Here’s Who Randal Nardone Is – Learn Some Stuff, You’ll Never Regret It

$70 billion – it doesn’t matter how someone looks at $70 billion, whether that person compares it to a greater sum of money or thinks about what things cannot be purchased by such an astronomical amount of money – is more money than anybody would know what to do with.

Fortress Investment Group is a firm that is located in the heart of the Big Apple – New York City, New York – best known for having some $70 billion of various assets of its hundreds of private and corporate clients under control. As many people know, Fortress Investment Group was not founded by just one person in 1998 – rather, Fortress Investment Group was the joint effort of the longtime lawyer Randal Nardone, now-retired racecar driver and administrative figure of a racecar driving team he owned for fun Rob Kauffman, and the highly-successful Wesley Robert Edens – he is known around the United States’ commercial landscape as the one-half owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks basketball franchise.

But what is Mr. Randal Nardone known for?

Let’s be truthful here: Mr. Nardone is not typically as well-known as Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, or many of the biggest names in the trades of financial services and the constant management of high-dollar portfolios. However, Nardone has likely had one of the most stable careers of the trio responsible for founding Fortress Investment Group in 1998.

Randal Nardone has bounced around various capacities of his one-third-owned Fortress Investment Group throughout the years, though he became the one and only Chief Executive Officer of Fortress in 2013. He has remained the CEO of Fortress Investment Group since then and isn’t going anywhere.

He has worked at BlackRock Financial Management, where he worked as one of a handful of Principals from May 1997 to exactly 12 months later – the year-long stint obviously ended in May 1998.

One reason why Randal Nardone has done so many great things throughout his career – not that they’re all listed here – is because he got a juris doctorate from the Boston University School of Law. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO