times is the Christmas season. For many reasons, Christmas is a time of the year that provides many special memories. The time shared between family and friends during the Christmas season can be remembered for a lifetime.


One of the best things about Christmas for many people is having the opportunity to go home to visit family and friends. The time spent visiting love ones during the Christmas season provides the chance to catch up on what has been happening, talking about old times, letting people know how much they mean to others, and exchanging gifts for the season. Although there are many more things that can be done during the Christmas season, it is Christmas that makes everything that is done more special.


Going home to visit family and friends is and always will be a special part of Christmas. However, for some people, they cannot go home to visit family and friends. The reasons why are numerous, but for people who want to go home to visit love ones for Christmas and cannot go visit, the disappointment can last a very long time.


This is especially true for people in correction facilities. Many people in correction facilities want to go home to visit love ones, but they cannot go home. This is a problem that many people in correction facilities face. Although going home for Christmas is not possible for most people in correction facilities, Securus Technologies is providing technology that will allow people in correction facilities with the opportunity to see and talk to family and friends during the Christmas season by using its video visitation technology.


The technology works by making a connection between people located in a correction facility with their family and friends located at home. With a connection, people in correction facilities are able to see their family and friends in real time using the video visitation technology developed by Securus Technologies.

I feel that the video visitation technology provided by Securus Technologies will give many families the chance to share Christmas with love ones currently in correction facilities. With the opportunity to see and talk to family and friends, many people in correction facilities will be able to see Christmas even though they cannot be there physically. View the company profile on


Securus Technologies  is a leading supplier of products and services to the technology market.