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Rick Smith Continues to Provide Leadership To Securus Technologies

In 2009, Richard Smith or Rick Smith for short was chosen to become the chairman, president, and CEO of Securus Technologies. Even when he was just starting his leadership role in Securus Technologies, Rick Smith was already faced with some daunting challenges, like Global Tel Link, one of Securus Technologies’ competitors. Rick Smith found out the solution to gain the upper hand in this competition is to take advantage of Securus Technologies-owned call centers that provide prompt, professional, and polite responses to customer concerns, which Global Tel Link doesn’t possess. The reputation of Securus Tech comes from its history.

More than 2,600 prisons across the US and Canada have contracts with Securus, and Rick Smith makes sure that each one of them gets their money’s worth by providing them with the technologies and system that they need in a timely manner according to the contract. Most of the customers of Securus are happy with their services, and it is proven by the many positive online reviews Securus gets.

Securus has become known for its Wireless Containment Solution which prevented contraband phones from connecting to wifi or mobile networks. Securus has also made a name for itself for providing systems to prisons that are able to catch criminal activity within the prison, and gather intel for other illegal doings. Read more articles at

The decision making and business savvy of Rick Smith have been acquired through many years of studying as well as working with other technology providing companies. And this is also the reason why many people inside Securus were happy when they learned of the prospect of Rick Smith becoming their CEO. It is because they know that with Rick Smith’s credentials and experience, Rick is the right man for the job.

Rick Smith graduated with an associate’s degree in the Rochester Institute of Technology. He also went on to receive a bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York in the major if engineering. Desiring more mastery in the engineering profession, Rick also went on to get a master’s degree from the same university. After that, Rick had several high leadership roles in technology companies such as the Global North America Inc, Midwest Telephone Operations, Frontier Information Technologies, and the Eschelon Telecom Inc. Check this article at to know more about Rick Smith.

When it comes to communication providers, it is essential to have a good connection and sound quality, as it can be very noisy in prison. Rick Smith Securus has invested in better communication devices and additional options for inmates to contact their families and friends. This focus in improving their services has definitely given the company enough reputation to turn them one of the preferred providers in the market. That, and their dedication to using new technology continually, have built the name of Securus Technologies.

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Malciolm CasSelle And WAX Change The Online Marketplace Forever

One of the most frustrating aspects of playing video games has always been the issue of selling the purchases made during a game when upgrades are made or a game is completed. Worldwide Asset eXchange President, Malcolm CasSelle believes the model he has helped create will become the most impressive way of trading Online yet to be released because of the innovative way the Online marketplace has been created to regulate sales through individual bodies.

The transfer of cryptocurrencies and video game-based products will be moved with ease around the Internet with trading blocks created which will keep up to date files on the sales and transfers of products via WAX. In many ways, it will be of the greatest importance to a state registered guild of users to ensure transparency in the deals completed through WAX as the highest value will be awarded to the products sold and traded with a full background history attached to them. In a bid to avoid the problems of fraud and criminal activity, WaX guilds will make sure the correct owners are always attached to the products sold via the marketplace.

WAX is just the latest in a long line of computer and Online-based companies Malcolm CasSelle has been attached to since the MIT educated computer scientist graduated and entered the workplace following a Masters awarded from Stanford. Tribune Publishing has been one of the main beneficiaries of the work of Malcolm CasSelle as he brought an unprecedented level of growth to the company and sourced the best talent to fill gaps in employment.

The respect attached to Malcolm Caselle’s name in the computer and Online retail industry was shown in the early 21st-century when the Online coupon giant, Groupon made the decision to entrust its expansion in China to the computer science graduate. The growth of Groupon Asia under the leadership of Malcolm CasSelle was enormous with tens of millions of dollars worth of growth seen each month during the first year of trading with the fluent Mandarin speaker given the responsibility of overseeing the expansion into eastern China.

SteelSeries and NewsWatch TV Make an Excellent Team in a Recent Review

NewsWatch TV is a game changer in the technology reviews industry. Their professional videos and easy to watch television series has consumers raving. Recently SteelSeries weighed in on their experience with NewsWatch TV when Senior Director of Marketing, Tori Pugliese, commented on the positive experience they had working with the NewsWatch team. The review can be found on NewsWatch’s website at Pugliese explains that not only was the entire NewsWatch team the epitome of professionalism, but they understood how public relations work for big companies like SteelSeries. They created an environment where SteelSeries could adequately market their products through accurate and thorough reviews. Pugliese explains that in a lot of ways it felt like they were speaking the same language, and then NewsWatch was able to turn around and translate that information into something that consumers could understand and get value from.

With more than 1,000 episodes on AMC and ION under their belt, NewsWatch TV has become a leader in technology reviews. Celebrities such as Carrie Underwood, Ted Danson, and Brooklyn Decker have all appeared on the television show. While they are skilled technology consultants, the NewsWatch team is also well versed in fashion, health, tourism, and medical breakthroughs. They take time to cover a variety of products and news throughout the 30-minute program.

Another place that viewers can find information is from This website allows them to get their information on multiple platforms so that they don’t miss a thing. They will find information on organizations and companies such as GoodYear, Ford, the American Heart Association, and even the Discovery Channel. This ensures that NewsWatch will remain a well-rounded source for all their informational needs. With a strong sense of partnership and a commitment to their viewers, it is certain that NewsWatch will continue to provide excellent programming in the future.

Jason Hope predicts up to $6 trillion invested in Internet of Things

Jason Hope, one of Arizona’s most prominent technology entrepreneurs, has recently began blogging and writing articles for different outlets in an effort to raise awareness among up-and-coming entrepreneurs of the incredible opportunities and massive investment that will be taking place within the Internet of Things industry.

Broadly defined, the Internet of Things includes all devices and objects that are going to become or already are wired into communications networks. Currently, these devices include everything from car stereos to refrigerators. But Hope says that the list will expand at an ever increasing rate until, soon, nearly every object that people interact with will have data collection and communication abilities.

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These objects may be built with automated opening and closing capability, at least for important locations within homes and buildings. This will all tie into the central heating and cooling system, which will have broad autonomy to optimize things like energy efficiency and winter building temperature.

Devices such as drones may take over many functions that delivery vehicles once had. This can already be seen with some efforts by companies like Amazon to use drones for large scale commercial delivery. But these functions could easily be extended to people’s local grocery stores as well. Soon, says Jason Hope, we may be living in the high-leisure-time utopia that the Industrial Revolution promised but never delivered.

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