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Richard Blair Three Pillars Approach

Richard Blair is the sole proprietor and administrator of Wealth Solutions, Inc. He has held the legislation of Wealth Solutions for about 23 years now. Richard started this firm with the aim of providing unbiased advice, modified investment, retirement, and resources preservation tactics. Mr. Richard Blair realized that he had knowledge that could help in solving the numerous financial problems that encounter many people.


The gaps that Mr. Blair saw in the market include the creation of a savings culture and choosing the appropriate investment. He capitalizes on helping clients to have a peaceful retirement by curbing financial shortcomings that encounter retirees. His strategies are meant to equip his clients with a capability that brings higher incomes even after retirement. At Wealth Solutions, there is a belief that every client requires a well-built plan to enable them to reach their financial targets.


Richard Dwayne Blair uses three pillars in his approach for a complete fiscal plan. The primary determinant of the policy that he chooses is based on the client’s present monetary status. The retirement desires are also factors to consider when laying the cornerstones to offer a complete plan. The three pillars that Richard uses are:


  1. Richard’s first pillar is laying down the economic wishes and interests of the client. He uses the client’s desires and strengths to come up with the procedure that use enables them to reach their financial goals. Richard has always considered building a stable and permanent bond with his customers as his first move. This helps him to understand the specific dreams, fears, and expectations of his clients.


  1. Richard’s second pillar is aimed at building an operative and a lasting method that is customized on the specific dreams of the customer. He uses this pillar to strengthen the positive market periods. This technique also aids in minimizing the effects of the downward market movement on the clients’ portfolios


  1. Richard teaches his clients that storms can hit every investment. He uses his third pillar to ensure that his clients understand and accept the significance of insurance cover for businesses. Having an insurance cover for your investment carries away fears of it being hit by storms. Richard Dwayne Blair helps clients to cover their investments with long-term care insurance, life insurance, and pensions.


Dealing With Traffic Issues In Williamson County

Transit experts came together during the Williamson County Growth Summit to offer solutions in traffic. This is the biggest issue in the Williamson County. This summit presented an excellent opportunity to outline challenges faced in transportation and around the requirements of the suburban communities of the region. The members of the panel included Mike Heiligenstein who is the Executive Director of CTRMA, Joseph Kosper who is the founder of RideScout LLC, Leandre Johns who is the External Affairs Director at Uber Technologies Inc. Texas, and Jared Ficklin who works for ArgoDesigns. The summit that took place at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center discussed how technology was involved in the changing transportation face in Austin and all over the world.


Mike Heiligenstein noted that new technologies like ridesharing applications and driverless vehicles had the potential to change the transportation infrastructure drastically. He added that the Austin region should invest in widening the capacity of its transport by constructing additional and smarter roads. Mike stated that this was the only method in which Williamson County could provide the mobility demands of a fast growing population. Mike went on to say that the work that Williamson County had done of structuring its infrastructure in the last 15 years was amazing.  He said that the county should try constructing those particular roads and try to expand the capacities as well.


Alan McGraw asked Mike who the panel moderator was and what policymakers should do to prepare for the future transportation needs. Ficklin said that land-use and construction codes should remain flexible. Ficklin added that parking garages and roads will still be needed when the county gets autonomous vehicles. He stated that the future parking garage would be five feet tall with multiple levels, a service station on one level, and a charging station on another level. He stated that this does not currently fit into any building codes.


Central Texas Regional Authority (CTRMA) was founded in 2002 to improve the system of transportation in Travis and Williamson Counties. It is an independent government agency. The mission of the agency is to execute inventive, multi-modal solutions in transport that minimize congestion, and come up with transportation choices that improve economic vitality and quality of life.


Mike Heiligenstein has a distinguished career in Central Texas’ infrastructure development. He is the leader of CTRMA. He has also served in the Texas region as a Williamson County Official for 23 years. Mike is an Advisory Council member of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. He holds a Masters Degree in Business and Government Administration which he earned from the University of Texas.

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