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Bernado T. Chua – The First Ever Man To Sell Ganoderma In Coffee In North America

It is a good thing to associate with people who matter in the society – people who will inspire you in your line of interest. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, then you might want to identify yourself with one Bernardo T. Chua.

He has just proved that for one to be successful in business, they need to pursue their dream and put more emphasis on what they are good at. For Bernardo Chua, he is good and believes in direct selling and the benefits of Ganoderma, a type of mushroom with medicinal qualities, mostly found growing on logs. He attributes this knowledge from his rich Chinese heritage

His success in business is deep rooted to his mode of making sales through direct selling. This is a way of selling his product directly to consumers; away from an established retain location. While peddling used to be an ancient direct selling method, these days there is the one-on-one demonstration, party plan method, internet sales and more.

Bernado Chua, through his multilevel company Organo Gold, is involved in creating awareness and selling consumable products with extracts of Ganoderma in many parts of the world. In the last decades, he has concentrated in coffee and teas, making sure that he taps into the booming North America markets. He is now on record as the first person to successfully market the herb in coffee and tea in the North America region.

In 2015, the CEO and founder of Organo Gold announced the opening of his company’s new branch in Turkey.

This is his 39th country to launch his business operations. He explains that his enterprise in Turkey will unite its Asia, European and African operations and help better serve the company’s distributors and consumers in the region.

Throughout his career, Bernardo Chua has received a couple of awards, first from the Dangal ng Bayan, for Business and Industry, Award for The National Shoppers Choice for the top direct selling food supplement company.

He has also scooped the award for Direct Sales Company of the Year on at least five different occasions. He continues to offer millions of people with meaningful employment activities as he expands his business throughout the world.

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