Capital Group’s Sound Future Under Stable Leadership

Capital Group is the largest American Funds company and the world’s top investment firm. Through their board of directors, Capital announced Tim Armour as the newly elected Capital Group chairman on 28th of July 2015.

Tim, collectively with the firm’s management committee comprising of President Rob Lovelace, and President Phil Toledo, will work to set and implement Capital Group’s main business strategies and supervise operations.

Capitals’ leadership change reflects a senior management progression arrangement that was necessitated by the passing of Jim Rothenberg, the former Capital Group Chairman. The potency of Capital Group comes from the associates aligned to deliver greater investment results to clients.

About Timothy Armour

Tim Armour is the chairman of Capital Group and the President/ CEO of Capital Research and Management Company. Tim is an equity portfolio manager with 32 years of asset management experience with Capital Group.

Tim Armour’s career started when he associate equity investment analyst at Capital Group, covering U.S. service companies and global telecommunications.

Capital Group’s partnership with Samsung Asset Management

Samsung Asset Management and Capital Group announced their partnership to develop investment strategies for investors in Korea. Capital Group forked out $1.4 trillion in assets while Samsung; an asset management company in Korea contributed $166 billion in AUM. Their investment goals comprise of developing retirement solutions, asset allocation, and enhancement of SAM’s dynamic investment competency.

Timothy Armour, the Capital Group’s chairman said that the critical achievement would be designing an investment solution that combines savings, retirement, and insurance related needs of Korean investors.

Tim Armour’s Advice To investors on Finding Active Managers

Tim Armour is an enthusiastic leader of Capital Group. He has continuously demonstrated the zeal to pass his wisdom and success to his subordinates. He regularly contributes investment insights for the Wall Street Journal.

The primary task of a long-term investment manager is to find value in numerous sources to assist investors improve their market average earnings over a period of time.

Tim encourages shareholders to target above for average returns on investing. He supports active management of funds with managers who tirelessly research profitable investment companies to produce the best market returns.


Tim Amour’s commitment to Capital Group and his experience in fund investment advice predicts real success for Capital Group’s future. Investors should look forward to a long term growth and Capital Group’s focus is to stay among the world’s top investment management firms.

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Marc Sparks’ Early Life and Success Path

Early life and career

Marc Sparks is a US-based businessman, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Currently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Timber Creek Capital. Throughout his career, Marc Sparks has propagated the growth of a series of businesses.

He specializes in the telecommunication industry. He is the brain behind the success of Cardinal Telecom, Splash Media, and Jay Wireless. Besides, Marc has an interest in real estate, business solutions, and venture investing.


Marc Sparks finds it incredibly rewarding to give back to society. As such, he engages in various philanthropic efforts in the Dallas community.

Just recently, he has built Habitat for Humanity, a refuge for homeless. He also supports the American Can! Academy, a humanitarian initiative geared towards supporting high schools in Dallas

Besides business, Marc Sparks is an author. He is currently writing a book to prove that anyone can succeed in business. His book is titled, They Can’t Eat You. It describes his personal life and success path. Through this book, Marc Sparks wants to inspire others with his success story. He started as a C student and eventually became a business guru.

Marc Sparks’ incredible tips of making a meaningful presentation

Therefore, you need to consider what to put into a presentation and its impact if you want to make a difference. Here are some of the factors to consider when making a presentation:

  1. Every visual presentation should make a point

Entrepreneurs value their time. Therefore, avoid visual displays that do not matter. Also, do not waste time with graphics that serve any other purpose outside your presentation.

  1. Be legitimate with your data

Before proceeding to tell a story about your success, outline what your data means. After that elaborates how you plan to become successful by manipulating your data. The only way to back up your ideas and draw investors is by using proven research and data.

  1. Keep it simple

Marc Sparks encourages simple and clear presentations. With a less complicated presentation, a venture capitalist gleans the information you want them to absorb.

  1. Present as a team

Feel proud of your team and product. By presenting as a team, you create an opportunity to showcase your professionalism, personal drive, and passion. As such, your product is likely to take a new level of success.

Oncotarget Is The Reference You Need When It Comes To The Latest

Oncology Research

There is no doubt that the scope of knowledge on in the field of oncology is vast, yet there is still much to learn. There is always room for more factual data that can help oncology treatment and care move forward.

Oncotarget is the weekly publication that helps to bring the theoretical into the realm of reality by encouraging the research and written conclusions to the forefront for practical purposes. Authors write articles and position papers in that regard which are published and made to be available to the medical community at large.

Manuscripts are turned into the Editorial Board which is headed by Editors-in-Chief Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail V. Blagosklonny, both of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute of Buffalo, New York. When received, the papers are evaluated by editors who are peers of the submitting authors at

It is required that at least two reviewing editors be assigned the job of reviewing manuscripts which avoid any doubt of objectivity. The reviewing editors must be experts in the field of the author or the subject matter content. The editors are looking for articles which are objective and which are very well written leaving no doubt as to the premise and conclusions put forward.

The articles Of Oncotarget must be clear and to the point, avoiding any side issues such as opinion, prejudicial inferences, gender or racial bias, political leanings and any similar language. Citations and proofs must be readily recognizable.

The authors must be unique in the choice of subject and the presentation which must stand out as unique, and not just some repetitive exercise displaying a topic that has been presented in the past.

Raw data may be asked for at a later date, so authors must recognize this and be prepared to save data for a period of years. Results of submitted work on must stand on its own and be available for reference in the medical field in general, and the oncology field specifically.

Oncotarget is a respected and well-known publication and is known for the thoroughness of the articles that are published. For example, it was Oncotarget that published the article that showed that the recent vaping craze is responsible for various gum diseases when the practice is continued for any period of time.


Inspiring Financial Goals with Jim Hunt



Jim Hunt is a financial advisor and expert. He has much experience in his industry. Therefore, he has been able to explore his skills in helping people who want to have good investments and also nurtured upcoming entrepreneurs. He is a former employee of a big bank, he decided to venture into entrepreneurship with the goal of helping others after realizing how bad customers were treated in a bank due to the bank focusing on their profits.

Jim Hunt is the CEO of VTA Publications, the company was founded in the year 2012.VTA Publications is all about providing financial courses and any other economic related course online to boost the development of business and investment. The company also outlines accomplished stories so that they can encourage others to be like them. Furthermore, VTA Publications is a center for various inspiring seminars.


As an advisor of VTA Publications, Jim Hunt is known for making progressive stock trades in the wide range market. He is famous due to his YouTube account where he displays and outlines information about his opinion on trades in the stock market, he shares this knowledge on his view on investment. He is an extraordinary financial advisor because he spends most of his capital on predicting and analyzing different stocks.


Hunt believes in his predictions when it comes to stock market and undoubtedly most of his predictions are true. VTA Publications has successful stories on planning well when you want to invest. The company has developed a wide platform of such stories also boost its network therefore changing the lives of many people.


Recently Jim Hunt’s latest production on YouTube is about making mum a a trader, Jim Hunt says that this initiative has ten steps, which he continues to showcase in his YouTube is based on a starting point of investing a thousand pounds and expanding it to a tenfold investment.    Read more about what makes Jim tick in his Ideamensch interview here:


Clean and Safe Waiakea Water

The advantage of drinking clean water is essential for the body. Water keeps one hydrated, which is imperative because every cell of the body needs it for nutrients’ absorption and the disposition of the waste products.

Advantages of Drinking Clean Water

Water Keeps One Young

Drinking a lot of water is good for the skin. Failure to drink enough water may cause dry skin, and one is likely to use more lotions and creams to moisturize. Drinking a lot of water, therefore keeps the skin moisturized and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Drinking Water Makes One Smarter

Drinking clean water helps one to increase the cognitive function. The brains need more oxygen so that it can function at optimum levels. Drinking clean water makes sure that the brain gets the oxygen it requires. It ensures that the body’s level of electrolyte remain high to allow the nerves to relay messages in the way they were meant.

Losing Weight

One of the benefits of drinking a lot of clean water is to help one shed some weight. Water suppresses the appetite. Water also prevents the retention of fluid because the body does not retain any water if it is getting enough. Water also helps the body to burn the stored fat.

Building Muscles

Drinking water helps one to build the muscles. This is because water carries the oxygen to the cells of the body including the muscles. Drinking a lot of water enables the muscles to work longer and harder before they get tired. This helps one to build muscles.

According to Crunchbase, Different sources in the media have discussed the various safe drinking water and their benefits. One of the best, healthy and safe drinking water is Waiakea spring water.

Waiakea water is sourced from a pristine, single source at the South West town on the Hawaii Island. It is filtered through the thousands of the Loa Volcano. The water has the required pH and mineral composition that is rich in potassium, calcium, sodium and the ideal amount of silica, therefore lending a silky and a soft mouth feel to it

Founded in 2012, the water has implemented significant sustainable and ethical initiatives in the industry.

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Why Thor Halvorssen Risks His Life

The Important Dangerous Job

Some jobs are dangerous no matter how you approach them. A lumberjack will always need to worry about the trees around him. A golf course diver must always watch out for alligators and other hazards in the water around him. While Thor Halvorssen isn’t a lumberjack his job certainly involves an incredible amount of danger.

He serves as the president of The Human Rights Foundation. Tasked with promoting the values of democracy and open societies Halvorssen must contend with some of the world’s must ruthless dictators. Risking arrest, beatings, and even death are simply things that come with the territory.

A Jack Of All Trades

Although Halvorssen is usually in the news for his philanthropic work there is so much more to his persona. He is also an accomplished film producer who has worked with top Hollywood talents such as Quentin Tarantino and Lucy Liu. Like his work at the Human Rights Foundation dictatorships and freedom fighting are major themes in his movies.

According to Crunchbase, 2005’s Freedom Fury, a true story based on the Hungarian revolution of 1956, has everything Thor Halvorssen dreams of. The people of Hungary rise up against the government of Hungary and demand their freedom despite the danger it brings to their lives.

The Center Piece

The year before the release of his first film Thor Halvorssen experienced both tragedy and triumph. He saw the passing of his mother at the hands of gunman loyal to Hugo Chavez, but 2004 also gave him the Human Rights Foundation. As the president of the Human Rights Foundation he seeks to expose corruption and encourage people to stand up for their rights.

At times he has experienced the consequences that often occur when resisting oppression. When Halvorssen went to Vietnam to interview a prominent Buddhist critic of the Vietnamese government the authorities responded with his arrest. Fortunately Halvorssen was able to convince the Vietnamese police he was simply trying to convert to Buddhism and was released. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

Beyond The Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation isn’t the only organization Halvorssen uses to advance his goals. In 2009 he created the Oslo Freedom Forum in his father’s native country Norway.

While these conferences are typically well received there is opposition from dictatorships. As Halvorssen has intended these meetings are a threat to the continued existence of authoritarianism worldwide.

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George Soros Offers to Support Refuge and Migrants Business Initiatives

Efforts to support refugee and migrant businesses in the US have received a major boost after hedge fund billionaire, George Soros promised a huge donation. According to a report published by Politico on September 9, George Soros will donate $500 million to support various migrant and refugee run businesses, social initiatives and startups in different sectors of the economy. The decision follows what Soros describes as the inability of various entities, including governments to come up with effective policies to handle refugees. This incapacity has contributed to the unending human misery and political instability. Soros echoed the same sentiments in an Op-Ed that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on September 6, 2016.

To stem the refugee and migrant crisis, governments and the private sector alike need to be at the forefront of developing a sustainable social and physical support infrastructure. Soros hopes to expand his initiative to cover refugees and immigrants in Europe and other parts of the world. The decision by Soros to inject $500 million to aid migrant and refugee businesses follow an earlier push by the Obama administration to invite US companies to support initiatives aimed at transforming the lives of refugees. The initiative is looking for investors with cash and kind to support the basic needs of refugees, migrants and the host communities. One of the sectors Soros believes can greatly turn around the crisis on its head is investment in digital technology.

The sector can easily bring government services, as well as health, financial and legal services closer to the people at little cost. Soros plans to work closely with the United Nations Office for Refugees (UNHCR), the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and other like-minded organizations to develop an investment framework of action for vulnerable groups. The decision, he believes, will inspire other investors in the private sector to come forth. Elsewhere, a report appearing on indicates that US is by far the world’s biggest contributor and supporter of vulnerable groups. In Syria, the US has contributed over $5 billion since the crisis began.

About George Soros
George Soros is a hedge fund billionaire, political activist, author and philanthropist. According to Wikipedia, the Hungarian born business mogul made his big break in 1992 during the UK currency crisis, when he made a short sale that earned him $1 billion. Today, Soros has a net worth estimated at over $25 billion. On the humanitarian front, Soros established the Open Foundation Societies in 1993, to support civic societies around the world by providing financial support and expertise in areas such as education, health, media and justice. The New York based foundation operates in over 100 countries. The self made billionaire has also written over 12 books on wide ranging topics, from globalization to the economy and the war on terrorism.

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The Capitalist Threat
George Soros donates $8 million to boost Hillary

Magnises Continues to Grow under Billy McFarland

The credit card perks and rewards program is a very old industry, which has been around for decades trying to attract top executives and other wealthy individuals. While the credit card programs used to target older professionals with more discretionary income, the latest credit card rewards program is actually doing the complete opposite.

The latest credit card reward program craze is the Magnises credit card program, which is gaining in popularity in the New York City area. According to Bloomberg, this credit card rewards program was developed by a 24-year old entrepreneur named Billy McFarland while he was still in school at Bucknell University.

The Magnises program targets young professionals that are between the ages of 21 and 30 years old. While the program does have some credit and income requirements, they are much less stringent than other card programs.

Unlike traditional credit card programs, the Magnises program does not attract users based on a lucrative cash or mileage back program. Instead it promises to provide a social and professional network.

Those that have the card will be able to link into the network that the card already has built. The user can either limit the network to the online community, of they could take advantage of the free parties and events that the company hosts every year. The amount of perks that the user receives will typically greatly outweigh the $250 annual fee that will be paid each anniversary.

Billy McFarland is still just a recent graduate from Bucknell University, but still sees incredible potential for growth for his company. While it is just a few years old, the program already has over 10,000 members even though the marketing has been limited.

Securus Technologies Is A Leader In Technology Related Communication Products And Services

There are many special times that family and friends share during the year. While any time spent with family and friends is special. There are a few times during the year that tend to be more special than others. One of these times is the Christmas season. For many reasons, Christmas is a time of the year that provides many special memories. The time shared between family and friends during the Christmas season can be remembered for a lifetime.


One of the best things about Christmas for many people is having the opportunity to go home to visit family and friends. The time spent visiting love ones during the Christmas season provides the chance to catch up on what has been happening, talking about old times, letting people know how much they mean to others, and exchanging gifts for the season. Although there are many more things that can be done during the Christmas season, it is Christmas that makes everything that is done more special.


Going home to visit family and friends is and always will be a special part of Christmas. However, for some people, they cannot go home to visit family and friends. The reasons why are numerous, but for people who want to go home to visit love ones for Christmas and cannot go visit, the disappointment can last a very long time.


This is especially true for people in correction facilities. Many people in correction facilities want to go home to visit love ones, but they cannot go home. This is a problem that many people in correction facilities face. Although going home for Christmas is not possible for most people in correction facilities, Securus Technologies is providing technology that will allow people in correction facilities with the opportunity to see and talk to family and friends during the Christmas season by using its video visitation technology.


The technology works by making a connection between people located in a correction facility with their family and friends located at home. With a connection, people in correction facilities are able to see their family and friends in real time using the video visitation technology developed by Securus Technologies.

I feel that the video visitation technology provided by Securus Technologies will give many families the chance to share Christmas with love ones currently in correction facilities. With the opportunity to see and talk to family and friends, many people in correction facilities will be able to see Christmas even though they cannot be there physically.


Securus Technologies  is a leading supplier of products and services to the technology market.

Paul’s Technological And Humanitarian Inclination

Eric Pulier childhood home is in Teaneck, New Jersey with a growing interest in programming. He began his programming years in fourth grade and formed a database group in high school. He then went on to join Harvard University where he specialized in English and American literature. While in campus, Eric Pulier edited and published a column on the Harvard Crimson. He also studied at the nearby MIT and graduated magna cum laude in 1988.

In 1991, Paul set up People Doing Things to address society issues such as education and healthcare through technology.In 1994, Paul created Digital Evolution and later merged it with US Interactive LLC in 1998.To date, Paul has founded 15 organizations and raised money for the ventures and events of the firms.

In 1997, Paul created the Presidential Technology Exhibition called The Bridge to the 21st Century under the Presidential Inaugural Committee. He then earned a position to contribute to the Al Gore’s health care and technology platform.

His other establishments include Desktone, Akana and Media Platform among others.

Paul was a contributor to the Understanding Enterprise Service Oriented Enterprise book as a co-author with Hugh Taylor. Forbes Magazine in March 2012 featured Paul’s article on the complexity of the Business industry.Paul is a renowned philanthropist with recognized donations to various NGOs.

He was a major contributor to the movement of enabling severely sick children to access a platform for chatting, blogging, and socializing through the organization Starbright World. He managed to cater for the team and volunteers that for the project. He then went on to raise additional funds with the collaboration of Paul Allen, Intel’s and Microsoft’s co-founders, to build an interactive online platform. The Starbright Foundation connected kids across 75 American hospitals through live video chats and a virtualized game environment. His other humanitarian act with children is the computer learning platform for children with diabetes known as StarBright Diabetes Foundation. The forum allowed children to learn about the causes of diabetes through an animated body mechanism virtual experience.

Paul received an Honor at the US Doctors for Africa donation event for his entrepreneurial ventures towards technological solutions for Africa.

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