The Diversity of Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr is a highly accomplished woman. Young as she is, Bridget has been able to do many brilliant things in her life. To date, Scarr is renowned for being an excellent writer as well as producer. From the very beginning, Bridget Scarr has always possessed the gift and talent of creating attractive content, something that has gone a long way in cementing her reputation. Through her lifetime, Bridget has been able to participate in the production of television, animation, and advertising content, all that has had much success in the consumer world.


Presently, Bridget Scarr works at Colibri Studios as the head of strategy and partnerships as well as content development. With over fifteen years experience in the fields mentioned above, Bridget has proven that she is the best at what she does. Bridget traces her success from her daily meditation sessions that give her much time to analyze her life, find new ideas, and capitalize on them. Over the years, Bridget Scarr has transitioned from employee to employer, something that always makes her feel proud of herself.


Before 2008, Bridget was an employee just like anyone else. However, she decided to partner with some of her friends and create Pollen Creative Media in 2008. Since 2008, Pollen Creative Media has grown both in scale and proportion, changing from an institution that started out with only a handful of employees to one that gives jobs to more than two hundred workers. Pollen Creative Media began with an initial capital of ten thousand dollars but has since grown to a net worth amounting to millions of dollars.


Since the media corporation found its way to the business world, it has been able to produce award winning content that has proven to be relevant to broadcasters, businesses, and also world famous brands. Without the contribution of Bridget Scarr, all the above would not have sufficed. As a lady with the ability to plan for the future, Bridget is always on the lookout for newer and better technology that could help transform the media industry. Scarr has always believed that great projects get realized only by using robust technology.


Although Bridget Scarr has had her fair share of troubles in life, she has been able to tackle all obstacles head on. Scarr’s piece of advice to entrepreneurs is that they should always spare time for meditation since is the only thing that has helped her grow as a business lady. By being bold, Bridget Scarr has conquered all.


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