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Teens Drive Safer With TeenSafe

Using an app to monitor the cell phone use of your children is something that most parents will want to have. When a child leaves their home and gets in a car to drive, the worst thing they can do is to be distracted in any way. They must stay focused on what they are doing and not what their friends are doing on their smartphones. Since most states now have laws in effect against texting and driving, teens are no longer doing this themselves but have others in their vehicles doing it for them. They are still able to text and drive without having to hold the device themselves. This is such a distraction that it has caused thousands of accidents in this country.


TeenSafe allows you to put blocks on your child’s cell phone while they are in a vehicle. They will not be allowed to take pictures or send texts as long as they are in the car. During a recent driving safety week, this software was featured and tested by participants. They found that is 100% effective against texting while driving. These tests were conducted numerous times and each of them produced the same effect.


Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents in this country and teen deaths have risen with the use of smartphone devices. TeenSafe can help you to protect the safety of your child by stopping them from this activity. Many people feel that it has saved the life of their child. Regular monitoring of your teenager is essential and most parents have not had a way to do this before. TeenSafe is easy to use and is available nationwide at a very low cost. There is a monthly fee associated with the program but it is a nominal charge.


Parents have found that when using TeenSafe, their children also know that someone is watching out for them and they feel safer too. You can visit the website of TeenSafe for more information and to see how the program works. You will want to purchase it after viewing the website.