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How Mike Heiligenstein Strives to Mitigate Traffic Congestion in Austin

Mike Heiligenstein is a professional administrator who has held top jobs in Texas. He is the Williamson County’s former county commissioner and currently works at the Central Texas Region Mobility Authority where he is the executive director. Heiligenstein has been serving the company since 2003, and he heads all its operations. He is a graduate of the University of Texas where he was awarded his undergraduate and master’s degrees. As the head of CTRMA, Mike has been ensuring that all the road networks in Texas are modernized. The firm was founded by the government, and its mandate is to oversee the construction of improved highways in the Williamson and Travis counties.


Heiligenstein once made a contribution in the Statesman where he spoke about how Austin’s population has been increasing every year and its significant effect on the traffic mobility in the region. CTRMA is devoted to using the latest forms of civil engineering techniques in improving all the highways in the Travis and Williamson counties. One of the tactics that it has used in bettering mobility is the construction of the cyclist and pedestrian lanes that were missing.


CTRMA has managed to modernize most of the roads that connect different towns in Williamson and Travis counties. The company successfully constructed the 183A toll road, and this has greatly facilitated mobility between Cedar Park and Leander. It also completed the U.S 290 toll road, which is a highway that has significantly mitigated the traffic congestion that was between Manor and Austin. The road can be used by triple the number of vehicles that pass on the non-toll road every day. CTRMA has been using top-notch technology in its projects. One of these is the MoPac Express Lanes, which have fiber lines that can detect and report vehicles that are in the wrong lanes.


The company has partnered with the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization in bettering the operations of Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO). HERO assists motorists in dealing with minor mechanical problems in case their vehicles break down along highways. CTRMA also collaborated with Carma, to encourage ride sharing to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads. It has also worked with Metropolia in building a mobile phone application that updates drivers on the state of traffic in different roads.