Larkin And Lacey Discuss Their Encounter With Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was tangled up in one of the worst scandals in all of American law enforcement, and he was found out by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. They are reporters who had done a lot of research into these allegations.

They were reporting constantly on the things that he did, and they were arrested under false pretenses. Read what happened after their arrest that changed the ways justice is enforced in Arizona.

  1. Their Reports

Jim and Michael were reporting on the Arpaio case because of many new allegations that seemed to be coming out every week. They were targeted by Arpaio and his department in Maricopa County, and they were arrested because of their reporting. There were not charges that could be substantiated, and these men were released quickly.

  1. Their Lawsuit

The lawsuit that was filed against Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department was a landslide win for these two men. They were awarded millions of dollars in damages, but they did not want the money for themselves. They planned to use the money to further their cause. They put their money into a foundation. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

  1. The Frontera Fund

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is the charity that these men created with the money they won in their lawsuit. They created this charity with millions of dollars in seed money so that they could offer legal advice and assistance to those who are underserved in the community. The Frontera Fund became a beacon for change, and the fund has lawyers working with them every day.

  1. Who Needs Their Help?

The Frontera Fund offers help to people who are immigrant workers, new immigrants, and natives. The Frontera Fund sends people out to law enforcement offices to help those who have been arrested, and they often argue the cause of people who have been harassed, falsely arrested, or harmed by the police. They continue to raise money for their cause, and they will help anyone who calls with a legitimate complaint.

  1. Conclusion

There are many people who do not remember Jim and Michael. However, they can give their money to the Frontera Fund to serve those who are afraid of the police. Corruption can be stopped by serving the public in a better way, and these two men have found many lawyers who will give assistance to natives, immigrant workers, and all those who are oppressed

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