Richard Blair Three Pillars Approach

Richard Blair is the sole proprietor and administrator of Wealth Solutions, Inc. He has held the legislation of Wealth Solutions for about 23 years now. Richard started this firm with the aim of providing unbiased advice, modified investment, retirement, and resources preservation tactics. Mr. Richard Blair realized that he had knowledge that could help in solving the numerous financial problems that encounter many people.


The gaps that Mr. Blair saw in the market include the creation of a savings culture and choosing the appropriate investment. He capitalizes on helping clients to have a peaceful retirement by curbing financial shortcomings that encounter retirees. His strategies are meant to equip his clients with a capability that brings higher incomes even after retirement. At Wealth Solutions, there is a belief that every client requires a well-built plan to enable them to reach their financial targets.


Richard Dwayne Blair uses three pillars in his approach for a complete fiscal plan. The primary determinant of the policy that he chooses is based on the client’s present monetary status. The retirement desires are also factors to consider when laying the cornerstones to offer a complete plan. The three pillars that Richard uses are:


  1. Richard’s first pillar is laying down the economic wishes and interests of the client. He uses the client’s desires and strengths to come up with the procedure that use enables them to reach their financial goals. Richard has always considered building a stable and permanent bond with his customers as his first move. This helps him to understand the specific dreams, fears, and expectations of his clients.


  1. Richard’s second pillar is aimed at building an operative and a lasting method that is customized on the specific dreams of the customer. He uses this pillar to strengthen the positive market periods. This technique also aids in minimizing the effects of the downward market movement on the clients’ portfolios


  1. Richard teaches his clients that storms can hit every investment. He uses his third pillar to ensure that his clients understand and accept the significance of insurance cover for businesses. Having an insurance cover for your investment carries away fears of it being hit by storms. Richard Dwayne Blair helps clients to cover their investments with long-term care insurance, life insurance, and pensions.


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