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OSI Food Solutions’ Dominance in the Food Industry

In 2016, the British Safety Council presented OSI Food Solutions with a Globe of Honor Prize in recognition of its management of various environmental dangers. The company was among the eighteen corporations that were recognized for activities geared towards preserving the environment. Besides focusing its activities on environmental preservation, OSI Food Solutions values customer satisfaction. Consequently, the company increased its production capacity of chicken products to meet the growing demand of its clients. OSI Food Solutions Spain boosted its chicken production capacity to 24,000 tons per year. Moreover, the recent statistics indicated that the company’s latest expansion commanded a production capacity of over 45,000 tons of various items including pork, chicken, and beef. The organization’s strategy in advancing its operations has thus influenced the inhabitants of the company’s vicinity. Now, OSI will include twenty job opportunities to the current working individuals of 140 employees.

The successes of OSI Food Solutions are attached to the firm’s association with other companies in the industry. Recently, David McDonald, the President of OSI Group, announced the company’s purchase of Baho Food. David postulated the addition of Baho Food into OSI would give the organization a vast presence in Europe. John Balvers, the managing director at Baho Foods, was equally excited by the companies’ collaboration. In his opinion, OSI Food Solutions has an impeccable relationship with its clients, as well as, suppliers. As such, the collaboration would provide Baho Foods an opportunity to leverage on OSI’s capabilities and exposures. Mr. Balvers postulates that OSI would overtime accelerate Baho Foods’ growth and help it in the realization of its goals.

The popularity of OSI Food Solutions in the United States’ food industry is attributed to its leadership policy. Sheldon Lavin, a guru in the financial sector, heads the company. Since Sheldon Lavin’s entry into OSI, the organization has skyrocketed into a worldwide dollar food processor situated in over sixteen nations. Under the instructions of Sheldon Lavin, OSI acquired Tyson Foods Plant for approximately $7.4 million. According to Sheldon, the attainment of the Tyson Food Plant will enhance the agency’s capabilities significantly in serving Chicago location. Additionally, the organization’s focus is directed towards excellence. As such, OSI is the United States’ best food processor because of its strategy directed towards valuing its customers. The other aspect that makes OSI stand out is its appreciation of the team f employees. Every worker at the corporation is encouraged to utilize their skills in the delivery of unique services.

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