The Oxford Club Continues to Impress

With the rise of the digital age we are constantly being inundated with new information and new ways to approach problems and while that can have some benefits some companies, such as The Oxford Club, can recognize and identify new trends while remaining true to their time-tested philosophies. At over 80,000 members spread out throughout 100+ countries The Oxford Club, a consortium of trusted financial investors and entrepreneurs, has been around since 1989 and the reason they have been so successful is their insistence on sticking to a simple, basic philosophy: “To help our members growth, and protect their wealth.” In addition to this basic philosophy The Oxford Club maintains four rules that they reference when they are building an investment portfolio:

1. A well-balanced investment diet
2. Always have an exit strategy
3. Size matters and
4. Cut down investment costs

These four simple rules have proven to be a guiding light throughout The Oxford Club’s successful history so far.

Investing money can be a daunting task, but luckily The Oxford Club is there to help their members every step of the way. Part of what separates The Oxford Club from other financial groups is their low investment expenses (just 0.3% annually) which allow members to hold onto more of the money their portfolio has earned. In addition to their low investment expenses, they offer a position-sizing formula to determine exactly how much stock you should be investing in a certain company — because in the stock market, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” As The Oxford Club approaches nearly 30 years of investing they offer perspective members the best plans on the market, and are always careful to never rush into investments.


The trouble with the digital age is that we are so constantly barraged with information it is hard to figure out what is fact and what is fiction, this is especially true in the financial sector. Luckily for us, however, there are companies such as The Oxford Club that have made a name for themselves by having the ability to cut through the proverbial noise and use their proven methods to deliver excellent outcomes for all of their members.

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    As an investment plan that counts, I think effectively managing their network has been a big credit to the management team. Besides working on uk bestessays they have received so many awards that points to excellence in the sector. Culminating into a very robust platform sop farm you can see that this is the good hands to be in when talking about investments outfit.

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