DCG Software Value Merges with The Spitfire Group under Guidance of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an investment bank founded in 2005. Services offered by MSC target the middle market investments featuring a variety of financial services that include business valuation, advice on financial reporting and corporate information. With the understanding of every client uniqueness and demands, the firm undertakes an extensive study of enterprises to provide with an accurate picture of the current state of affairs and the future projections. Equipped with this knowledge clients get the best opportunity to make realistic choices to grow their businesses. MSC operates on undisputed commitment to offer quality leadership, excellent services and ensure the success of clients. The Madison Street Capital reputation indicates that it provides a platform that is beneficial to both the company and the client’s hence maintaining trust and lead in the industry.


During the event to announce the merger of Software Value and The Spitfire Group, Charles Botchway the CEO of Madison Street Capital noted that both companies operated under experienced teams. With both companies being leaders in business IT industry, he further pointed out that it was an excellent opportunity to work out the merger. Regarding the merger, MSC provided detail analysis of both companies that provided the platform for the formation of the alliance. Jay Rodgers of MSC led the transaction in which both Mike Harris the CEO of DCG Software Value and Mark Richtermeyer the CEO of Spitfire respective company teams. In his words, Mike Harris commended the excellent work by MSC and expressed that the new formation will work together with MSC team to seek out more ways to expand the business.


DCG Software Value provides software analytics solutions, quality management software and Agile support services to businesses from around the globe. Since 1994, DCG products have been used by companies to improve on decision-making and manage resources. The company has its corporate offices in Malvern, the US and as well runs another in the UK for its European market.


The Spitfire Group offers business and technology consultancy services. They offer packages tailored to align the objectives of the individual client and the technological needs. The company utilizes a “multiplier concept” that is run by its team of employees. The concept aims at improving the performance of the client’s employees with the technology in place. Its operations include assessment of the technology architecture in place, customization of structure to fit business needs and integration of different systems for better performance. The company embraces the use of modern and current technology to help resolve different business needs of its clients.

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