Paul’s Technological And Humanitarian Inclination

Eric Pulier childhood home is in Teaneck, New Jersey with a growing interest in programming. He began his programming years in fourth grade and formed a database group in high school. He then went on to join Harvard University where he specialized in English and American literature. While in campus, Eric Pulier edited and published a column on the Harvard Crimson. He also studied at the nearby MIT and graduated magna cum laude in 1988.

In 1991, Paul set up People Doing Things to address society issues such as education and healthcare through technology.In 1994, Paul created Digital Evolution and later merged it with US Interactive LLC in 1998.To date, Paul has founded 15 organizations and raised money for the ventures and events of the firms.

In 1997, Paul created the Presidential Technology Exhibition called The Bridge to the 21st Century under the Presidential Inaugural Committee. He then earned a position to contribute to the Al Gore’s health care and technology platform.

His other establishments include Desktone, Akana and Media Platform among others.

Paul was a contributor to the Understanding Enterprise Service Oriented Enterprise book as a co-author with Hugh Taylor. Forbes Magazine in March 2012 featured Paul’s article on the complexity of the Business industry.Paul is a renowned philanthropist with recognized donations to various NGOs.

He was a major contributor to the movement of enabling severely sick children to access a platform for chatting, blogging, and socializing through the organization Starbright World. He managed to cater for the team and volunteers that for the project. He then went on to raise additional funds with the collaboration of Paul Allen, Intel’s and Microsoft’s co-founders, to build an interactive online platform. The Starbright Foundation connected kids across 75 American hospitals through live video chats and a virtualized game environment. His other humanitarian act with children is the computer learning platform for children with diabetes known as StarBright Diabetes Foundation. The forum allowed children to learn about the causes of diabetes through an animated body mechanism virtual experience.

Paul received an Honor at the US Doctors for Africa donation event for his entrepreneurial ventures towards technological solutions for Africa.

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    His notable involvements include his contribution on the innovation board of the Prize Foundation and The Painted Turtle. Paul is also an active supporter and member of the Clinton Global Initiative. I do know for sure that essay writing service do have a lot to offer these ones for a long time.

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