NuoDB and It’s Elasticity Scalable Database

NuoDb offers an exciting technology that allows servers to better communicate within the cloud. How does it accomplish this? NuoDb has a patented technology that uses peer to peer messaging in order to communicate the correct information with corresponding nodes. Doing so allows servers to run more fast and efficiently without any sharding. This technology was created by Jim Starkey and is available via NuoDB. Many large companies rely on the NuoDb technology to harmoniously operate within the cloud. Such companies are Dassault Systemes, Kodiak, the UAE Exchange and Alfa Systems. The patented technology is filed under the name “elasticity scalable cloud database”.

NuoDb was founded in Massachusetts and was originally operating under the name NimbusDB. This name was obviously later changed. Over the years through many rounds of funding the company has accumulated over sixty million dollars in funding. One such investment was from venture capital. The company was recognized in 2014 with the award of one of Boston’s Business Journals “Innovative All Stars”.

The SQL database is often referred to as NewSQL. This technology makes integrating new servers seamless with peer to peer communication. The database elects tasks to the correct processors and accurately distributes tasks to the nodes.

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