Perry Mandera and The Importance and Desirability of Serving Beyond Commerce

There are countless companies setting up shop almost anywhere in the world wanting to create better products. Most of these companies are run by CEOs that want to provide, say, quality footwear, smartphones, tech solutions or banking programs that help entrepreneurs grow companies themselves. Most, if not all, of the companies just want the money, the chase for it, the power it gives and the meaning it affords. While there’s nothing wrong with all these aims, it’s great to know that there are still entrepreneurs like Perry Mandera who wish to go beyond profit. Business leaders like him find meaning in extending their hands to those who badly need the assistance that leaders like him can give.

The world probably already knows Perry Mandera as the Founder of Custom Companies Inc. in 1986. Since its foundation day, it has created from its headquarters at Northlake, Illinois the needed transportation solutions that would improve, grow and even revolutionize the profit targets of big-ticket companies. It’s also a source of pride for both Perry Mandera and its shareholders that it’s been able to generate thousands of jobs already for the field of logistic services, including freight forwarding and services involving cartage.

It’s also a stamp of dedication on the part of Perry Mandera that he’s served time in the armed forces, as a Republican Wart Committeeman that’s based in Chicago. This alone shows that his heart is in public service, and if he gets his way, he would most likely dedicate his entire life to serving the largest number of people. Fortunately, he has found that starting a business is a good way of doing that, too.

With the Custom Companies that he started, he’s been able to grow the Custom Cares social work project, which helps a number of groups involved in advocacy for finding solutions and remedies for debilitating and extreme illnesses, including cancer and mental health problems. The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls that Perry Mandera also has supported is known to be helping abused children get the right housing and guidance that they need for them to have a better, brighter and more stable life ahead of them.