Samuel Strauch, Real Estate Tycoon

Samuel Strauch is a realtor and real estate investor. He started out in banking after graduating with a BBA, from Hofstra University in New York. He also completed courses at Harvard University.

Growing bored of banking, he joined the family real estate business, in Miami. After much success, he was able to branch out, with his own business, Metrik Real Estate, also in Miami.

His key to success, has been credited to his team. They are constantly on the look out for new technologies, investment options, and also catering to a younger crowd. The new generation of buyers are more tech savvy, so his company keeps up with everything new.

Not only does Samuel Strauch cater to his customers, he also finds it extremely important to know what makes his employees happy. After all a happy employee, is a productive employee. This involves meeting all their needs in materials, and comfortable, inviting surroundings.

His company also believes in being involved with the local communities. This can be, raising funds for charities, individuals, or families. He believes it builds strong relationships between communities, and businesses when you are actively involved.

When Strauch is not busy being a “mover and a shaker”, he actively pursues his favorite hobbies. He loves to travel, and take breathtaking photos. he believes in sharing what he sees, through the lens of a camera. Art is not only drawn or painted. It is also captured in varying moments. Follow him on Twitter, to catch his latest shots.

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