Rocketship Education Is Eliminating The Acheivement Gaps In Their Students

Rocketship Education is a public, elementary, non-profit network of charter schools. Rocketship is devoted to the lower income communities who do not have access to good schools for their children. The school was founded in 2006 and provides sustainability and scalability in a school model. As Rocketship Education has continued to grow more schools have been opened throughout the United States.

The schools in Tennessee have learned how much progress their students have made in the previous year. The exception is the Davidson County elementary schools because they must wait an additional year. This means when they see the TNReady results they must focus on student proficiency. The public schools in Nashville are now using the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress to measure student learning.

Over 7,400 hundred schools around the globe are now using MAP assessments. These assessments have been used by Rocketship Education since their first school opened their doors. They are pleased to see the MAP assessments in the Nashville public schools. Growth is important for every student but especially so if the student has an economically disadvantaged background. National data reveals students born at poverty level are behind when they begin school and remain behind.

The academic growth rate determines if a student will be able to catch up. If a student in kindergarten scores in the 10th percentile on the standardized test their performance is less than ninety percent for students of the same age. The likelihood is the student will drop out and never reach college. A growth rate of 1.3 academic years is required every year while the child is in elementary school to be caught up by the fourth grade.

This rate of growth sounds difficult but seventy percent of Rocketship Education students are economically disadvantaged. When school began last year there were 146 students behind. When the year ended they had either reached or surpassed their grade level. Rocketship Education eliminated 146 gaps in achievement in one year. The MAP data has shown the average growth of a Rocketship Education student in one year is 1.2 years in reading and 1.35 years in math.