Whitney Wolfe Joins the Founders Fair Summit that Empowers Female Entrepreneurs

In April of 2018 Vanity Sponsored its fifth annual Founder Fair. This is a conference that allows female entrepreneurs to express their experiences about starting and running their own business. Some of the most popular female entrepreneurs within the nation attended this event. They included people such as Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin from theSkimm, Emily Chang from Bloomberg Technology and Jennifer Iclisoy of California Baby were all in attendance. Even the legendary Whitney Wolfe from Bumble was featured in the lineup.

Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble late in 2014. This charming and beautiful woman knows what it takes to make a company work. She knows the ins and outs of her business and she knows what she is up against in the market. Wolfe has been operating her company for years. She has had many challenges along the way. This intelligent woman constantly has to ensure that she is leading her organization in the right direction. She does not want to go to far to the left but she can’t always stay stuck on the right either. View Whitney Wolfe’s profile at forbes.com

Bumble is he name of Whitney Wolfe’s company. This is an online dating platform that puts woman first. This site was the first of its kind. Bumble is a dating site and it has been designed for women to find love. Men can also find love their too if they play by the rules that Bumble puts forth. Do not forget that Bumble puts women first.

In other words, men cannot make the first move. Women are given that privilege. On the site, men have to sit back and wait to see if a female is interested in him – or not. Whitney Wolfe also made the site to be a portal for modern day feminism. Believe it or not, Bumble is a leading pro feminist organization that is influencing how millions of women think, behave and live in modern society. This organization is against gender inequality, domestic abuse and workplace harassment.

Whitney Wolfe wants to see more women working and taking control of their lives. She also does not want them to be punished or put down for taking charge of their life. Bumble is also an organization that fights for social causes. They stand behind groups which supports gun bans and they even partner with professional sports franchises to help keep the cause of feminism on track.

There has been many things that the Bumble brand had to endure along the way. The organization was targeted by misogynistic individuals and it is also considered an anti-male hate group by some. Also, some misguided people within the tech industry even had it out for her. Still, she has overcome great diversity. Whitney Wolfe’s inclusion into the Founders Fair lineup made good sense. Her life and her presence helps women to understand how valuable she is for their cause and to the modern feminist movement.

Read: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/01/23/whitney-wolfe-turned-a-traumatic-experience-at-tinder-into-her-successful-bumble-empire.html